Vatican Regesta 576: 1476

Pages 53-54

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DLXXVI.

Bullarum Communium Lib. XXVI. Tom. XXXI.

5 Sixtus IV.

18 Kal. July.
(14 June.)
Vetralla. (fn. 1)
(f. 258r.)
To Master Robert Blakadir, rector of the parish church of Lassauad in the diocese of St. Andrews, a papal notary. Collation and provision to him (whom king James has sent as his orator to the pope, and who is of a noble race of barons) of the said church, value not exceeding 45l. sterling, void by the death without the Roman court of George Alberneti (recte Abberneti); the union of the said church to the archiepiscopal mensa of St. Andrews, in the event of its being one of the seven parish churches in the said diocese lately united by the pope in perpetuity thereto, [see above, p. 17], being hereby dissolved; with mandate executory to the bishop of Tarazona (Tirasonen.) and the officials of St. Andrews and Glasgow. Grata familiaritatis obsequia. (In the margin: Julii.) [3¼ pp. See also below, f. 304r.]
Kal. July.
(1 July.)
(f. 261r.)
To the archbishop of Cashel, and Matthew Ochuurk and Thady Olachnayn, canons of the same. Mandate, as below. The [recent] petition of Edmund Marcs, (fn. 1) clerk, of the diocese of Cashel, contained that on the voidance of a canonry of Cashel and the sacerdotal prebend of Crochayn by the death without the Roman court of Aidan Vcorronby, archbishop John made him collation and provision thereof, and that he obtained and has held them for between four and five years, believing the said prebend to be not sacerdotal, without being promoted priest and without dispensation. The said canonry and prebend being therefore void by the said non-promotion, and the deanery of the said church, to which a prebend is annexed, being also void, and having been void so long that its collation has lapsed to the apostolic see, the pope hereby rehabilitates the said Edmund (who alleges that John Hedyan, priest, of the said diocese, has obtained letters of provision thereof, in which letters it is stated that the value of the deanery does not exceed 24 marks sterling, whereas it does not exceed 34), and orders the above three to collate and assign to him the said canonry and prebend, value 8 marks sterling, and the deanery, a major elective dignity with cure, summoning and removing the said John; with dispensation for Edmund to hold the said canonry and prebend (which he is first to resign) and deanery for life. Sedis apostolice. (In the margin: Julii.) [3¾ pp.]
Id. Aug.
(13 Aug).
(f. 304r.)
To Robert Blaukadir, rector of the parish church of Lesuaid in the diocese of St. Andrews, a papal notary. Licence for him, who is orator (as above), to resign the said church and his other benefices, simply or for exchange, to the ordinaries etc.; with licence for the latter to make collation and provision thereof, the papal Camera etc. being duly certified. Grata devotionis obsequia. (In the margin: Novembris.) [2 pp. See above, f. 258r.]


  • 1. Vetrale Viterbiensis diocesis.
  • 2. Or ‘Marrs,’ etc. The fourth letter is not clear.