Vatican Regesta 602: 1477-1480

Pages 83-84

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCII.

Bullarum Communium Lib. LII. Tom. LVII.

9 Sixtus IV.

Prid. Id. July.
(14 July).
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 17v.)
To the archdeacon of Dunkeld, the treasurer of Glasgow, and Guy de Moreaul, a canon of Autun (Eduen.). Mandate to collate and assign to John Fresel, priest, of the diocese of St. Andrews, M.A. and bachelor in decrees, provided that James, king of Scots, gives his consent, the archdeaconry of Aberdeen, a non-major dignity, value not exceeding 30l. sterling, which is to become void by the pope's promotion of Robert [bishop] elect of Aberdeen to that see, and by the consecration which is to be conferred on him. Litterarum etc. (In the margin: Aug.) [3½ pp. See Reg. Vat. DCI., f. 153r., above, p. 83.]
Prid. Kal. July.
(30 June).
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 73v.)
To Peter Mason, priest, of the diocese of Brechin. Grant (seeing that he has this day given up to the pope the suit which was pending in the Roman court between him and David Henrici, (fn. 1) clerk, of St. Andrews, about the priory of Ynchmahowmo, O.S.A., in the diocese of Dunblane, and all right in or to the said priory), of a yearly life pension of 10l. of the money of Scotland, equal to about 4l. sterling, on the fruits etc. of the said priory, which do not exceed in value 75l. sterling, and a third part of which was lately granted by papal authority as a yearly pension to John bishop of Castres (Castren.); the said pension to be paid by the said David (who has consented through his proctor, Robert Seriton (?), (fn. 1) clerk, of the diocese of York), and by his successors in the priory, under the usual sanctions; with mandate executory hereby to the archbishop of Patras and the officials of St. Andrews and Brechin. Vite etc. (In the margin: Sept.) [4 pp.]

6 Sixtus IV.

9 Kal. March.
(21 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 133r.)
To the official of Moray. Mandate to collate and assign to Thomas Ros(se), clerk, of the diocese of Ross, bachelor in decrees, who is by both parents of noble birth, a canonry and the sacerdotal prebend called the subdeanery of Ross, value not exceeding 30l. sterling, collation and provision of which, on their voidance by the death of Thomas Dingwel without the Roman court, Patrick, archbishop of St. Andrews, then nuncio of the apostolic see in those parts, made in virtue of his power of a legate de latere, to the said Thomas, who now doubts their validity. Dignum arbitramur. (In the margin: Decembris.) [3 pp.]

10 Sixtus IV.

14 Kal. Oct.
(18 Sept.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 288v.)
To the bishop of Ferentino and Modena, and Franciscus de Sinibaldis, a canon of St. Peter's, Rome. Mandate to collate and assign to John [son] of Ambrose de Paziis, priest, of Ferentino, the parish church of St. Andrew de Montecavallo, Rome, (fn. 2) value 36 gold florins of the Camera, which was held by John, [now] bishop, then [bishop] elect of Raphoe, at the time of his promotion by the pope, and which the pope granted that he might retain for life with the said see, and which he has this day resigned to the pope, without the letters of the said grant having been drawn up. Vite etc. (In the margin: Sep.) [3½ pp.]


  • 1. Ill written.
  • 2. The present church of SantAndrea al Quirinale, the parish church of the royal palace of the Quirinal.