Addenda and Corrigenda

Pages xlii-xlv

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Addenda and Corrigenda.

Page 1, at the end of the second footnote, add the usual brief descriptive note by Mgr. Wenzel does not occur.
25, line 16 from end, for of read and.
29, line 19 from end, after diocese insert [of Cloyne].
31, line 4 from end, for Bective read Kilbeggan.
52, lines 17 and 18 from end, for in the diocese of Brechin read in the said diocese [of St. Andrews].
56, line 5 from end, after has insert the late Mgr. Wenzel's An. 2. to. 3,' and another has.
56, line 2 from end, after volume insert There are ff. i.-cccxxv. of text + ff. cccxxvi. and cccxxvii. blank.
61, line 4 from end, after Grass(i), insert as well as the late Mgr. Wenzel's ‘An. 2. to. 9.’
86, line 14 from end, after Pius II,’ insert, and on a modern flyleaf is the late Mgr. Wenzel's ‘An. 2. to. 16.’
89, line 20 from end, dele a notorious fornicator.
100, in the margin, for (f. 303) read (f. 304).
109 and 110, in the margin, for 1460 (recte 1461) read 1461.
162, line 8, after salutem etc. insert Sincere etc.
178, first footnote, line 3, for to 10 read to. 10.
196, line 22 from end, for anno 2* (31 July, 1318), read anno 1* (31 July, 1317).
198, line 18, for Regestri read Registri.
229, line 9 from end, for 698 read 696.
232, line 3, for de Curia read [de Curia].
246, line 21 from end, for Mar(tis) read Mar(tii); and before The insertpp.
273, line 3 from end, dele (? quod).
276, line 8 from end, dele (?).
284, line 20, for Cloyne (?) read Clonmacnoise (Cloanen.).
306, line 18, for John read Henry.
340, line 16 from end of text, dele [the monastery].
351, line 4 from end of text, dele ‡.
386, line 12, for Bardewisch read Bardowiek.
398, line 8 from end of text, for Nonych read Monydi.
522, line 20, after Monteioy for in read of.
653, line 3 from end of text, dele?
704, line 11 from end of text, for in read of.
Page 775, first entry, for Bective (de Benedictione dei) and Kilbeggan (de Flumine dei) read Kilbeggan (de Benedictione dei) and de Flumine dei.
838, column 1, line 25, for province read priory.
857, column 2, between lines 11 and 10 from end, insert Albano, Philip Calandrini, 388.
867, column 2, line 26 from end, for Dangerdonovan read Dangandonovan.
873, column 1, line 28, add See also Thankerton.
891, column 2, line 12 from end, dele 272.
903, column 1, line 21, for Tarbolton read Thankerton.
934, column 2, line 16, after 491 note add 634 note.
939, column 2, line 2, dele Ballingarry (in Costlea barony).
972, column 2, line 18 from end, for 163 read 162.
1020, column 1, lines 22–20 from end, for St. John the Baptist, Augustinian priory of, in the diocese of Ferns. See St. John's, [co. Wexford], Augustinian priory of St. John the Evangelist, prior of, papal mandatory, 272.
1032, column 1, lines 13 and 14, dele Taubarten’ and rectory of, 28.
1032, column 1, line 36, for Tarbolton read Thankerton.
1033, column 1, between lines 22 and 21 from end, insert Thankerton, Taubarten', [now united to Covington, co. Lanark], rectory of, 28.
1041, column 2, line 12, for Viterbis read Viterbio.

Additional Addenda, Vol. I.

Page 206, 2nd entry, add Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, ed. Goss and Munch, Vol. II (Manx Soc., Vol. XXIII, 1874), p. 309, from the Diplomatarium Norvegicum, Vol. I, No. 28; dated 1244, Feb. 15 (recte Feb. 16, as corrected in Chron., Vol. I, p. 245).
231, last entry but three, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 312; dated ‘Kal. Maii,’ and addressed ‘abbati venerabilis monasterii sancti Columbae ordinis sancti Benedicti Sodreyensis dioecesis.’
284, 3rd entry, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 315.

Additional Addenda, Vol. III.

Page 279, 3rd entry, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 336; see also ibid., p. 344.
285, 2nd entry, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 349.
305, last entry but two, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 351.
357, 8th entry (f. 228d), add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 355.
490, 7th entry, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 357.

Additional Addenda, Vol. IV.

Page xix, line 16, after there, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 378, refers to Avignon Reg. viii, f. 445, but the bull is not on that folio in the Reg. now numbered 8 (formerly ‘Tom. vii’) nor in the Reg. now numbered 9 (formerly ‘Tom. viii’).
xx, line 7, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 382, with the same erroneous date of vi, Id. Dec.
xx, line 24, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 390.
xx, line 12, from end, add and Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 391, both.
xxii, line 15, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 404.
xxii, line 26 from and, add Chronicle (etc., as above), p. 407.

Additional Corrigendum, Vol. VIII.

Page 817, col. 2, Shrawardine, trs. to p. 819, col. 1.

Additional Addenda and Corrigenda, Vol. XI.

Page xxii. In the sixth column, 487 has since been corrected in the MS. Concordantia to 487A, with a point of interrogation. In the ninth column 487A has been allowed to stand, but a point of interrogation has been added.
6, line 11, dele from the original bull.
30, line 9 from end, for Gracia read Gracie.
109, line 26, after 1 p. + insert Hist. Dunelm. Scriptores Tres, ed. Raine, Surtees Soc. (1839), p. cccxxxvi, which has the date ‘Sexto Kalendas Julii.’
336, line 28, for Schenes read Scheues (i.e. Scheves).
382, end of 1st entry, add Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys, ed. Goss and Munch, Vol. I (Manx Soc., Vol. XXIII, 1874), p. 414, from Theiner.
512, line 24, after concertationi insert [Extrav. Jo. xxii. Tit. vi. De voto et voti redemptione. Cap. un.].
769, for Hanob. See Hemyock read Hanob. See Hennock.
770, for Hemyock read Hennock, and transfer the entry to its alphabetical place in col. 2.
846, col. 2, line 5, for Schenes read Scheves.
849, Dele the Schenes entry.
850, col. 1, after line 4 insert Scheves, Sthenes, John, official of St. Andrews, suit before, 336.
857, for Sthenes (rectius Schenes). See Schenes, read Sthenes (rectius Scheves). See Scheves.