Vatican Regesta 686: 1487-1488

Pages 30-34

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCLXXXVI. (fn. 1)

Secretarum Tomus V.

4 Innocent VIII.

6 Id. May.
(10 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 124v.)
To the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishop of Lincoln. Mandate, at the recent petition of the dean of St. Mary's, Leicester, in the diocese of Lincoln (containing that some of its statutes are obscure and confused, and some imperfect and useless, whence it happens that in the election of the deans and canons or prebendaries, and otherwise between the deans [and] canons or prebendaries, dissensions and scandals often arise, and worse is to be feared), to examine the said statutes, interpret and declare those that are obscure, change and reform those that are imperfect, annul those that are useless, confirm those that are useful, and make new ones, etc. Deuotis supplicum precibus. [2¼ pp.]
12 Kal. Aug.
(21 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 188r.)
Motu proprio declaration, etc., as below. After Sixtus IV, by the advice of his brethren [the cardinals], of whom the present pope was one, had made provision to Odo, bishop of Ross [in Ireland], of that church. etc., Thady Maccarryg, who behaves as a clerk, on the pretext that provision had been made to him of the said church, but after the said provision, etc., and without any mention thereof, prevented the said bishop Odo from exercising the care and administration of the said church, and from taking the fruits, etc., of the episcopal mensa, etc., wherefore the said pope Sixtus granted and decreed, motu proprio, certain letters of monition, under sentences of excommunication, etc., against the said Thady and all his adherents. And whereas the said Thady refused to obey, and had been publicly excommunicated, etc., over and over again, in virtue of the said letters and also by authority of the whole provincial council of Cashel, and had remained for many years under the said sentences, etc., the present pope, motu proprio, confirmed the proceedings of pope Sixtus, etc., and excommunicated, etc., the said Thady and his adherents, and by name certain of his accomplices, invoked the aid of the secular arm against them, and annulled all the acts of the said Thady and all letters which should be impetrated by him from, or granted to him by, the apostolic see, without the said bishop Odo having been summoned to the said see or convicted, unless there were inserted therein word for word the tenour of the pope's said letters, etc. Seeing that, as the pope has learned, the said bishop Odo fears lest the said Thady, thus excommunicate, etc., may have impetrated letters from the pope, or may do so in future, in order to colour his intrusion, the pope hereby declares, motu proprio, that all such letters impetrated and to be impetrated in future, in which each of the letters aforesaid is not inserted word for word, without the said bishop Odo having been summoned and convicted, have been and are null and void, etc.; with faculty to the said bishop Odo to absolve rebels from the said sentences, etc., dispense them on account of irregularity, and rehabilitate them, etc. Ad fut. rei mem. Ad compescendos conatus. [4½ pp. Theiner, Vet. Mon. Hib. et Scotorum, No. DCCCLXXXVI, p. 503, from ‘Secret. Tom. V. fol. 188,’ i.e. the present Register. See also Reg. Vat. DCCLXX, f. 107r., below, pp. 310, 311.]

3 Innocent VIII.

[recte 1486/7.]
3 Id. March.
(13 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome. (fn. 2)
(f. 237r.)
To the precentor of Cork, and John Ocronyn, a canon of the same. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of David Curfi [sic], archdeacon of Cork, and Cornelius Ymachuna, clerk, of the diocese of Cork, contained that the fruits, etc., of the rectories of the parish churches of Briné, Kylbrogayn, Kylmaneayn, Bouys, and (necnon) Achamartan, in the said diocese, united in perpetuity to the abbatial mensa of the nuns' monastery of Tane [sic], O.S.A., in the diocese of Leighlin, have from time immemorial been wont to be granted to farm to ecclesiastical persons, but that if they were granted to farm to the said David Cursy and Cornelius for their lives, or for the life of the survivor, they would increase the cess which has hitherto been paid to the said monastery, and would see to the repair of the said churches, which, through the neglect of the said farmers, are not properly kept up, that of Bryne having its roof and walls in ruin. The pope, therefore, hereby orders the above precentor and canon, if, proceeding in accordance with the letters of Paul II, ‘Ad perp. rei mem. Cum in omnibus judiciis sit rectitudo justicie et consciencie puritas etc.,’ they find that the facts are as stated, and that such grant will be to the evident utility of the said monastery, and if the abbess and convent consent, to grant the said fruits, etc., to farm to the said David and Cornelius, as above, under an increased yearly cess. Ex injuncto nobis. [2 pp.]

