Lateran Regesta 565: 1460-1461

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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'Lateran Regesta 565: 1460-1461', in Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471, (London, 1933) pp. 119-121. British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. DLXV. (fn. 1)

3 Pius II.

De Prebendis Vacantibus.

3 Id. April.
(11 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 51d.)
To the bishop of Moray, the abbot of Lindores (de Lundoris) in the diocese of St. Andrews and the chancellor of Chartres. Mandate to collate and assign to Thomas Vaus, dean of Glasgow, a canonry of Aberdeen and the prebend of Crouden therein. value not exceeding 20l. sterling, which became void by the resignation of James Lindesay to Thomas bishop of Aberdeen; whether they be so void, or be void by the death of David Ogilbi, or by his resignation or that of Alexander Lindesay, or be void in any other way; and notwithstanding that Thomas holds peaceably the said deanery of Glasgow, and is also in possession of the deanery of Ross, collated to him by papal authority, about which latter a suit is pending between him and a certain adversary in the Roman court, and the fruits of which are under sequestration, both of which deaneries are major elective dignities with cure, and the value of both of which does not exceed 70l. sterling, and notwithstanding that he has been dispensed by papal authority about retaining them both for life, etc. Vite etc. (O. and Ja. Bigneti. | O.xxiii. Pontanus (fn. 2) Undecimo Kal. Maii Anno Tertio.Pontanus.) [4 pp.]
3 Non. Jan.
(2 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 94d.)
To the abbot of Keluenyng in the diocese of Glasgow, the chancellor of Chartres and the official of Glasgow. Mandate, motu proprio, to collate and assign to Foster (Vedastus) de Murhed, clerk, of the diocese of Glasgow, a nephew of Andrew bishop of Glasgow, who is studying (actu studet) in the university of Glasgow, the canonry and prebend of Gowen in Glasgow, value not exceeding 35l. sterling, void by the death of Alexander Naper in December last: whether they be so void, or be void by the death of Thomas Camron, or by the resignation of the said Alexander or of John Balfour, or be void in any other way. Vite etc. (H. and A. de Cortesiis. | H. xx. Expedita (fn. 3) Tercio Id. Aprilis Anno Tercio. Folani.) [3 pp. +.]
1460. (fn. 4)
8 Kal. Nov.
(25 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 96d.)
To Robert Fostar, clerk, of the diocese of St. Andrews, bachelor in canon and civil law. Reservation to the pope's gift, for collation to him, who is also M.A., and by both parents of a race of barons, of a canonry of Aberdeen and the prebend of Rothwen therein, value not exceeding 25l. sterling, which are to become void by the pope's recent promotion of James Stewart, elect of Moray, to that church, and the consecration to be administered to him; notwithstanding that the pope lately motu proprio ordered provision to be made to him of one or two benefices wont to be assigned to secular clerks, even if one had cure or were a dignity etc., in the collation etc. of the bishop and the prior and chapter etc. of St. Andrews and the abbot and convent of Alberbroche (sic) in the diocese of St. Andrews, in virtue of which he accepted and got provision made to him of the parish church of Hailes (de Halis) [alias Colinton] in the said diocese, of which he is in possession, and about which he is litigating in the apostolic palace, and whose fruits etc. do not exceed the value of 20l. sterling. Nobilitas generis, litterarum sciencia, vite etc.
Concurrent mandate to the archbishop of Auch (Auxitan.), and the officials of Glasgow and Dunkeld.Hodie cum canonicatus. (H. and G. Go[n]ne. Ernestus. | H. xii. x. Expedita (fn. 3) quartodecimo Kal. Maii Anno Tercio.Folani.) [5 pp. See Vol. XI, p. 449.]

De Exhibitis.

