Vatican Regesta 475: 1459-1460

Pages 398-401

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta. Vol. CCCCLXXV. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

2 Pius II.

12 Kal. Dec.
(20 Nov.)
(f. 86d.)
To the archdeacon, the dean (fn. 2) and the precentor of Emly. Mandate, as below. Calixtus III granted letters of the following tenour:—
Calistus etc. Dilectis filiis archidiacono decano ac precentori ecclesie Imelacensis, salutem etc. Vite ac morum honestas etc. super quibus dilectus filius Johannes Ohedyan clericus Cassellensis diocesis etc., de verbo ad verbum ut in libro xo domini Calixti III, folio xlviiii, usque ‘Datum Rome apud sanctam Mariam Majorem anno etc. millesimo cccclvi septimo Kal. Octobris pontificatus nostri anno secundo’ [i.e. Reg. Vat. CCCCXLV, f. 49d. above, p. 48, viz. a mandate to the above three, in the event of the above John [O’]Hedyan, clerk, of the diocese of Cashel, making good certain accusations against Cornelius Omulrony, dean of Cashel, to deprive and remove the latter, and in that event to collate and assign the deanery to John, etc.].
The said John's recent petition to the present pope contained that, on his way back to Ireland for the executing of the said letters, he was by the instigation and influence, as is supposed, of the said Cornelius, despoiled of the said letters and harshly imprisoned; that, after he had been clandestinely released, he caused Cornelius, by virtue of a copy of the said letters, to be summoned before the above three for judgment, that upon their refusing to proceed to the execution thereof under pretext of the said copy, he procured a transcript of the said letters from the register of the papal Camera, and was again by the aforesaid influence and instigation afflicted with harsher and worse imprisonment, and unjustly despoiled of the said copy and of his other goods; and that whilst he was still in prison Matthew Ogriffa, deacon or priest, as is alleged, of the diocese of Killaloe, surreptitiously obtained other papal letters of deprivation of the said Cornelius, making no mention of the foregoing. Inasmuch as, as the said petition added, in consequence of the said impediments, imprisonments etc., the said letters were not presented to the above three, the pope, at the petition of the said John, who alleges that after he returned to the Roman court he suffered from great fevers and illnesses, (fn. 3) orders the said three to proceed to the execution of the said letters of his predecessor, as if they had been presented to them during his lifetime, and as if they had begun to proceed to such execution, and, moreover, to decree surreptitious the impetration and letters of the said Matthew and their consequences, causing their decree to be observed by ecclesiastical censure. Dudum siquidem felicis recordationis Calistus. ([J]a. de Piccolominibus. | Gratis pro deo. Juravit. G. de Puteo. B. de Brendis.) [In the margin: Februarii. 1⅓ pp. Briefly and incorrectly analysed in Theiner, Vet. Mon. Hib. et Scot. Hist. Illustr., p. 453, from ‘Reg. Tom. VIII. f. 86,’ i.e. the present Register.]
6 Id. Jan.
(8 Jan.)
(f. 216d.)
To John Ohedyan, archdeacon of Cashel. Grant etc., as below. Nicholas V ordered provision to be made to him of the archdeaconries, which are non-major dignities, of Cashel and Ossory, void respectively by the death of Simon Gantbell (rectius Gantwell, i.e. Cantwell) at Viterbo, a place then distant less than two days’ journey from the Roman court, and by the promotion and consecration of the late John archbishop of Cashel, and dispensed him to retain them together for life. At his recent petition, containing that some allege that the archdeaconry of Cashel became and is void by the death of William Redeleff (rectius Redcleff) and that of Ossory by the death of Adam Ruaygh, both without the said court, the pope grants to him (who is a noble and was lately dispensed by papal authority, on account of illegitimacy as the son of a clerk and an unmarried or married woman, (1) to be promoted to all even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, (2) to receive and retain the said archdeaconries, if they were collated to him) that the said provisions etc. and their consequences shall hold good from the date of these presents, even if the said archdeaconries, which have cure and are non-elective, and whose values do not exceed 26 and 40 marks sterling respectively, became void by the deaths of the said William and Adam, or that of Cashel by the deaths without the said court