Lateran Regesta 599: 1464

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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'Lateran Regesta 599: 1464', in Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471, (London, 1933) pp. 227-228. British History Online [accessed 13 April 2024]

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Lateran Regesta. Vol. DXCIX. (fn. 1)

6 Pius II.

De Beneficiis Vacantibus.

8 Id. June.
(6 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 56.)
To the bishop of Derry (Deren.), the prior of St. Mary's, Dungemyn, in the diocese of Derry, and John Oquerwllan, a canon of Derry. Mandate (the pope having been informed by Lewis Macgillacalma, priest, of the diocese of Clogher, that Philip Masgology (sic), perpetual vicar of the parish church of Culmane in the said diocese, has openly retained the concubine whom the present bishop of Clogher by a certain general edict admonished him to put away, and has committed simony by promising and paying to certain mediators certain presents of no small value for the purpose of obtaining a certain benefice, and has dilapidated and consumed for evil and unlawful purposes some precious goods of the said vicarage, of which things he is greatly defamed in those parts) if and after Lewis (who is a priest, and was lately dispensed by papal authority, on account of illegitimacy, as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, or, as some allege, a married woman, to be promoted to all even holy orders and receive and retain the rectory of the parish church of Ceapach in the diocese of Derry, in the event of its being collated to him in virtue of certain papal letters ordering provision to be made to him thereof; and who from fear of Philip's power cannot safely meet him in the city and diocese of Clogher) accuses Philip before the above three, to summon Philip and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to deprive and remove Philip, and in that event to collate and assign the said vicarage, value not exceeding 4 marks sterling, to Lewis; notwithstanding that Lewis is litigating without the Roman court about the said rectory, which has cure and whose value does not exceed 6 marks sterling, and of which he is not in possession. Lewis, who also alleges that the said rectory and vicarage are of too slight value for either of them to suffice for his food and clothing and the fabric, is hereby dispensed to receive the vicarage and retain it for life along with the rectory, if he win it, notwithstanding the said defect etc. Vite etc. (P. and A. de Piscia. | P. xxx. Nono Kal. Julii Anno Sexto. de Varris.) [3½ pp. See Cal. Papal Letters, Vol. XI, p. 275.]
3 Id. March.
(13 March.)
(f. 195d.)
To the chancellor of Ardfert. Mandate (the pope having been informed by Donatus Osega, perpetual vicar of the parish church of Baldincharie in the diocese of Ardfert, that Donald Osega, perpetual vicar of the parish church of Glandinche alias Templum novum in the said diocese, of the patronage of laymen, in order to obtain it made a simoniacal bargain with a certain lord, a parishioner of the said parish, to the effect that if by his means the patrons should present Donald, and the ordinary should institute him, and if he obtained possession, he would give and pay a quantity of goods to the said parishioner, which he did, wherefore the said parishioner brought it about that the patrons presented Donald, and that the ordinary, ignorant of the said bargain, instituted him, and that under pretext of such presentation and institution he obtained and still detains possession, thereby incurring the sentences etc. promulgated against simoniacs) if and after Donatus accuses Donald before the above chancellor, to summon Donald and others concerned, and if he find the foregoing to be true, to decree the said presentation and institution and their consequences null and invalid, and remove Donald, and in that event to collate and assign the said vicarage of Glandinche, value not exceeding 8 marks sterling, to Donatus; whether it be void by such decree and removal, or by the resignation of the said Donald or of Thady Ysega, or be void in any other way; and notwithstanding that Donatus holds the said vicarage of Blandinche (sic), (fn. 2) value not exceeding 6 marks sterling, which vicarage of Blandinche (sic) he is, as he has offered, to resign upon obtaining that of Glandinche. Dignum etc. (Her. and M. Amici. | Her. xxvi. Sexto Kal. Aprilis Anno Sexto. de Monasterio, pro magistris Registri.) [3½ pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern description in Italian: ‘Pio ii. 1464. Anno 6. Lib. iii,’ and on a modern flyleaf is Mgr. Wenzel's ‘An. 5 to. xi. nella rubricella.’ There is no contemporary flyleaf, but the contemporary description occurs, as usual, on the bottom edge of the volume, viz.: ‘Tertius de beneficiis vacantibus anno vio domini nostri [domini] Pii pape ii.’ The text extends from f. i. to f. cclxxxix. A few bulls of Paul II have been wrongly registered in the latter part of the volume. They are cancelled with strokes, and in the margin of each is some such note as ‘Cassata et alibi loco et anno debitis registrata,’ or ‘Cassata et alibi anno et pontificatu debito (sic) registrata.’ None of them concerns the present Calendar.
  • 2. The scribe has evidently arrived at this as the result of a fusion of ‘Baldincharie’ and ‘Glandinche.’