Regesta 333: 1404-1405

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Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 6, 1404-1415. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Regesta, Vol. CCCXXXIII.

1 Innocent VII

Capellanatus Honoris

3 Id. Nov.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 73.)
To John Lowtebowrch, Augustinian canon of the priory of St. Mary, Fellay, in the diocese of York. Confirmation a die of his appointment by Boniface IX on 2 Id. Sept. anno 15 [1404] as a papal chaplain, notwithstanding that on account of the death of that pope the letters were not made out. Racioni congruit.
Ibid. To Robert Raveneston, Augustinian canon of the priory of Ullesch in the diocese of Lincoln. The like. Racioni etc.
Ibid. To William Cranwell, Friar Preacher. The like, with the usual exemptions and privileges. Racioni etc.

[De Curia.]

6 Kal. Jan.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 114.)
To Richard, archbishop of York, and his suffragans, and all [bishops] elect, abbots, priors, provosts, deans, archdeacons and other prelates, and their chapters, convents and colleges, exempt and not exempt, throughout the province of York. Relating the death at St. Peter's of Boniface IX on 1 Oct. last past [1404], his burial in the basilica, and the election of the present pope, then cardinal priest of St. Cross in Jerusalem; with exhortation to come or send fit persons as soon as possible before or up to All Saints' next, to advise upon union in the church. Full credence may be given to Nicholas Caraffa, knight, of Naples, and Marcellus de Stroziis, D.C.L. of Florence, bearers of these presents, the pope's nuncios. Rex regum.
Ibid. To Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury etc. as above, throughout the province of Canterbury. The like. Rex etc. [This and the preceding occur among a number of similar letters to other archbishops etc. of the pope's obedience. Raynaldi, Annales, an. 1404, §§ 11 and 12, prints the encyclical addressed to Frederick, archbishop of Cologne and his suffragans. See Fædera, O. viii, p. 381.]

De Curia

Kal. May.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 256d.)
To Bertrand de Castro, Augustinian abbot of St. Roman, Blaye (S. Romani Blauicn.), in the diocese of Bordeaux, collector to the camera in the provinces of Bordeaux and Auch (Ausitan.). Mandate to continue to execute the mandate of Boniface IX, who lately—seeing that the late Peter, sometime bishop of Dax, whom he had sent as nuncio to England and [other] parts on affairs of the church and the camera, had exacted, under his faculties, much money due to the camera from collectors and sub-collectors in those parts and from divers other persons, and had died before making payment or rendering account, and before returning to the Roman court—ordered the abbot, then, as now, collector in the said two provinces, to sequestrate all the bishop's property, make full satisfaction to the camera therefrom, and assign the remainder to the bishop's heirs and legatees; to which sequestration he is said to have in part proceeded. All moneys which he shall receive he is to assign, for transmission to the camera, to Francis, archbishop of Bordeaux, who has hereby faculty to give acquittance. Of moneys received or assigned he is to certify the camera as quickly as possible. Dudum felicis recordacionis.
17 Kal. Aug.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 288.)
To William, bishop of Chieti (Theatin.), Henry Carbonus, knight, and Masonus Carbonus, donsel, of Naples, brothers. Grant to receive and exact until the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula the sums due from the farm of the fruits etc. of the Augustinian monastery of St. Peter ad Aram without the walls, Naples, the canonry and prebend of Stransalt (sic) in York, and the archdeaconry of York, held under papal grant and dispensation by their brother Francis, bishop of Sabina, due, in the case of the said canonry, prebend and archdeaconry at Whitsuntide and the said feast; the said cardinal, whose heirs they are, having died on June 18 last. Sincere devocionis affectus.
Concurrent mandate to the bishops of Volterra and Melfi (Melfien.), and the abbot of San Severino, Naples. Sincere etc. (Duplicate et gratis de mandato domini nostri pape.)

2 Innocent VII

12 Kal. Dec.
(f. 344.)
Further prorogation to 1 May next of the term, namely All Saints' then next following, at which, for the extirpation of the Schism, the pope exhorted kings, prelates, princes and universities of his obedience to repair to his presence in person, or by their orators and nuncios [see above, f. 114]. Subsequently, on account of what happened in Rome on Aug. 6 last [i.e., the sedition] and the pope's departure thence, from Viterbo, where he was then and is at present residing with his court—thinking that the perils of the roads and the rumour of the said event had flown to parts not only near but remote, and had deterred (deterruisse) and dissuaded (retraxisse) the said kings, etc. from coming or sending,—he prorogued the term to the following feast of St. Martin, requiring a number of prelates who were in Italy to come to his presence before that feast. Seeing that, as the pope has learned, the rumour of the said event and of his departure from Rome, and the perils of the roads have proved an impediment, although a number of those summoned have come, and that he hopes the security of the roads will meanwhile be provided for, he now, hoping for the extirpation of the Schism by way, not of a General Council but of private (particularis) and faithful counsel, prorogues the said term to 1 May next. Those who come he will receive with fatherly affection, and will accord them a kindly hearing. Ad fut. rei mem. Intenta salutis. [Raynaldi, Annales, an. 1405, § 15, with date VII Kal. Dec. instead of XII Kal. Dec.]