Vatican Regesta 644: 1483-1484

Pages 170-173

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCXLIV.

Bullarum Communium Lib. XCIV. Tom. XCIX.

13 Sixtus IV.

4 Id. May.
(12 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 47v.)
To James, earl of Desmond, of the diocese of Ardfert. Confirmation to him, and to future earls of Desmond, of the right of patronage of the priory of St. Mary, Killagh (de Belloloco), O.S.A., in the diocese of Ardfert. Sincere devotionis affectus. (In the margin: Maij.) [2 pp. Theiner, op. cit., p. 491.]
4 Id. April.
(10 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 135r.)
To the prior of Holy Trinity, Lochuachctair, in the diocese of Kilmore, and John Omuluchochori (recte Omulmhochori) (fn. 1) and (fn. 2) Malachy Macachlerich, canons of Kilmore. Mandate, as below. The pope has been informed by Christopher Fuysymun, a monk of the priory of SS. Taurin and Feighin de Fouor, O.S.B., in the diocese of Meath, that (after Paul II's reservation to himself and his successors of absolution from all sentences of excommunication etc. against simoniacs, except in the hour of death, and after the present pope's reservation to his gift of all conventual priories), upon the said priory becoming void, and therefore ipso facto reserved, being conventual, by the death of Edmund Fuysymun without the Roman court, Roger Macregnet, a monk thereof, made a bargain with some of the convent, one of whom was the said Christopher, that if they elected him prior he would augment their portions, whereby he incurred simony and the above sentences and pains; that the convent unanimously elected him, that he consented to the election, had it confirmed by the bishop of Meath (who was perhaps ignorant of the said bargain and reservation), and under pretext thereof obtained possession, and has detained it for between five and seven months. The said election and confirmation being therefore without force, and the priory still void as above, and reserved, the pope hereby orders the above three to absolve the said Christopher (who has made his profession, and has been promoted to all, even holy orders, notwithstanding his illegitimacy as the son of unmarried parents) from the said simony and sentences and pains, enjoining penance, etc., dispense him on account of any irregularity contracted, and rehabilitate him, and moreover, if the said Christopher (who from fear of the power of certain persons of the said diocese of Meath, and from fear of the said Roger, has no hope of obtaining justice in that diocese) will accuse Roger before them, to summon the latter, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to declare the said election and confirmation null and void, and remove Roger from his said detention, and in the event of their making the said declaration, to collate and assign the said priory, dependent on the monastery of St. Taurin, of the said Order, in the diocese of Evreux, and value 80 marks of silver, to Christopher, whom the pope hereby dispenses to receive and retain it, notwithstanding the said defect, etc. Sedes apostolica. (In the margin: Apri.) [5 pp.]
10 Kal. May.
(22 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 149v.)
To the abbot of Neubotyll, the archdeacon of Lothian (Laudonie), and the provost of Corstorphin, in the diocese of St. Andrews. Mandate, as below. The pope lately, upon the monastery of Holyrood near Edimburgh, O.S.A., in the diocese of Glasgow, becoming void by the resignation of Archibald, sometime abbot thereof, to William, archbishop of St. Andrews, made provision of the said monastery to Robert Bellantine, [now] abbot, and by other letters reserved to the said Archibald a yearly pension for life of a quarter of the fruits etc. of the monastery, to be paid by Robert (who consented) and his successors [above, pp. 164–5]. At the recent petition of abbot Robert, who has been sent by James, king of Scots, as his orator to the pope, containing that, the amount of the said quarter not having been determined, he fears that disputes may arise, the pope hereby orders the above three to summon Archibald and others concerned, and assess the net value of the said fruits etc., determine the value of the said quarter, and declare that abbot Robert and his successors are bound to pay the said pension in accordance with such determinaction, and not otherwise. Justis et honestis. (In the margin: Aprilis.) [2¼ pp.]
5 Non. Oct.
(11 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 219v.)
