Vatican Regesta 516: 1460-1464

Pages 683-686

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta. Vol. DXVI. (fn. 1)


2 Pius II.

Kal. April.
(1 April.)
(f. 1d.)
To Master William de Dougles, prior of the Premonstratensian church of Whiteherne. Appointing him, who is related to James king of Scots in the third degree of kindred, a chaplain of the pope and the apostolic see, with the enjoyment of all privileges etc. granted by John XXII and Clement VI, and notwithstanding the restrictions etc. by Innocent VI, Urban V and Gregory XI. Virtutibus clarens. (—. (fn. 2) xxxx. T. de Castello. N. Bregeon. G. de Porris.) [In the margin: Februarii. 1⅓ pp.]

3 Pius II.

Id. Aug.
(13 Aug.)
(f. 40.)
To Patrick Home, archdeacon of Teviotdale (Theuidalie) in the church of Glasgow, M.A. Appointing him, who is of a great race of nobles and barons, a notary of the pope and the apostolic see, with the enjoyment of all privileges like other such notaries. Pii patris. (G. de Pi[c]colominibus. | l. Fidelis pro Amici. P. Bogart. G. de Porris.) [In the margin: Julii. 1⅓ pp. After the date is: Registrata et collationata per me Jo. de Aquilone Camere apostolice notarium.]

4 Pius II.

5 Kal. Feb.
(28 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 72.)
To John Gunthorp, doctor of arts. (fn. 3) Appointing him (who has been found fit after examination by Philip cardinal priest of St. Laurence's in Lucina, the pope's penitentiary) a penitentiary in the basilica of St. Peter and the Roman court and a papal chaplain. Before beginning to exercise the office he is to take oath to the above cardinal according to the form appended. Litterarum etc. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxx. A. de Reate. Jo. de Sala.) [In the margin: Februarii. 1 p. +.]
Non. Aug.
(5 Aug.)
Abbadia San
Salvatore in the diocese of Chiusi.
(f. 110.)
To John [O’]Hedyan, archdeacon of Cashel and Ossory, (fn. 4) and John abbot of Molana (de Insula sancti Molanfyd) in the diocese of Lismore. Appointing them, during the pleasure of the pope and the apostolic see, jointly and severally nuncios and collectors and receivers-general of fruits etc. due to the pope and the Roman church and the papal Camera in the provinces of Armagh, Dublin, Cashel and Tuam, and their cities and dioceses, and throughout all Ireland, with all the usual privileges etc. and with the usual faculties and powers. They are to render account every three years, and to take the oath and fealty in the usual form to Gilifortis, the pope's treasurer-general. Ex fideli et solicita. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxxx. A. de Montia pro A. de Reate. G. de Fu[e]ntes. S. Planas.) [In the margin: Julii. 42/3 pp. Theiner has made his cross in the margin of the Rubricelle, although not on f. 110. The bull is not, however, in his Monumenta.]

5 Pius II.

5 Kal. May.
(27 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 159d.)
To George Mureff, a canon of the Augustinian monastery of Inchaffray (Insule Missarum) in the diocese of Dunblane, a completed bachelor (fn. 5) in theology. Motu proprio appointing him (who is a priest and is of a race of barons, and was lately elected abbot of the said monastery by the convent), a chaplain of the pope and the apostolic see, with the enjoyment of all privileges etc. as to Master William de Dougles above, f. 1d. Virtutibus etc. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xxx. (fn. 6)N. Bregeon. A. de Nepe. P. de Spinosis.) [In the left-hand margin at the end: Aprilis. 1p. +. In the same margin at the beginning, below G. de Piccolominibus, is the note:Die xxviiii. Aprilis 1463 juravit in forma in Camera apostolica in manibus domini A[lexii Caesaris de Senis, archiepiscopi] Beneventani vicecamerarii, presentibus dominis de Camera et me G. de Vulterris. In the Rubricelle is the brief:
Cappellanus (sic).
Georgius Maureff (sic) recipitur in cappellanum (sic) sedisapostolice.
fo. clviiii.
which Theiner naturally missed.]

