Vatican Regesta 449: 1457

Pages 62-65

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta. Vol. CCCCXLIX. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

3 Calixtus III.

15 Kal. Sept.
(18 Aug.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 127.)
To the abbot and convent of the Benedictine monastery of St. Mary without the walls of York. Confirmation etc., as below. Their petition to the pope contained that (upon its being declared on their behalf to Richard Toone, archdeacon [of] Estridding, vicar-general in spirituals of William archbishop of York, that it had been set forth on their behalf to Henry king of England that on account of the manor of Whilgy (sic) and its rights and appurtenances in the county of York, they were bound to pay in perpetuity in equal portions at Easter and Michaelmas a yearly rent of 200 marks, as parcel of his duchy of Lancaster, but that the said manor and its members, with their said appurtenances, were so adjacent to the water of Ouse, which ebbs and flows as both a salt and a fresh water stream, that by the flooding of the said water upon the said manor etc., at present unusually violent and high, the said manor etc. could not be saved nor protected without very great cost, heavy and almost daily labour and expense in the repair and maintenance of divers walls, water-ways or weirs, sluices, dikes (ditches), causeways, gutters and embankments contiguous and adjacent to the said manor etc., yearly to be made and kept up, to the very grave burden etc. of them and their successors, (fn. 2) and that by the continual resort of guests to the monastery, which is situate near the said city, they were impoverished and much burdened, and that their fruits etc. had so much decreased that they were not sufficient for keeping up becoming hospitality, the support of the above burdens and many others imposed from of old on them and their monastery, and that the said king, of his mere motion and certain knowledge had granted and given licence to them to appropriate to themselves, and when appropriated to hold to their own uses, the parish churches, (fn. 3) of their patronage, of Eversam in Kendale and Burtan’ in Kendale, in the archdeaconry of Richmond) the said vicar, having from the said archbishop special power for the purpose, by his ordinary authority appropriated to them and their successors and their said monastery the parish church of Ev[er]sham in Kendale, decreeing that upon the cession or death or otherwise resignation of the rector John Rocklen they might take possession of and retain the said church, take its fruits etc. and convert them to their own uses etc., as is contained more fully in a certain instrument, the tenour of which the pope wills to be expressed by these presents as if it were inserted word for word therein. Afterwards the present pope upon his accession annulled all unions, annexations and incorporations of benefices made by papal or any other authority, which had not taken effect, and all grants and mandates about the same. Seeing however that, as the recent petition of the said abbot and convent contained, the said appropriation has not taken effect, the pope, hereby ratifying and confirming it and the said vicar's proceedings (to which the archdeacon [of Richmond] and the chapter [of York] have not consented), and their consequences, and restoring the same and the abbot and convent and monastery to the state in which they were before the said annulment, appropriates in perpetuity, in accordance with the form and tenour of the said instrument, the said church of Eversham [value not expressed] to the said monastery, in such wise, however, that the said archbishop and archdeacon and chapter shall not have the portion reserved to them by the said vicar in the said instrument, from which and other payments the pope absolves the abbot and convent and their successors for ever, and that the said archdeacon, after the said unions have taken effect, shall not exact from them anything on account of annates or first fruits due to him by right or custom, and that upon the cession etc. as above of the present rector they may take possession, and convert to their own uses and retain for ever the fruits etc., a perpetual portion of 20 marks being reserved for a vicar. Sacre religionis. (Jo. Catha [substituted below ‘M. Ferrarii,’ which is cancelled]. | lx. G. de Puteo. Fabricius.) [In the margin:Julii. 4 pp. See Cal. Pat. Rolls, 1446–1452, p 207.]
7 Kal. Oct.
(25 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 149d.)
To Henry Sharp, warden or master of the college of the chapel of Corpus Christi situate by the church of St. Laurence de Pultenei, London, doctor of laws. Motu proprio reservation to the pope's gift, for collation to him, of the perpetual vicarage of St. Michael's, Coventry [value not expressed], which is to become void by the promotion made by the pope of Laurence elect of Durham, and by his consecration which is to be administered; with inhibition hereby to the bishop and the prior and chapter of Coventry and Lichfield to dispose otherwise thereof, and mandate to the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishops of London and Perugia, also motu proprio, to make the collation in due course. Litterarum sciencia, vite etc. (M. Ferrarii. | xx. G. de Puteo. Jo. de Cichinis.) [In the margin: Septembris. 22/3 pp.]

