Lateran Regesta 548A: 1459

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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'Lateran Regesta 548A: 1459', in Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471, (London, 1933) pp. 52-56. British History Online [accessed 16 April 2024]

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Lateran Regesta. Vol. DXLVIIIA. (fn. 1)

1 Pius II.

De Regularibus.

17 Kal. Sept.
(16 Aug.)
(f. 69.)
To the prior of the cathedral church and the provost of St. Salvator's at St. Andrews, (fn. 2) and the official of St. Andrews. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of abbot Malcolm and the convent of the Benedictine monastery of Abbyrbr(oth) in the diocese of St. Andrews contained that after a suit had been ventilated for some time before the dean and archdeacon of Glasgow between the bishop and the dean and chapter of Brechin of the one part and the abbot and convent of the said monastery of the other part, about the parish churches of Maryntoun, Dunhecteyn, Paunebryde, Monyheccyn, Kyngoldurum and Katerlyne in the diocese of Brechin, and their rights and appurtenances, the said parties at length agreed in choosing the late William bishop of St. Andrews as arbitrator, and promised by oath to abide by his decision; that the said bishop made a definitive ordinance in the matter, which the parties approved and bound themselves by oath not to infringe. At the said petition the pope hereby orders the above three to confirm and approve by papal authority the said bishop's ordinance, publish it when needful, and not allow the abbot and convent to be molested contrary thereto. Ea que ecclesiarum. (P. and Ja. Bigneti. | P. xxviii. de Varris.) [2½ pp.]
7 Id. June.
(7 June.)
(f. 98.)
To the prior of St. Thomas the Martyr's by Buttevant (iuxta Boctoniam) in the diocese of Cloyne (Clonen.), and the archdeacon and the precentor of Cloyne. Mandate (the pope having been informed by John Odoronaygh, a monk of the Cistercian monastery of St. Mary, Middleton (de Choro Sancti Benedicti), in the diocese of Cloyne, that Rory Olachnayn, (fn. 3) abbot thereof, has dilapidated etc. and converted to evil uses its goods, and committed simony and perjury, and is an open dilapidator, simoniac and perjurer, and is greatly defamed of these and divers other crimes in those parts; and the recent petition of the said John containing that whereas he formerly could not have food and clothing in the monastery from the said Rory, and had obtained licence from him to transfer himself elsewhere in order to seek them, the said abbot extorted from him and from his father Dermit Odoronaygli (rectius Odoronaygh) an oath that John should not impetrate the monastery against Rory, and that if he did so the said Dermit his father should oppose him and not help him (fn. 4) ) to relax the said oath, and thereupon, if and after John (who is illegitimate, being the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, and has made his profession as a monk of the said monastery, and has had himself promoted to all holy orders) accuses Rory before the above three, to summon Rory and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, or one of them enough for the purpose, to deprive and remove Rory, and in that event to make provision of the monastery, value not exceeding 20 marks sterling, to John. They are further to cause him to be blessed by any catholic bishop, and the pope hereby dispenses him, notwithstanding the said defect, to be appointed to and rule and administer the monastery.Ex suscepte servitutis. (O. and G. Gonne. | O. xx. Residuum gratis pro deo. Pontanus.) [3¾ pp.]
18 Kal. May.
(14 April.)
(f. 108d.)
To the dean, the treasurer and the precentor of Cloyne (Clonen.). Mandate as below. The recent petition of Dermit Ydoronaygk, abbot of the Cistercian monastery of St. Mary, Fermoy (de Castrodei), in the diocese of Cloyne, contained that formerly the convent, after Dermit had laudably ruled it for several years, falsely pretexting that he was a dilapidator of its goods and had perpetrated certain other excesses and crimes (not here expressed) unjustly denounced him to the late Nicholas, abbot of the Cistercian monastery of Monasteranenagh (de Magio) in the diocese of Limerick, the father-abbot of St. Mary's, who, proceeding irregularly etc. and without proof, deprived and removed Dermit by a definitive sentence which was null; that, a suit having arisen before Gerald (coramBeraldo, recte Geraldo) the present abbot of the said monastery of Monasteranenagh, about the nullity of the said sentence, between the said abbot Dermit and Thady Ohiky, a monk of the said monastery, whom the convent had de facto elected abbot of the monastery, as being void by the said deprivation, the said Dermit, seeing that he had a just cause and had been unlawfully deprived, granted and assigned, with the object of buying off the said vexations, and with the consent and by the authority of the said abbot Gerald (here Geraldi), a certain yearly part of the fruits etc. of St. Mary's to Thady, who gave up to the said father-abbot all right pertaining to him in or to the monastery, [Dermit] thereby incurring simony and the sentences of excommunication etc. against simoniacs. At the said petition, which added that Thady, after having received the said part for several years, unduly despoiled Dermit of possession of the rule and administration, notwithstanding the said grant, the pope hereby orders the above three to absolve Dermit from the said simony and sentences etc., enjoining penance, dispense him on account of any irregularity contracted, and rehabilitate him, and, if they do so, to summon Thady and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, and that Dermit was unjustly or invalidly deprived of the rule and administration, to restore him in and to possession thereof, remove Thady, and to cause Dermit to be obeyed by the convent and vassals etc. Solet exuberans apostolice sedis. (H. and H. Masheim. | H. xxxv. Folani.) [4 pp.]

