Vatican Regesta 688: 1491

Pages 40-41

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 14, 1484-1492. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1960.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCLXXXVIII. (fn. 1)

Secretarum Tomus VII.

7 Innocent VIII.

Kal. July.
(1 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 18v.)
To Thomas, abbot de Jedworth, O.S.A., in the diocese of Glasgow. Faculty to dispense twenty men and as many women related in the simple or double third or fourth degrees, or in the third and fourth degrees of kindred or affinity, (fn. 2) to marry, absolve from excommunication those who have wittingly married, enjoining a salutary penance, etc., and after temporary separation, and dispense them, and also those who have married in ignorance, to remain in their said marriages, decreeing past and future offspring legitimate. He is not to exceed the said number, and not only shall dispensations in excess thereof be null, but the abbot himself shall ipso facto incur sentence of excommunication. Personam tuam. [1½ pp.]
17 Kal. Aug.
16 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 126r.)
Mandate, etc., as below. The recent petition of Robert Coping, provost of the church of St. Mary, Vyngham, in the diocese of Canterbury, contained that the said church and its provost and canons and chaplains and its other persons have by divers popes been taken under the protection of the apostolic see, and exempted from all jurisdiction of any person soever, except only the archbishop of Canterbury, to whom the said provost is subject in regard to certain things expressed in the letters of the said exemption, the said provost having, however, all jurisdiction over the canons and other persons, and the chaplains, and their chapels, on account of which exemption the said provost pays a certain procuration every year to the papal Camera or its collector in those parts; that the said provost has hitherto used the said exemption in peace, but that the prior and chapter of the church of Canterbury, on the voidance of that church, wrongfully molested the said provost, canons, persons, and chaplains; that the said Robert, with great labour and expense, and at great personal inconvenience and danger, he being old, betook himself to the Roman court, and won before divers papal auditors three definitive sentences in favour of the said exemption, and against the said prior and chapter, etc., with costs and letters executory; but that the said prior and chapter, etc., disobey the said sentences, and, the said Robert being still in the said court, have exercised jurisdiction over, and in many ways molested, the said canons and persons and chaplains, and, a thing more abominable, have removed the proctors, etc., appointed by the said Robert from the rule of the said church, and from the perception of the fruits, etc., of the said provostship due to the said provost, have prohibited the said fruits, etc., and those of his other benefices to be paid to him, and have caused Henry Blackeneye, of the said diocese, governor of the benefices, etc., of the said provost, along with two others of his friends, to be bound by oath in a large sum of money not to send any money or letters to the said Robert. The pope, therefore, hereby orders all prelates, priests, etc., publicly to monish and require, under pain of excommunication, etc., the said prior and chapter and all other violators of the jurisdiction of the said provostship, and detainers of its fruits, etc., and of the fruits, etc., of the other benefices of the said Robert, etc., within thirty days to make full satisfaction to him in respect of all the foregoing, and, if they do not do so, to declare them to have incurred the said sentences, etc.; with faculty to the said prelates, priests, etc., to cause the said monitions to be published in the Roman court and in the towns of Bruges and Antwerp, in the dioceses of Tournai and Cambrai, which monitions shall be as binding as if personally served. Ad fut. rei mem. Pontificalis auctoritas. [4¼ pp. See Reg. Vat. DCLXXXVII, f. 257r., above, p. 36.]
Prid. Non.
(4 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 187r.)
To Thomas, bishop of Tenos (Tinen.). Dispensation to him (who by papal grants and dispensations holds divers benefices with the said church, which is in partibus infidelium, and from which he has no hope of perceiving any fruits, etc.) to receive and retain in commendam with the said church, and along with the said benefices, or without them, as many other benefices without cure, even if canonries and prebends, etc., as do not exceed in yearly value 100l. sterling of the money of England, and to resign them, etc., as often as he pleases, notwithstanding the statutes of Otto and Ottobon, sometime papal legates in England, etc. Personam tuam. [2 pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume: ‘Inn. viii. Secret. An. i ad viii. Tom. vii.' It contains 302 ff. of text + 6 ff. of ‘rubricelle.’ The latter are preceded by a folio with the title: ‘Rubricelle D. Innocentii Pape viii. An. iiij [sic], 1487.' Above the ‘rubricelle’ themselves is ‘Anno 8. Lib. 6 [sic]. Bul. div.’ and ’N. 1888.’
  • 2. persone tertio simplici vel duplici aut quarto etiam simplici vel duplici seu tertio et quarto consanguinitatis vel affinitatis gradibus invicem conjuncte