1 Calixtus III.

Prid. Id. Feb.
(12 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 236.)
To the bishop of Glasgow. Mandate to reserve to his gift, for collation to Simon de Inglis, priest, of the diocese of Glasgow, and upon their voidance to collate and assign to him, a canonry and the prebend of Dupil in Moray, value not exceeding 9l. sterling, which are to become void by the terms of the provision made by the pope this day to James de Inglis of the previously reserved deanery of Glasgow, a major elective dignity. Dignum arbitramur. (M. Ferrarii. xxvi. G. de Puteo. S. Crusiliati.) [In the margin: Septembris. 3 pp.]

3 Calixtus III.

7 Id. July.
(9 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 302.)
To Cornelius Ocunlis, bishop of Clonfert. Confirmation, etc., as below. Nicholas V. made provision to him, translating him from Emly, of the said church of Clonfert on its voidance by the resignation of the late John Whit, made at the apostolic see by his lawful proctor to William cardinal priest of St. Martin's in Montibus, who by special mandate of the said pope admitted the resignation, in virtue of which provision Cornelius obtained possession of the rule of the said church. The said John having subsequently died without the Roman court, and some alleging that the said church became and is void, not by John's resignation but by his death, the pope hereby motu proprio confirms and approves the said provision etc. and the acts of Cornelius's administration, and wills and grants that they shall hold good even if the church be void by the said death or in any other way, and shall hold good as if the said provision had been made through the said death and by the present pope; with pro tutiori cautela provision to him anew, also motu proprio, of the said church, whether it be still void by such resignation or death, or because the said John abandoned it and neglected to reside therein, (fn. 4) or be void in any other way, and mandate hereby to the chapter, the clergy, the people and the vassals and other subjects of the said church to obey and be intendent. Universalis egregie (rectius ecclesie) regimini divina disponente clementia presidentes. (M. Ferrarii. | Gratis ubique de mandato domini nostri pape. G. de Puteo. Je. de Sala.) [In the margin: Augusti. 2 pp. See Cal. Papal Lett., Vol. X., pp. 388 and 390.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern label, with ‘Calix iii. de Cur. An. ii. iii. Tom. xiv.’ Inside it is the usual front half of the original sheepskin binding, with ‘Liber xiiiius . de Curia sanctissimi domini nostri [domini Calisti pape] tercii,’ ‘Reductio acolitarum, f. 251’ [i.e. the limitation of the number of papal acolytes to eight ‘participantes,’ dated 1457, 10 Kal. May (22 April) an. 3], ‘Vidit Ph.’ and other unimportant contemporary notes, and also the 16th century ‘Visum V(ictorius) Cl(ementinus),’ as noted in the preceding Register. There are 20 pp. of ‘Rubricelle,’ headed ‘Rubricelle quartidecimi libri de Curia sanctissimi in Christo patris domini nostri domini Calisti pape tertii, incepte de mense Octobris (corrected from Augusti, which is cancelled) anno a Nativitate domini mcccclvii., pontificatus eiusdem anno tertio, videlicet inprimis ….’ The text comprises ff. [1] and [2] + i.-cccxviii. + [cccxviii. bis] + cccxix. + 320.
  • 2. huiusmodi tamen manerium ac membra cum pertinentiis suis predictis ita adiacebant aque de Ouse, que tam false (rectius salse) quam dulce fluit et refluit, quod a super (sic) inundatione aque predicte super manerio ac membris cum pertinentiis supradictis cum fluxus (eiusdem aque, cancelled) et refluxus eiusdem aque his diebus plus solito ingruentium et se in altum elevantium ipsa manerium ac membra cum pertinentiis suis salvari requibant neque muniri absque maximis sumptibus gravibus et quasi cotidianis laboribus et expensis circa facturam reparationis et sustentationis diversarum wallearum gurgitum seu werrarum clausarum fossatorum calcetrorum guttrearum et ripararum eidem manerio cum membris et pertinentiis suis contiguorum et adiacentium per vos annuatim fiend(orum) et componend(orum) in vestri et vestrum et successorum vestrorum ac monasterii antedicti onus gravissimum depauperationem damnum non modicum et gravamen….
  • 3. parrochias, roctius parrochiales ecclesias.
  • 4. seu ex eo quod idem Johannes episcopus ecclesiam ipsam Clonferten, derelinquens residere non curaverit in eadem.