De Exhibitis.

4 Non. Jan.
(2 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 184d.)
To the abbot of Paisley (de Paslito, recte de Pasleto) in the diocese of Glasgow, the chancellor of Chartres and the official of Glasgow. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of John Ottyrburn, rector of the parish church of Lybert[on] in the diocese of Glasgow, licentiate in decrees, contained that a cause arose between him and the late David Ogilby, clerk, about a canonry of Glasgow and the prebend of E[r]skyn therein, the former alleging that on their voidance by the death of John Schenes, he, the said John Otty[r]burn, got collation and provision of them made to him by Andrew bishop of Glasgow by his ordinary authority, and that in virtue thereof he got possession, whereas David alleged that he had accepted them within the lawful time, and that provision was made of them to him in virtue of letters granted to him by Calixtus III, etc.; and that the said pope Calixtus, at John's instance, committed the cause, although not by its nature lawfully devolved to the Roman court, to Master Bernard Rouira, a chaplain, then of the said pope, now of the present pope, and an auditor of causes of the apostolic palace, who cited David. Seeing that, as the said petition added, David died before the citation was executed, and that John doubts whether the said collation and provision hold good, the pope hereby calls up the cause to himself, and extinguishes it and the suit, and orders the above three to collate and assign the said canonry and prebend, value not exceeding 20l. sterling, to John; notwitstanding that he holds the said parish church of Lyberton, value not exceeding 24l. sterling.Litterarum sciencia, vite etc. (H. and Ja. Bigneti. | xxii.Expedita Tercio Kal. Februarii Anno Primo. Folani.) [4pp.]

Altaria Portatilia.

9 Kal. Aug.
(24 July.)
(f. 203d.)
To Richard Tempest, nobleman, of the diocese of York. Indult to have a portable altar, and to have thereon mass celebrated before daybreak. Registered briefly: ‘Pius etc.' address and ‘salutem etc. Sincere etc. Hinc est quod nos tuis devotis supplicacionibus inclinati ut liceat tibi habere altare portatile etc. eciam antequam lucescat dies etc. Datum …' (P. and Marcellus. | P. xx. de Varris.)
Ibid. To John Cliffort, nobleman, baron, lord of the place of Westmerlande in the diocese of York, and his wife (not named), noblewoman. The like for them and each of them. Registered briefly, as the preceding, mutatis mutandis. (P. and Marcellus. | P. xxiiii. de Varris.)

[De Plenaria Remissione.]

1459 (recte
14 Kal. April.
(19 March.)
(f. 210.)
To David Spaldyng, [layman], and Elisabeth his wife, of the diocese of Brechin. Indult that the confessor of their choice may grant them, being penitent and having confessed, plenary remission of all their sins, once only, namely, in the hour of death; with the usual fasting and other clauses. Registered briefly: ‘Pius etc.,’ address and ‘salutem etc.Devocionis vestre etc. Hinc est etc. Et ne, quod absit, etc.Porro etc. Datum …’ (P. and Marcellus. | P. [no tax].de Varris.)

Altaria Portatilia.

9 Kal. Oct.
(23 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 221.)
To John Druell, rector of the parish church of Fulham in the diocese of London, doctor of canon and civil law. Indult to have a portable altar etc., as above, f. 203d., but without the before daybreak clause. Registered briefly, as ibid., mutatis mutandis. (P. and Marcellus. | P. Varris.)
8 Kal. July.
(24 June.)
(f. 224d.)
To William Verunu (recte Vernun), nobleman, lord of the place of Herlaston in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield, and his present wife (not named). The like for them and each of them. Registered briefly as above, f. 203d., to John Cliffort, mutatis mutandis, but without the before daybreak clause. (P. and L. Dat[h]us. | P. xii. [sic].de Varris.)
Kal. Sept.
(1 Sept.)
(f. 255d.)
To Thomas Ive, nobleman, lord of the place of Belle without the walls of London, and his present wife (not named), noblewoman. The like, again without mention of the before daybreak clause. Registered briefly, as in the preceding. (P. and L. Dathus. | P. xii. de Varris.)


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern description in Italian: ’Pio ii. 1463 (corrected in a recent hand to 1458–59), Anno i. (the i. is recent, on an erasure), Lib. i,’ and on the inside of the cover is the late Mgr. Wenzel's ‘An. i. to. xix.’ There is no contemporary flyleaf, but the usual contemporary description occurs, as usual, on the bottom edge of the volume, hardly legible: ‘Primus de regularibus de exhibitis et de plenaria [remissione] anno primo domini nostri domini Pii pape secundi.’ The text extends from f. i. to f. cclxii, some of which are blank. In the manuscript Index of the Lateran Registers of Pius II this Register is referred to as No. 548B. See the note to the previous Register.
  • 2. priori maioris et preposito sancti Salvatoris Sanctiandree ecclesiarum.
  • 3. The surname is added in the margin by P. [de Varris].
  • 4. idem abbas ab ipso Johanne ac eciam a dilecto filio Dermicio Odoronaygli (sic) genitore eiusdem Johannis iuramentum per eos prestitum extorsit, videlicet quod ipse Johannes dictum monasterium contra ipsum Roricum non impetrarct et si impetrationem huiusmodi faceret dictus Dermicius genitor ipsi Johanni super hoc contradiceret et ei non proficeret.