Prid. Kal. Feb.
(31 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 232d.)
To Donald Okearwill, a canon of Cork. Mandate, at the recent petition of Maurice Yhelayd, clerk, of the diocese of Cloyne (Clonen.), containing that a canonry of Cloyne and the prebend of Domnachmor therein being void by the resignation of Thomas Yhelayd to Jordan bishop of Cloyne, and admitted by that bishop by his ordinary authority, and having been void so long that by the Lateran statutes their collation had lapsed to the apostolic see, the said bishop, after the time of such lapse, made collation and provision of them, void as above, to the said Maurice, (fn. 5) who in virtue thereof obtained them, and has held possession for about three years, taking the fruits in good faith, but now doubts whether the said collation and provision hold good. The canonry and prebend being therefore still void as above, the pope hereby orders the above canon to collate and assign them, value not exceeding 8 marks sterling, to Maurice.Exhibita siquidem nobis. (P. and G. Gonne. | P. xx.Undecimo Kal. Martii Anno Tertio. de Varris.) [22/3 pp.]
3 Kal. Jan.
(30 Dec.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 298d.)
To the dean of Killaloe (Laonien.). Mandate as below. The recent petition of Donatus Ygrada, clerk, of the diocese of Killaloe, contained that after Martin V's renewal of all sentences etc. promulgated by his predecessors against simoniacs, and his reservation of absolution therefrom to himself and his successors, Donatus's father made a bargain with Rory (Ruodrico) Ograda, then a canon of Killaloe, to the effect that if Rory would resign his canonry and prebend of Killaloe in favour of Donatus, he (Donatus's father) would give him a sum of money yearly; that afterwards, in the course of the said bargain, of which Donatus was aware, (fn. 6) Calixtus III, upon learning that Rory proposed to resign the said canonry and prebend, ordered the official of Clonfert to receive and admit his resignation, and thereupon to collate and assign them to Donatus. Subsequently, as the said petition added, Thomas Ocormacayn, official of Clonfert, perhaps unaware of the said bargain, received and admitted the resignation, and made collation and provision to Donatus, who had obtained no dispensation from the said sentences etc., and who in force thereof obtained and is still in possession, paying the said sum of money yearly, and taking the fruits. The collation and provision being therefore without force, and the canonry and prebend being therefore still void as above, the pope hereby orders the above dean to absolve Donatus, who is of noble birth, from the said simony and sentences etc., enjoining penance, dispense him on account of any irregularity incurred, and rehabilitate him, and to decree and declare that he is not bound to pay the said sum of money, etc., and moreover, in the event of his so absolving etc., to collate and assign the canonry and prebend, value not exceeding 15 marks sterling, to Donatus, if found fit. Before the dean proceeds to execution, Donatus is to resign. Solet apostolice sedis. (P. and A. de Cortesiis. | P. xxx. Quinto Id. Martii Anno Tertio. de Varris.) [62/3 pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern description in Italian: ’Pio v. (sic), 1460. Anno 3. Lib. i.’ A flyleaf has, in different contemporary hands, the description: ‘Primus de prebendis vacantibus et de exhibitis [anno] 3o domini nostri domini Pii pape ii,’ and the order: ‘R(ecipe) Pa., P. (i.e.P. de Varris).’ On the back of it is Mgr. Wenzel's ‘An. 3 to. 7.’ The usual contemporary description ‘Primus …,’ as above, occurs also, as usual, on the bottom edge of the volume. There are i.-cccx. ff. of text.
  • 2. This first ‘Pontanus’ is superfluous.
  • 3. See above, p. 109, note.
  • 4. The date was ‘anno incarnacionis dominice millesimo quadringentesimo sexagesimo primo …’. The ‘primo’ is cancelled and over-written P[etru]s, and in the margin is the note: Cassatum de mandato reverendi domini R(oderici) Valentin. Vicecancellarii, P. de Varris.
  • 5. prefato monacho, recte Mauricio.
  • 6. Et deinde convencione et pactione huiusmodi quarum dictus Donatus non erat ignarus precedentibus.