6 Pius II.

4 Kal. Oct.
(28 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 196.)
To Richard Wyly, archdeacon of Brechin. Appointing him nuncio of the pope and collector of fruits etc. due to the papal Camera, alike by reason of any indulgences granted by the pope to any churches, especially that recently granted by him to the church of St. Salvator in the city of St. Andrews, for the laying out against the Infidels of a third part of the proceeds of which the said Richard has bound himself, and that recently granted to the church of Holy Trinity in the diocese of St. Andrews under a like reservation, (fn. 7) as by reason of annates and any taxes from benefices (taxarum beneficialium); with power and faculty to compel payment and restitution by any persons, by ecclesiastical censures etc. and the aid of the secular arm, detention of their goods etc., and to give acquittance and absolution, etc. The pope orders him, under pain of excommunication and deprivation of all his benefices, to return to the pope and the Roman court within eight months from 10 July next year, on which day the indulgence granted to the said church of Holy Trinity will be celebrated, to render an account to the said Camera and its officers of what he has exacted and recovered. (fn. 8) Probata tua fides. (G. de Piccolominibus. | xx. G. de Porris. Baudetus. Jo. Baptista.) [In the margin: Septembris. 2 pp. Theiner has made his cross in the margin of the Rubricelle, although not on f. 196. The bull does not appear, however, in his Monumenta. See above, p. 417.]
Id. Nov.
(13 Nov.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f 200d.)
To Peter Courtenei, archdeacon of Exeter, doctor of decrees. Motu proprio appointing him (who is proctor-general of the affairs of Edward king of England in the Roman court, is of the lineage of the said king, and is a licentiate in civil law by examination) a referendary of the pope and the apostolic see. Sincere devotionis affectus. (G. de Piccolominibus. | Non tass(ata). D. de Piscia.) 2/3 p.]
11 Kal. Jan.
(22 Dec.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 228.)
To Master Richard Guthre, a monk of the Benedictine monastery of Aberbrothoc in the diocese of St. Andrews, S.T.P. Appointing him, at the petition also of James king of Scots, whose confessor he is, a chaplain of the pope and the apostolic see, with the enjoyment of all privileges etc. as to William de Dougles above, f. 1d. Virtutibus etc. (Per cancellariam, G. Go[n]ne. | xxxx. A. de Urbino. P. de Charri. N. Bregeon.) [1¼ pp. In the left-hand margin at the end is the date, as usual, viz. Januarii, below which is M. Amici and N. Tunguen. In the left-hand margin at the beginning was the usual G. de Piccolominibus, which is cancelled, the above Per cancellariam, G. Gonne being written instead. The Rubricelle is simply:Capellanus. Ricardus Guttre (sic) monachfo. ccxxviii.] us recipitur in capellanumsedis apostolice.
5 Kal. Feb.
(28 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 228d.)
To Robert de Colston, rector of Kyrkcrist in the diocese of Whiteherne, M.A. Appointing him a chaplain of the pope and the apostolic see etc., as in the preceding. Virtutibus etc. (M. Amici. | xxx. A. de Urbino. P. de Chya(r)ri. N. Garilliati.) [In the left-hand margin at the end is the date ‘Januarii’ and ‘M. Amici. N. Tungen,’ and below the above M. Amici in the left-hand margin at the beginning is ‘Per cancellariam.’ ½ p. (fn. 9) The Rubricelle is again very brief:Capellanus.
Rob[e]rtus de Colston rector recipitur in cap[e] lanum sedis apostolice.


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern red leather label, with: ‘Pii ii. Offic. An. iii. iv. v. vi. Lib. ii,’ and on the bottom edge of the volume is the usual contemporary description, almost illegible, but apparently: ‘ii. Officiorum Pii. ii.’ Inside the volume is the front half of the original thick parchment binding, with the contemporary description:'secundus Officiorum.’ There are 20 pp. of Rubricelle, headed: ‘Jesus. Rubricelle libri Officiorum secundi incepti de mense Martii mcccclxi. pontificatus domini Pii pape secundi anno tertio,’ and ending: ‘Finis presentium Rubricellarum. Deo gratis.’ There are ff. i. to cclxv. + 266 of text, f. i. being headed: ‘Offitiorum iius . liber pape Pii ii. feliciter incipit mcccclxi. anno tercio.’
  • 2. i.e. without the usual subscription in the left-hand margin at the beginning. In its place, however, is Per cancellariam.
  • 3. An unusual title. His diocese is not mentioned.
  • 4. Johanni Hedyan archidiacono Cassellen. et Ossorien.
  • 5. baccalario formato.
  • 6. Cf. xxxx. above, f. 1d., which is the usual tax, and again f. 228 below.
  • 7. tam racione quarumcunque indulgenciarum sub quibusvis modis et formis quibusvis ecclesiis per nos concessarum, et presertim sancti Salvatoris civitatis Sanctiandree per cuius tercie partis emolumentorum reservacion(em?) adversus impiissimos christiani nominis hostes exponende te certo modo olim obligasti, ac sancte Trinitatis Sanctiandree diocesis ecclesiis sub simili reservacione nuper concessarum. The text does not seem to be clear.
  • 8. Volumus tamen et sub excommunicacionis pena quam incurras (sic) si contra feceris ac privacionis beneficiorum omnium que obtines tibi stricte precipiendo mandamus quod a die decima mensis Julii anni insequentis qua indulgencia ecclesie sancte Trinitatis predicte concessa celebrabitur ad menses octo omnino ad nos et curiam Romanam reddire (sic) debeas et tenearis, de exactis per te gestis ac recuperatis fidelem computum eidem camere et gentibus illius redditurus.
  • 9. The much less space occupied in the Register by this than by the preceding is chiefly due to its being in a much smaller hand.