To the abbot of Newbotill and the provost of Corstorphyn, in the diocese of St. Andrews, and the official of St. Andrews. Mandate to collate and assign to John Fresel, priest, of the diocese of St. Andrews, licentiate in decrees (who, notwithstanding his illegitimacy as the son of unmarried parents, was made a clerk and promoted to all holy orders, and was lately sufficiently dispensed to hold the below-named canonry and prebend), a canonry of St. Salvator's at St. Andrews and the prebend of Leswade therein, value 50l. sterling, which became and are void, and ipso facto reserved to the pope, because Robert, [now] bishop of Glasgow, sometime [bishop] elect of Aberdeen, who held them at the time of his promotion by the pope to Aberdeen, and who obtained possession of the rule and administration of that see, did not have himself consecrated within the canonical time, (fn. 3) summoning and removing William, archbishop of St. Andrews, who without any title has detained possession for between two and three years; whether they became void as above, or by the death or resignation of Giles Boys, or in any other way. Litterarum scientia, vite etc. (In the margin: Apri.) [4¼ pp.]
5 Id. April.
(9 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 243r.)
To the precentor of Glasgow, and Thomas Mongunry [sic], and Robert Howston, (fn. 4) canons of the same. Mandate to collate and assign to John Mackyles', priest, of the diocese of Lismore or Argyll, the perpetual vicarage of St. Bride's (Sancte Brigide), Innhelen', in the said diocese, value 5 marks sterling, tenable only by one who can understand and speak the language (fn. 5) of that country, and void by the death of Archibald Patricii without the Roman court, although William Balzi, priest, under pretext of a collation made by the ordinary to him (who does not understand nor speak the said language) has without any title etc. detained possession for between twelve and sixteen years; the said William, whom John does not dare to meet in the city of Argyll or the diocese of Lismore, (fn. 6) being summoned and removed. Vite etc. (Gratis pro deo. In the margin: Apri.) [2¾ pp.]
17 Kal. Oct.
(15 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 244v.)
To the archdeacon, the dean and the official of Glasgow. (fn. 7) Mandate, as below. The pope has learned that the monastery of Yedyod (recte Yedwod), O.S.A., in the diocese of Glasgow, is void by the death of the late abbot John without the Roman court, although William Forstar, a canon of the said monastery, has without any title detained possession for between two and three years under pretext of an election by the convent, which election (confirmed by authority of the ordinary) is void by reason of the reservation of the provision of the monastery to the present pope, made during the life of the said abbot John. The pope, having also learned that Robert Archison (?), priest, of the said diocese, desires to enter the said monastery, hereby orders the above three to summon the said William and others concerned, and if they find the said monastery, value 100l. sterling, to be void as above, or by the death of Walter Trumbul [sic], or in any other way, to grant it in commendam to the said Robert for six months, and if after the lapse of that period he be found fit, to cause him to be received as a canon of the monastery and the regular habit to be given to him, etc., and receive his profession, and thereupon to make him provision of the monastery, etc. They are furthermore to grant him indult to be blessed by any catholic bishop of his choice in communion with the apostolic see. Cum cedula (?). (In the margin: Apri.) [3¾ pp. See Reg. Vat. DCXLIII, ff. 116r. and 211r. above, pp. 168–9.]
11 Kal. May.
(21 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 255r.)
To the official of Ossory. Mandate to collate and assign to Maurice Brenake, clerk, of the diocese of Waterford, who is in or about his twenty-third year, the perpetual rectory [sic] of the parish church of Kyltokichan in the diocese of Ossory, of lay patronage and value 6 marks sterling, so long void that its collation has lapsed to the apostolic see; summoning and removing James Brenake, priest, who has without any title detained possession of the said rectory for between two and three years. Maurice is hereby dispensed to receive and retain it, notwithstanding the said defect of age, etc. Dignum arbitramur. (In the margin: Maij.) [2½ pp.]


  • 1. Cf. Reg. Vat. DCXLV., f. 11v., below, p. 173.
  • 2. de, recte ac or et.
  • 3. Cumcanonicatus ecclesie sancti Saluatoris sancti Andree et prebenda de Leswade nuncupata in eadem, ex eo quod venerabilis frater noster Robertus episcopus Glasguensis olim electus Abberdonensis, qui illos tempore promotionis per nos de persona sua ad ecclesiam Abberdonensem tunc pastore carentem facte obtinebat, ac possessionem vel quasi regiminis et administrationis bonorum dicte ecclesie Abberdonensis seu majoris partis eorundem tunc (?) assecutus fuit, munus consecrationis infra tempus de consecrandis episcopis a canonibus diffinitum ratione dicte ecclesie Abberdonensis non suscepit, vacaverint et vacent ad presens
  • 4. MS. Howstov, i.e. Howstou, recte Howston.
  • 5. ydioma.
  • 6. infra civitatem Ergadien. seu Lismoren. dioc. predictam.
  • 7. The order is unusual.