Vatican Regesta 580: 1477

Pages 56-59

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DLXXX.

Bullarum Communium Lib. XXX. Tom. XXXV.

6 Sixtus IV.

Prid. Id. May.
(14 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 14v.)
To Ferrarius Nicolai de Gualbis, precentor of Lerida (Illerden.). Mandate, as below. Nicholas V ordered certain judges to collate and assign a canonry of Armagh and the prebend of Clo[n]fuylcla, which is sacerdotal and has cure, then void by the death of Thomas Ocaelean (fn. 1) without the Roman court, and value 16 marks sterling, to Thomas Machamayl, clerk, of the diocese of Clogher, summoning and removing John Leyche, priest, of the diocese of Armagh, who had intruded himself without any title, and had detained possession for about two years. At Thomas's recent petition, containing that provision was made to him in virtue of the said letters, but that he was brought by William Synegoc, an alleged clerk, before the late John, archbishop of Armagh, not by papal delegation, wherefore with the consent and authority of the said archbishop, he agreed to pay William a yearly pension if William left him in peaceable possession, and that he fears lest he thereby incurred simony and sentences of excommunication, etc. It being furthermore alleged by some that the said canonry and prebend became void otherwise than as above, the pope hereby orders the above precentor to absolve Thomas (who has been dispensed on account of illegitimacy, as the son of a priest of the Order of Friars Minors and a married woman (i) by authority of the ordinary to be promoted to minor orders, and (ii), after he had been made a clerk, by papal authority to be promoted to all, even holy orders, and to receive and hold the said canonry and prebend, if collated to him) from the said simony, etc., enjoining penance, dispense him on account of irregularity, and rehabilitate him, the pope granting in that event that the said letters of pope Nicholas and their consequences shall hold good. Vite etc. (In the margin: Junii.) [4 pp. +. See Cal. Papal Lett., Vol. X, p. 459.]
(f. 54r.)
To the prior of Inscronan in the diocese of Killaloe (Laonien.), the archdeacon of Killaloe, and John [son] of Thady Macnamara, canon of the same. Mandate, as below. The pope has been informed by Donatus Oslatra [sic], perpetual vicar of the parish church of Killura in the diocese of Killaloe, that John Offlamayn, who behaves as a priest, contracted marriage per verba legitime de presenti with a certain woman, and on her death contracted espousals with another, and had offspring by her; that he afterwards had himself promoted to all, even holy orders, and paid a sum of money to Donatus, bishop of Killaloe, who in consideration thereof made him collation and provision of the perpetual vicarage of the parish church of Kyltoili in the said diocese, under pretext of which he obtained and unlawfully detains possession, thereby incurring simony and sentences of excommunication, etc. The recent petition of the said Donatus contained, furthermore, that Thomas, dean of Killaloe, has for about two years unlawfully detained divers fruits and tithes belonging to the perpetual vicarage of the said church of Kyllura, under pretext of an unlawful partition made by certain laymen. The pope, therefore, hereby orders the above three, if Donatus will accuse John before them, to summon him and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to decree the said collation and provision null and void, and remove John from the said vicarage of Kyltoyli, and in that event to collate and assign it, value 4 marks sterling (that of Kylltura, including the said fruits and tithes, not exceeding 10), to Donatus; and, moreover, to summon the said dean, and, if they find the facts to be as stated, to restore the said fruits and tithes to the said vicarage, and restore it to the same state as before the said partition. Donatus is hereby dispensed to hold for life with the said vicarage of Kyltoyli, if he obtain it, that of Kyllura, and not to be bound to be promoted to any holy orders for five years, whilst studying in an university, provided that within the first year he be ordained subdeacon. Vite etc. (In the margin: Maij.) [7½ pp.]

7 Sixtus IV.

3 Kal. Sept.
(30 Aug.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 88r.)
To the bishop of Moray, the abbot of Scone in the diocese of St. Andrews, and the archdeacon of St. Andrews. Mandate, as below. The pope has learned that Patrick Pyot was on account of certain crimes laid to his charge by John de Camera, priest, of the diocese of Aberdeen, M.A., deprived by papal authority of the parish church called the hospital of St. Germain at St. Germains in the diocese of St. Andrews, wont to be held by Crouched Friars (fn. 2); that provision thereof was made to the said John by the said authority, as being void by the said deprivation; that Patrick appealed from the said sentence, obtained three sentences in his favour, and has resigned the said church without the Roman court; and that Thomas Lyel, priest, of the diocese of Brechin (to whom on Non. Feb. anno 5 [5 Feb. 1475–6] the pope granted the said church in commendam, as being void by John's having ceded without the Roman court all right in or to it), proposes to cede the said commenda, the letters of which have not been drawn up. The pope, therefore, hereby orders the above three to admit the said resignation by Patrick and the said cession by Thomas, and to grant in commendam for life the said church (which depends on no monastery, and to which are united the parish churches of Abirluchnoch and Glenmyck, in the dioceses of St. Andrews and Aberdeen, and the value of which, with that of the said annexes, does not exceed 40l. sterling) to the said John, who is by both parents of knightly birth, and who proposes to restore the said church and its hospital, which are ruinous, and to keep up hospitality there. Nobilitas generis, litterarum etc. (In the margin: Sep.) [4¼ pp.]

6 Sixtus IV.

15 Kal. Mar.
(15 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 298v.)
To William Fitzherbert, rector of the parish church of Wryngton in the diocese of Bath and Wells. Indult, as below. Paul II dispensed him to hold for life with the parish church of St. John Baptist in the town of Gloucester, value 24l. sterling, any other benefice, or without the said church any two benefices, with cure or otherwise incompatible, and to resign or exchange them; and the present pope, when he had resigned the said church, and was holding those of Wrington and Leck, in the dioceses of Bath and Wells and York, in virtue of the said dispensation, dispensed him to hold therewith for life any third benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, etc. At the said William's recent petition (containing that after the latter dispensation he obtained by collation of John, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, by his ordinary authority, the treasurership of Lichfield, a nonmajor dignity, to which a canonry and prebend are annexed; that before the said collation the said bishop required him to show him the said latter dispensation, and appointed a term within which he should do so, but, trusting that he had it, made collation to him before he showed it, in virtue of which collation he obtained possession; and that he showed the said dispensation after the said collation and obtaining of possession, but within the said term), the pope hereby grants to him indult to retain the said treasurership and its annexes, decreeing the said collation and its consequences valid from the date of these presents. Vite etc. (In the margin: Sept.) [4 pp.]


  • 1. recte Ocullean, as the name is also written in the mandate.
  • 2. per fratres ordinis cruciferorum cum stella.