of John [son] of Thomas Richard alias Yhedyan or of John Caroch, or that of Ossory by the deaths of John Hensakir or Robert Tombrygh or Thomas Herbixgh or Walter Stantton, or that of Cashel by the consecration of the late Richard, and that of Ossory by the death of John, sometime archbishop[s] of Cashel etc., or that of Cashel by the deprivation and removal of Thomas Bylliam by papal authority, or in any other way, (fn. 4) etc. The pope further dispenses him hereby to receive and retain for life any benefices of any number and kind, with or without cure, compatible with the said archdeaconries, even if canonries and prebends, dignities etc., even elective and with cure, even major or principal dignities, and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases, with further grant not to be bound to mention in future graces the said defect and dispensations thereupon. Vite etc. (Ja. de Piccolominibus. | l. B. de Brendis. Ja. Bouron. F. de Maffeis.) [In the margin: Decembris. 22/3 pp. Theiner, op. cit., pp. 424–425, No. 800, from ‘Reg. Tom. VIII. fol. 216,’ i.e. the present Register, with the spelling ‘Gautbell.’ See Cal. Papal Lett., X, pp. 518–520, 568, 569. See also above, Reg. Vat. CCCCLXXIII, f. 95, and below, Reg. Vat. CCCCLXXXVI, f. 47d.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern red leather label, with: ‘Pii ii. de Cur. Anno i. ii. Tom. viii.’ Inside the volume is the front half of the original sheepskin binding with: ‘viii. liber bullarum domini nostri [Pii pape ii] anno iio . mcccc. lviiiio .’ and a few contemporary notes, e.g. ‘R(ecipe) Hadriane, etc.’ There are 20 pp. of Rubricelle, headed: ‘Rubricelle viii. libri bullarum domini Pii pape ii. anno iio sui pontificatus de mense Decembris mcccclviiiio Mantue per me Raynaldum camere apostolice scriptorem feliciter incipiunt deo duce,’ and ending with the word ‘Finis.’ There are i. to cccxxviii + 329 ff. of text.
  • 2. The order is unusual, but is the same in Reg. Vat. CCCCXLV, f. 49d, above, p. 48.
  • 3. Cum autem sicut exhibita nobis nuper, qui dicto predecessore sicut domino placuit rebus humanis exempto fuimus divina favente clementia ad summi apostolatus apicem assumpti, pro parte dicti Johannis peticio continebat quod ipse ad partes pro exequendis huiusmodi litteris readiens [sic], instigatione et favoribus ut verisimiliter presumitur dicti Cornelii huiusmodi litteris in itinere spoliatus ac diris (? rectius duris; cf. below) carceribus non sine penuria gravi fuerat mancipatus, et post ipse Johannes a carceribus huiusmodi furtive relaxatus dictum Cornelium virtute copie dictarum litterarum coram vobis ad judicium fecit evocari, qui cum ad executionem ipsarum pretextu copie huiusmodi procedere nolletis, Johannes ipse sumptum litterarum earundem ex regestro Camere Apostolice erat prosecutus, iterato favoribus et instigationibus ut asseritur premiss(is) durioribus et peioribus extitit carceribus cruciatus, ac copia litterarum predictarum et aliis bonis suis nequiter spoliatus, prefato vero oratore in carceribus existente dilectus filius Matheus Ogriffa, qui se gerit pro diacono alias presbytero ut asseritur Laoniensis diocesis, alias apostolicas privationis dicti Cornelii litteras, nulla in eis de premissis mencione habita, subrrepticie [sic] obtinuit; et, sicut eadem peticio subiungebat, extantibus impedimentis carcerationibus et aliis premissis huiusmodi littere vobis presentate minime fuerunt, quare pro parte dicti Johannis asserentis se postquam ad Romanam curiam reversus fuit gravibus febribus et infirmitatibus gravatum et oppressum fuisse, nobis fuit humiliter supplicatum ut super his oportune providere de benignitate apostolica dignaremur, Nos igitur
  • 4. etiam si archidiaconatus predictiper Willelmi et Ade predictorum obitus, seu Cassellensis per Johannis Thome Ricardi alias Yhedyan vel per Johannis Caroch, aut Ossoriensis archidiaconatus huiusmodi per Johannis Hensakir vel Roberti Tombrygh aut Thome Herbixgh aut Walteri Stantton extra dictam curiam defunctorum obitus, vel Cassellensis per bone memorie Ricardi et Ossoriensis archidiaconatus huiusmodi per Johannis olim archiepiscopi Cassellensis (rectius archiepiscoporum Cassellensium) munera consecrationis in dicta curia vel extra eam impensa, vel lapsum temporis de consecrandis episcopis a canonibus diffiniti, aut Cassellensis per privationem et amotionem Thome Byliam auctoritate apostolica factam; seu alias quovis modo …. The wordt(em)p(o)ris’ has been corrected, and looks more like ’t(em)pus,’ as Theiner has printed it.