Lateran Regesta 529: 1457-1458

Pages 337-339

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. DXXIX. (fn. 1)

3 Calixtus III.

De Diversis Formis.

Prid. Non. Feb.
(4 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 158d.)
To Vincent Clementis, provost of Valencia (Valentin.), collector of fruits etc. due to the papal Camera in England. Mandate, at the recent petition of James de Strangways, layman, of the diocese of York, and Elizabeth his wife (containing that formerly Reginald bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, considering that the fruits etc. [value not stated] of the parish church of Ekynton in the said dioceses, of the patronage of the said James and Elizabeth and hitherto wont to be governed by two rectors, had diminished so much that they were not enough for two rectors, united, at the petition of the said patrons and with the consent of William Orell, M.A., and Thomas Kielȝeby, the rectors or portionaries of the two moieties or portions, the said two portions, and decreed that on the resignation or death of the said William or Thomas, his portion should go to the other rector, who should henceforward hold both portions, that from the said two portions one whole should be made, and that there should in future be a single rector, to be presented by the said patrons to the bishop and by him instituted, etc., as is said to be contained in a public instrument) if he find the facts to be as stated, to confirm by papal authority the said union and the other reasonable ordinances of the said bishop in the matter, notwithstanding that, as is alleged, the assent and consent of the prior and chapter of Coventry and of the dean of Lichfield was not given. Ad Romani pontificis. (P. and Jo. de Millinis. | P. xxvi. de Varris.) [3 pp.]
Prid. Id. Jan.
(12 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 168d.)
To Robert Flemyng, perpetual vicar of Newchurch (de Nova ecclesia) in the diocese of Winchester. Indult for five years to take the fruits etc. of the said vicarage whilst studying letters at an university, and not to be bound meanwhile to reside. Vite etc.
Concurrent mandate to the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishops of London and Salisbury. Hodie dilecto filio. (P. and A. de Amelia. Ja. de Rizonibus. | P. xii. x. de Varris.) [3 pp.]
11 Kal. Nov.
(22 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 201.)
To the bishops of Orvieto and Moray and the dean of Moray. Mandate to collate and assign to Henry Clerk, priest, of the diocese of Aberdeen, the precentorship (cantoria) of Aberdeen, a major dignity with cure, value not exceeding 20l. of old sterlings, void by the death of Henry Hervi without the Roman court [and reserved under the pope's late reservation of all major cathedral dignities]. Vite etc. (C. and A. de Amelia. | C. xxv. Pridie Kal. Novembris Anno Tertio. de Montepolitiano.) [3 pp.]
10 Kal. April.
(23 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 263.)
To P[h]ilip Macconchuyr. Collation and provision to him, who was lately dispensed by papal authority, on account of illegitimacy as the son of unmarried parents, to be promoted to all even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, and who in virtue thereof was made a clerk, of the archdeaconry of Lismore, a non-major non-elective dignity with cure, value not exceeding 12 marks sterling, void by the promotion of John bishop of Ferns to that church, and by his consecration administered by the pope's order at the apostolic see, and therefore reserved in virtue of the pope's late reservation of all benefices void at the said see. He is hereby dispensed to receive and retain it, notwithstanding the said defect etc. Vite etc.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Killala (Aladen.), the archdeacon of Limerick and William Crewach, a canon of the same. Hodie dilecto filio P[h]ilip[p]o. (C. and A. de Amelia. A. de Anagnia. | C. xii. x. Septimo Idus Aprilis Anno Tertio. de Montepolitiano.) [4 pp. +.]
3 Id. April.
(11 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 273.)
To the official of Brechin. Mandate to collate and assign to William Ogylby, clerk, of the diocese of St. Andrews, M.A., by both parents of a race of barons, the deanery of Ross, a major elective dignity with cure, value not exceeding 24l. sterling, void by the death of John Caldor without the Roman court, and reserved under the pope's late reservation of all major cathedral dignities. Dignum arbitramur. (C. and A. de Cortesiis. | C. xxx. Pridie Kal. Junii Anno Tertio. de Montepolitiano.) [2½ pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern Italian description: ‘Calisto III. 1458, Anno 4° (corrected in more modern ink to ‘3°’) Lib. 1.’ The contemporary flyleaf has gone, but on the bottom edge of the volume is the usual contemporary description: ‘Primus de diversis et de dignitatibus vacantibus anno tertio domini nostri domini Calisti pape tertii.’ F. i. is headed: ’De diversis formis anno tertio.’ There are ff. i–cccxxv. of text.