4 Innocent VIII.

13 Kal. July.
(19 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 246v.)
To the dean and the chancellor of Ardfert, and Maurice Fysmoris, a canon of the same. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of John Fysmoris, precentor of Ardfert, contained that after provision had been made to him by papal authority of the said precentorship, and after in virtue thereof he had obtained possession of it, and had held it in peace for about four years, the present pope, upon learning that it was void, and had been void so long that its collation had by the Lateran statutes lapsed to the apostolic see, although the said John had detained it for a number of years without any title or right, ordered the abbots of St. Mary's, O'Dorney (de Kyrieleyson), and SS. Peter and Paul's de Raheuoyh [sic], and the prior of Killagh (de Belloloco), in the diocese of Ardfert, to summon the said John and others concerned, and to make collation and provision of the said precentorship to Patrick de Curse, treasurer of the said church; that when the said Patrick caused the said John to be summoned before Brendan, abbot of the said monastery of SS. Peter and Paul, under pretext of the said letters, and the said John offered to prove a canonical title, he, inasmuch as the said abbot was proceeding in the cause ex arrepto, (fn. 3) journeyed to the apostolic see for a remedy. Seeing that, as the said petition added, the said John had a canonical title, and was sole (unicus) sub-collector of the papal Camera in the said diocese, and that the said Patrick and abbot were, at the time of the impetration of the said letters, and also at the time of the said process, under sentence of excommunication, and had been so for more than a year, of which circumstances no mention was made in the said letters, the pope hereby orders the above three to summon the said Patrick and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing statements to be true, to declare null and void the said letters and their consequences, even if the said abbot proceeded to a definitive sentence after the beginning of the said journey, and, in the event of their so doing, not to permit the said John to be molested by the said Patrick and any others. Justis et honestis supplicum votis. [3 pp. +.]
17 Kal. Sept.
(16 Aug.)
St.Peter's, Rome.
(f. 254v.)
To the bishop of Worcester. Mandate to dispense Clement Wilschire, layman, and Joan, relict of John Batteyn of the town of Bristol (opidi Bristollie), of his diocese, to marry, notwithstanding that after marriage had been contracted between the said John and Joan, and had been consummated, he became godfather to a daughter of the said Clement. Oblate nobis. [1¼pp.]
16 Kal. June.
(17 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 283r.)
Declaration, etc., as below. The pope lately, motu propio, inhibited all the inhabitants of the realm and subjects of king Henry to stir up fresh disturbances in the matter of the right of succession, etc., under pain of excommunication and the greater anathema [Reg. Vat. DCLXXXII, f. 413v., above, p. 2; see also Reg. DCCXXV, f. 172v., below, p. 196]. The pope having learned that there is a doubt whether in the said inhibition are included the inhabitants of Ireland and other places subject to the said king, outside the realm of England, who do not obey the said monition, wherefore the said king and queen Elizabeth fear lest ecclesiastical persons of the said realm and dominions, who are included in the said inhibition, may stir up such new disturbances, he hereby declares, also motu proprio, that the secular inhabitants of Ireland and other places and dominions subject to the said king, outside the said realm, are included in the said monition, and, also motu proprio, extends it to all ecclesiastical persons in the said realm and in Ireland and other dominions of the said king, under pain of interdict, etc. Ad perp. rei mem. Sedis apostolice providentia plurimum circumspecta. (In the margin at the beginning: ‘Jul. Cesarinus’ and ‘A. Trapezuntius.’ At the end: ‘Gratis de mandato sanctissimi domini nostri pape, L. de Theramo.’ Below this is: ‘Dupplicata sub eadem data, et scripta per eundem scriptorem,’ and ‘Coll (acionata) Jo: Laurentius.’) [4¼ pp. Printed in Foedera, from the original in Public Record Office, Papal Bulls 23 (9), and in Wilkins, Concilia, Vol. III, pp. 623–5, from archbishop Morton's register. See also Reg. Vat. DCCLXIX, f. 271r., below, p. 307.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume: ‘Innoc. viii. Secret. An. ii ad iv. Tom. v.' It contains 407 ff. of text + 5 ff. of ‘rubricelle.’
  • 2. Datum Rome apud Sanctum Petrum anno incarnationis dominice millesimo quadringentessimo octuagesimo septimo, tertio id. Martii pontificatus nostri anno tertio.
  • 3. quia dictus abbas monasterii sanctorum Petri et Pauli in causa huiusmodi ad ulteriora ex arrepto procedebat.