Rubricelle of Lost Registers

Pages xxv-xxvi

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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List of Rubricelle of Bulls in ‘Lateran’ Registers of Calixtus III Now Lost, (fn. 1) The Substance of Which is Briefly Preserved in the Indici Described Above, pp. v sqq.

No. of the lost Liber (Register). Year of the pontificate. Diocese. Person concerned. Subject-matter. Folio.
3 2 Derensis. Joannes Macgillabride. Decanatus per privationem. 78
3 2 Laonensis (sic) Joannes Ohagaiin (i.e. Ohagayn (fn. 2) ). Decanatus per obitum. 80
3 2 Glasgnensis (sic). Andreas electus Glasgnensis (sic). Ecclesia per obitum. (fn. 3) 151
3 2 Triburnensis. Tircheus (sic) electus Triburnensis. (fn. 4) Ecclesia per obitum. 158
3 2 Elphinensis. Malachias Machdiamarda [recte Machdiamada]. Monasterium per cessionem. 178
3 2 Exoviensis (sic). (fn. 5) Joannes Halse electus Exoviensis. Ecclesia per obitum. (fn. 6) 185
3 2 Evachduneinsis (sic). (fn. 7) Thaddeus Odeclayn. Monasterium per privationem. 205
3 2 Licheseldensis (sic). Riccardus Oldem. Nova provisio monasterii [i.e. St. Werburgh's abbey, Chester]. 248
3 2 Rossensis. (fn. 8) Henricus Stolfgarten (sic) electus Rossensis. Ecclesia per obitum. 249
3 2 Cassellensis. Mattheus Omukiayn. Monasterium per privationem. 282
3 2 Sodorensis. Thomas Bierton (recte Burton) (fn. 9) electus Sodorensis. Ecclesia per obitum. (fn. 10) 287
6 2 Sancti Andree. Joannes de Gaston. Simplicia per obitum. (fn. 11) 98
6 2 Sodorensis. Migellus (sic) Carmati (sic) (fn. 12) Vicaria per privationem. 113
5 3 Limiricensis. Joannes Oahyl (fn. 13) Prioratus per privationem. 43
5 3 Conflertensis (sic). Carbricus Maccassdg (sic). (fn. 14) Prioratus per obitum. 105
5 3 Artfertensis. Jacobus Icomgue. (fn. 15) Nova provisio ecclesie. 269
1 4 Cicestrensis. Georgius Percy Dispensatio ad incompatibilia. 258
2 4 Tuamensis. Thomas Joannis. Decanatus per obitum. 10
2 4 Dumblanensis. Joannes Donaldi. Decanatus per obitum. 56
2 4 Tuamensis. Donatus Maccomara. Thesauraria certo modo. 66
2 4 Dumblanensis. Andreas Moschet. (fn. 16) Decanatus per obitum. 88


  • 1. It will be seen that the lost Registers, which contributed the following items to theIndice, are five in number.
  • 2. As in the single volume Indice.
  • 3. Eubel, Hierarchia, vol. II, ad loc., has ‘Glasguen., ob. Guilelmi, Andreas de Dursier al. Muirhead [sic], can. ips. eccl., 1455, Maii 5 [sic]. Obl. 72, 65.’ Obligationes, vol. 72, f. 65r, has, however, ‘Glasguen. Eadem die [i.e. die Septima mensis Maii] … dominus Calistus … providit ecclesie Glasguen., per obitum Guillelmi ultimi illius episcopi vacanti, de persona egregii viri domini Andree de Dursier canonici eiusdem ecclesie.’ Eubel's ‘alias Muirhead’ is thus not in the Oblig. He probably got it from Gams's ‘Andreas Muirhead.’
  • 4. Eubel, op. cit. II, p. 188, under ‘Kilmoren. (Kilmore) al. Triburnen. (Brefny)’ has ‘Tither (Tiraeus), prior pr. s. Mariae de Trumilean, O.S.A. 1455, Julii 11,’ from ‘Obl. 72, 66.’ The entry in Oblig., vol. 72, f. 66r, is: ‘Triburnen. die veneris undecimo Julii s. d. n. in consistorio secreto de persona fratris Tithey (i.e. Titheii) prioris prioratus Sancte Marie de Trumilean ordinis Sancti Augustini providit ecclesie Triburnen. vacanti per obitum quondam Andree Mecbradans (sic) ultimi illius episcopi extra Romanam curiam defuncti.’ In the single volume Indice ‘Tirheus’ may be read.
  • 5. The single volume Indice has ‘Exouiensis.’
  • 6. Eubel, op. cit. vol. II, ad loc., has ‘ob. Edmundi. Thomas [sic] can. ips. eccl. 1455, Oct. 20. Obl. 72, 67.’ Oblig. 72, f. 67r has, however, ‘Exonien. die xxa mensis Octobris … venerabilem virum dominum Jho(ann)em [sic] Halse canonicum Exonien. ad ecclesiam Exonien. in Anglia, vacantem per obitum bone memorie domini Edmundi Lassi ultimi illius episcopi promovit …,’ i.e. Eubel has ‘Thomas’ instead of ‘Johannes,’ and omits Edmund's surname ‘Lassi.’
  • 7. The single volume Indice has ‘Euachdunen.’ [recte Enachdunen.].
  • 8. i.e. not Ross in Scotland or Ireland, but Eubel's ‘Ros(s)en. (Rhosus) in Cilicia,’ under which he has ‘Henricus Hofgarten, O. Er. s. A.,’ from ‘Obl. 72, 68,’ under date 1455, Nov. 21. In the single volume Indice the spelling ‘Hoffgarten’ seems to be intended.
  • 9. It is ‘Bierton’ in the single volume Indice also.
  • 10. Eubel, II, 264: ‘Thomas Burton O. Min., mag. theol., def. nat. pat., 1455, Sept. 25,’ from ‘Obl. 72, 67.’ Cf. Reg. Lat. 534, ff. 144 and 145d. (below, p. 359), for the provision of a successor Thomas on the death of the above Thomas Burton.
  • 11. After ‘obitum’ are the cancelled words ‘et vicaria per assecutionem.’ The single volume Indice has ‘Joannes de Golston. Vicaria per assecutionem. 98.’
  • 12. The single volume Indice has the better spelling ‘Nigellus Carmaci.’
  • 13. The single volume Indice has the better spelling ‘Nigellus Carmaci.’
  • 14. The single volume Indice has the same spelling.
  • 15. In the single volume Indice it is ‘Icomgue.’
  • 16. The single volume Indice has the same spelling.