Addenda and Corrigenda

Pages xxix-xxxi

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Addenda and Corrigenda.

Page 30, last line of text, add For the petition of Henry VI and the Privy Council to Calixtus III, dated 4 Dec. 1455, requesting him to revoke his provision of John Hals, and to substitute George Nevill, son of the earl of Salisbury, see Proc. and Ord. Priry Council, ed. Nicolas, vi, p. 265; facsimile and transcription in New Pal. Soc., series II, plate 248.
57, third footnote, after p. 260, add but he is in Eubel's list of the bishops of ‘Si(n)donien.’ (ibid. p. 262), identified as Zeitun in Greece, i.e. Zeituni or Lamia.
62, first footnote, after p. 260, add under ‘Sidonien.,’ but is on p. 262 under ‘Si(n)donien.’
103, middle of note (fn. 1), for Lucretian read Virgilian (Georg. II, 490).
112, line 7 from end of text, for words read works.
116, line 3 from end of text, for university read university.
132, margin, below 13 Kal. Nov. insert (20 Oct.).
151, lines 3 and 5 from end of text, dele [the order].
203, line 13 from end, for John read Thomas.
280, line 6, for Octobris (rectius Decembris) read Decembris.
293, line 10 from end of text, for O.S.A. read O.S.B.
304, lines 16 and 17 from end, for Ballintober (Villefontis) read Bridgetown (Villefontis, recte Villepontis); dele [s], and dele [and Tuam].
313, margin, for 2d. read 27d.
356, margin, for Id. July (15 July) read 5 Id. July (11 July).
357, line 14 from end of text, dele and very learned in theology.
359, line 11 from end of text, for 13d. read 136d.
364, line 3, for St. Balbina's read St. Sabina's (recte Balbina's).
392, note, for Ray(mundum) read Ray(naldum).
396, line 7, for alteram read aliam; line 8, for alterum read alium.
490, line 13, after St. Mary's insert (recte SS. Peter and Paul's).
492, lines 8 and 9 from end of text, for Ardagh (rectius Achonry), read Achonry.
493 note, for V(incentius) read V(ictorius).
518, line 5, dele [Walton] and (sic).
line 14, dele [Walton].
553, margin, and 554, margin, dele (rectius 1460); and add the following footnote. The bull ought to have been registered under the first, instead of under the second year.
588, margin, below Ibid. insert (f. 413d.)
589, note, for Li(n)a(rd)i (?) Ja. Berta (? Baptisla) read Lia(nor)i [Secretarii], Ja. B(er)ra (?).
600, margin, dele (rectius 1460); and add the following note: The elements of the date, viz. Tivoli, 4 Sept., 1461, anno 3, do not agree. 4 Sept. an. 3, gives 4 Sept., 1460, but on 4 Sept., 1460, the pope was not at Tivoli, but at Siena (Cal. XII, p. 126). In the date, anno 3 ought therefore to be anno 4.
602, lines 23 and 24, dele the square brackets.
Page 622, margin, dele (rectius 1461); and add the following note: The elements of the date, viz. Pienza, 26 Oct., 1462, anno 4, do not agree. 26 Oct., an. 4, is 26 Oct., 1461, but the pope was at that time, not at Pienza, but at Rome (Cal. XII, pp. 132, 142). The correct date is evidently 26 Oct., 1462, i.e. an. 5, although the pope was on the preceding 23, and on the following 29 Oct., at Petriolo (below, pp. 468, 607).
625, margin, below Non. June insert (5 June).
640, line 3 from end of text, for [5] read 4.
“margin, for 1462 read 1461.
” third footnote, dele from ‘quarto’ to the end.
641, margin, for 1462 read 1461.
642, margin, at top, for Ibid. read Ead. dat.

Index of Persons and Places.

795, at the end of the ‘Lollius’ entry, add See also Piccolominibus; and on p. 836, after the ‘Piccolominibus, G. de’ entry, and See also Lollius. (fn. 1)
813, to the references under Neapoli, John de, add 16 note.
815, insert Newtown [co. Meath], Augustinian abbey of St. Peter by Trim, canon of. See White, Adam.
841, Rindown should be identified as St. John's, co. Roscommon, and the whole of the entry transferred there.
845, for Ryndun. See Rindown, read Ryndun. See St. John's.
847, under St. John's, co. Roscommon insert the whole of the entry under Rindown.
849, insert San Salvatore, abbey of. See Abbadia S. Salvatore.
862, for Trim, Augustinian abbey of St. Peter (sic) read Trim, Augustinian abbey of St. Peter by. See Newtown, co. Meath.

See also the List of items in lost ‘Lateran’ Registers of Calixtus III, above, pp. xxv–vi.

Additional Corrigenda. Vol. III.

Page 312, for the entry under date 1350, 13 Kal. May, substitute the following:—
To William, bishop of Ferns. Mandate—the pope having made provision to him, a Friar Preacher, papal penitentiary, and master of theology, of the said church, on its voidance by the death of Geoffrey, during whose lifetime it had been specially reserved by the pope; and the pope having subsequently caused him to be consecrated at the apostolic see by Bernard, bishop of Porto—to exercise the rule and administration of the same.
Concurrent letters (as printed).

Page 462, for the entry under date 1352, 16 Kal. Aug., substitute the following (making the corresponding corrections in the Index):—

16 Kal. Aug.
(f. 18.)
To John, formerly consecrated bishop of Ferns. Grant, as below. On the voidance of that church by the death of Geoffrey, he, the said John, was elected by the chapter, had his election confirmed by authority of the ordinary, and himself consecrated by Thomas, archbishop of Tuam, who had commission for the purpose from the chapter of Dublin, the latter see being then void. The pope, however, made provision of the said see of Ferns, void as stated, and previously specially reserved, to William, now bishop thereof [see above, p. 312], wherefore the said John resigned. The pope, therefore, hereby grants him in commendam, until he shall have made him a better provision, the canonry and prebend of Thagmon in Ferns, which were reserved to the pope during the lifetime of John Setton, viz. on 6 Kal. Dec., anno 6 [1347], and which became void by the latter's death before 8 Id. Dec., anno 10 [1351]. [See Cal. Pet. i. 231.]
Concurrent mandate (as printed).

Additional Corrigenda. Vol. IV.

Page 300, line 16 from end, for 91 read 291.

Additional Corrigenda. Vol. X.

Index of Persons and Places.

Page 800, Fonte vivo, abbey de. For Carrigillily read Carrigillihy.
” 851, for Macgornastir and Macgrarnayster, read Macgoruastir and Macgraruayster, and make the corresponding corrections ad locc.


  • 1. Gregorio Lollio de' Piccolomini, a papal secretary, was a cousin of Pius II. A letter in Reg. Vat. 502, f. 143, dated at Mantua on 7 Jan., 1460, anno 2 (1459–60), is addressed ‘Gregorio Lollio de Piecolominibus, secretario et oratori ac secundum earnem consobrino nostro,’