Vatican Regesta 482: 1461

Pages 425-427

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta. Vol. CCCCLXXXII. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

3 Pius II.

8 Id. Aug.
(6 Aug.)
(f. 55d.)
To the bishops of St. Andrews and Lismore and the archdeacon of Glasgow. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of Patrick Home, archdeacon of Teviotdale in the church of Glasgow, M.A., contained that although former kings of Scots founded the Benedictine priory called the cell of Coldingam in the diocese of St. Andrews, and endowed it for a prior and eighteen monks; and that although in course of time it was, with the consent of the said kings, the city of Durham being then in peace and friendship with the realm of Scotland, united and appropriated to the priorship of Durham, a major dignity, so that it depended on the church of Durham and was governed by monks of Durham presented by the prior of Durham, nevertheless John Pincher, a monk of Durham and prior of Coldingam, regardless of the foregoing and like a son of ingratitude, has contrived and done his best to perform divers things tending to the hurt of James king of Scots and his father and to the desolation of the said realm, thereby committing treason against the said king, and has reduced the rightful number of monks of the priory from eighteen to two, and has dilapidated its goods. The pope therefore orders the above three to summon the said John and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to deprive John and separate in perpetuity the said priory of Coldingam from that of Durham, and restore it to the state in which it was before the said union, and, in the event of their so doing, to grant the said priory, which is a conventual dignity with cure, and was elective before the said union, value not exceeding 400l. sterling, in commendam to the above Patrick, who is of a noble and baronial race and is a member of the household of the said king, to be held by him for life together with the said archdeaconry, which is a non-major dignity with cure, and with the parish church of Heringtom [sic] in the said diocese [of St. Andrews], value not exceeding 60l. and 25 marks sterling respectively, which he is holding by papal dispensation, and with his future benefices with and without cure. Nobilitas generis, litterarum etc. (G. de Piccolominibus. | lxx. M. Amici. P. Boga[r]t. (fn. 2)G. de Porris.) [5¾ pp. Theiner has apparently missed the brief summary in the Rubricelle, viz.:
Sancti Andree.
Patritius Home super prioratu de Goldilgan [sic] or. S. Benedicti Sanctiandree dioc.
fo. lv.]
10 Kal. Sept.
(23 Aug.)
(f. 153d)
To the bishops of St. Andrews and Brechin and the dean of St. Walburga, Furnes (S. Walburgis Furnensis) in the diocese of Térouane (Morinen.). Mandate to collate and assign to John Wyly, priest, of the diocese of Brechin, the perpetual vicarage of Sorg in the diocese of Aberdeen, of lay patronage and value not exceeding 9l. sterling, void [and therefore ipso facto reserved] by the death at the Roman court of William Gorden, the pope hereby specially and expressly derogating from the said right of patronage. Vite etc. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxx. L. de Lynardo. P. Bogard. A. de Moncia. Registrata et collacionata per me Ma. Hennier. [In the margin: Septembris. 2 pp. +. Briefly in Theiner, Vet. Mon. Hib. et Scot. Hist. Illustr., p. 454, from ‘Reg. Tom. xv. fol. 153,’ i.e. the present Register.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern red leather label, with: ‘Pii ii. de Cur. A. iii. iii[i]. v. Tom. xv.’ Inside the volume is the front half of the original sheepskin binding, with: ‘xv. bullarum domini [Pii],’ several unimportant contemporary notes and the usual 16th century ‘V(ictorius) Cl(ementinus).’ The ‘Rubricelle,’ of which there are 24 pp., are headed ‘Rubricelle xvmi . libri domini Pii pape ii.,’ above which is ‘Jesus.’ At the end is ‘Finis B.’
  • 2. The spelling ‘Bogart’ occurs on ff. 69r and 86r. Cf. also ‘Bogard,’ f. 153d. below.