Vatican Regesta 442: 1456

Pages 36-38

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCCXLII. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

2 Calixtus III.

12 Kal. May.
(20 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 43d.)
To Lewis Gazeti, prior of the Carthusian house of St. Mary, Val-Saint-Georges (Vallis Sancti Georgii) in the diocese of Autun (Eduen.), and Anthony Remersona, a canon of the church of St. Peter in the town of Middelburg (Sancti Petri in villa Mildabure) in Zeeland (in Zelandia), in the diocese of Utrecht (Traiecten.), nuncios of the pope and the apostolic see in the realm of Scotland (Scotie) and the duchies of Cleves and Gueldres (Cleven. et Gheldrie) and the comtés of Holland and Zeeland. Commission and mandate to betake themselves, or one of them, in person to the said realm etc. or send deputies, and to collect the tenth imposed by Nicholas V. upon the whole Christian world for defence against the Turks and confirmed by the present pope; with the necessary powers etc. Cum superioribus annis. (M. Ferrarii. D. de Luca. de Curia.) [3¼ pp. See above, Reg. Vat. CCCCXXXVIII., f. 217.]
11 Kal. May.
(21 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 45d.)
To the same (here ‘Ludovico Gaceti’ and ‘Sancti Petri ville Magdeburgensis’). Faculty to them, whom the pope has recently appointed nuncios and collectors of the tenth etc. against the Turks, as is contained in other letters of the pope [see the preceding], to legitimate fifteen persons of the above parts, on account of any kind of illegitimacy, as regards inheritance and promotion etc. to secular honours, dignities and offices; to dispense fifteen men and as many women within the bounds of their commission who, in ignorance or aware that they were related in the fourth degree of kindred or affinity, have contracted and consummated marriage or who, thus related, desire to marry, to remain in the marriages thus contracted, or to contract marriage, respectively, proclaiming and decreeing offspring past and future legitimate; grant that five persons of both sexes may have a portable altar and have mass and other divine offices celebrated by their own or other fit priest, in presence of themselves and their servants; dispense ten persons so that after they have attained their twenty-third year, they may be promoted to the priesthood; and grant the office of notary public to ten persons of those parts, even if married or in priest's or other holy orders. The pope wills that such persons shall be bound to make some payment in aid of the enterprise against the Turks, and adds the form of oath to be taken by each such notary public. Cum vos nuper ad regnum prefatum. (M. Ferrarii. | D. de Luca. [de Curia].) [2 pp.]
12 Kal. May.
(20 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 46d.)
To the same (here again with ‘Ludovico Gaceti’ and ‘Sancti Petri in villa Mildarbure’). Grant to them, whom etc. as in the preceding, that they may in case of need prolong the periods allowed for payment of the above tenth, once or oftener, for a further period of two months at a time, and suspend meanwhile sentences of excommunication etc. incurred for non-payment; absolve all whom they excommunicate etc. on account of non-payment or contumacy or otherwise, enjoining penance, dispense them on account of irregularity, restore benefices to those deprived and make provision to them anew, and rehabilitate them; with grant to commit the foregoing powers to their sub-collectors. Cum vos nuper ad prefatum regnum. (M. Ferrarii. | D. de Luca. de Curia.) [1 p.]
(f. 47.)
To the same (here again with ‘Ludovico Gaceti’ and ‘Sancti Petri in villa Mildabura’). Faculty to them, whom etc. as in the preceding, inasmuch as difficulties may arise etc., as above, Reg. Vat. CCCCXXXVIII., f. 261d., to Nicholas cardinal priest of St. Peter's ad Vincula, mutatis mutandis. Cum vos nuper ad [prefatum] regnum. (M. Ferrarii. | D. de Luca.) [2 pp. +.]

1 Calixtus III.

10 Kal. April.
(23 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 252.)
To Thomas Sutton, rector of Whitechurche in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. Dispensation to him, who holds the said church, and the free chapel situate within the castle of Holte in the said diocese, value not exceeding 40 and 6 marks sterling respectively, to receive and retain for life together with the said church any one other benefice, or, if he resign that church, any two other benefices, with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if dignities etc., or two parish churches or their perpetual vicarages, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases. Vite etc. (M. Ferrarii. | l. Fidelis. Jo. de Vulterris.) [In the margin: Marcii. 2 pp. —.]
(f. 253.)
To Richard Sparkeford, rector of St. Matthew's, Frydaystrete, in the diocese of London. Dispensation to him, who is a priest and teaches grammar, (fn. 1) to receive and retain for life together with the said church [value not expressed] any one other benefice etc. as in the preceding, mutatis mutandis. Vite etc. (M. Ferrarii. | l. P. de Legendorff. C. Fidelis.) [In the margin: Maii. 2 pp. —.]


  • 1. mittimus interclusam, ac formam iuramenti quod te prestare contigerit nobis de verbo ad verbum per tuas patentes litteras tuo sigillo signatas per proprium nuntium quantotius destinare procures (or procuret: there has been a correction of the last letter, i.e. either from ‘procures’ to ‘procuret,’ as it ought to be, or vice versa).
  • 2. On the back of the volume is the usual modern label, with ‘Calix. iii. de Cur. Anno i. ii. Tom. vii.’ Inside is the usual front half of the original sheepskin binding, with various contemporary notes, e.g. the year ‘mcccclv.’, ‘facultates cardinalis sancti Angeli fo. c’ (the faculties for John cardinal deacon of St. Angelo, legate to Germany, occur in fact on ff. 100, sqq.), ‘Vidit Ph.’, etc. Some 16 pages of ‘Rubricelle’ are headed ‘Sequuntur Rubricelle septimi libri de Curia sanctissimi in Christo patris et domini nostri domini Calisti divina providentia pape tertii, incepte de mense Marcii mcccclvi. pontificatus prefati domini Calisti anno primo.’ There are ff. i.-cccclxxxx[i]. of text.