Index of Persons and Places: M, N, O

Pages 581-605

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 6, 1404-1415. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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Mabire, Mubire, Robert, Friar Minor, bishop elect Raphanensis, 473, 474, 504.

Mablethorpe, Malbertorp [co. Lincoln], parish church of St. Mary, 153.

Macabhaird, Machabhaird, Donald, vicar of Urney, 436, 437.

Macabreicheannin, Maceraith, vicar of Cuyldega and of Kilmacallan, 161.

-, Malachy, prior of Inchmacnerin, 161.

Macabrehim, Machabrehim, Cristin, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 392.

-, Ecgilbertus, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 392.

Macabrelhon, John, vicar of Emlaghfad, 63.

Macacdagain, Fergallus. See Macaedagan.

Macacleri, John, vicar of Kilmorgan, 265.

-, See Macclerich; Ocleri.

Macaedagan, Macacdagain, Macadagain, Macadagan, Macedigayn, Mackedugayn, Mackedygayn, Mocadagain, Denis, rector of Madgonnurlach, vicar of Fahy, 431.

-, Dermit, Hospitaller, afterwards Augustinian prior of St. Coman's alias St. Mary's, Roscommon, 161.

-, Fergallus, rector of Dogstown, afterwards dean of Clonfert, 253.

-, John, vicar of Killasnet, 265.

-, Maurice, canon of Elphin, vicar of Ballintober and Baslick, 399, 425, 426.

-, Simon, Hospitaller, prior of Rindown, afterwards prior of the Benedictine priory of Athlone, 163, 201, 202.

-, See Maceydan; Machoydan; O'Hedian.

Macaedha, Malachy, rector of Termonmaguirk, 121.

Macageairtaid, Matthew, rector of Ballymore, 481.

Macagoband, Mecagoband, Patrick, vicar of Clonfeacle, 424.

-, Ymarus, vicar of Clonfeacle, 424.

Macalmer, Micalmer, Laurence, vicar of Tamlaght Finlagan, 436.

Macamragan, Magonius. See Macgamragan.

Macanegeanaig, Bernard, vicar of Cleenish, 491.

Macanrig, Odo, rector of Moycullen, 426.

Macarmayc, Charles. See Maccarmuyc.

Macassyn, Machassin, Mackassyn, Donatus, rector of Dorrha, 269.

-, Odo, rector of Terryglass, 264, 430.

-, William, rector of Modreeny, afterwards of Dorrha, 269.

Macawille, Donald, archdeacon of Glendalough, 414.

Macblosgaid, Macblosgayd (M'Closkey), Maurice, canon of Derry, rector of Ballymoney, vicar of Tamlaghtard, papal mandatary, 352, 424, 431, 432, 463, 479, 494.

Macbradaich, Macbradaid (MacBrady), Augustine, archdeacon of Elphin, rector of Tullygarvey, vicar of Drung and Larah, member of the household of Landulph, cardinal deacon of St. Nicholas's in Carcere, afterwards treasurer of Ferns, 370, 371, 374.

-, Odo, rector of Annagelliff, 121.

Macbraein, Donatus, Augustinian canon of Derry, afterwards of Cloontuskert, vicar of Cluainnacalleach, 283, 316.

Maccachmail, William. See Mackathmail.

Maccalyn, Macchallyn, John, rector of Leckpatrick, 115, 429.

-, See Ocallain.

MacCamoeil, Arthur, bishop of Clogher, sometime rector of Derryvullan, 232, 478, 491.

Maccan or Macran. Meccan or Mecran, Mineas (i.e. Nimeas ?), vicar of Eanachguid, 369.

Maccarmuyc, Macarmayc, Charles, rector of Taghshinny and Tagsheenod, vicar of Rathcline, 86, 87.

-, See MacCormaic.

Maccassirrlaych, Patrick, vicar of Addergoole, 119.

Maccayg, Mecchaidhg, John, rector of Drumachose, 121.

-, Thady, vicar of Bunratty and Drumline, 36.

-, See Ocayg.

Maccega, Thomas, vicar of Kilglass, 259.

Macchallyn, John. See Maccalyn.

Maccheydan, Andrew. See Macheydan.

Macclilruaig, Andrew, vicar of Kylltacamorca and of Templemichael, afterwards of Eanachguid, 368, 369.

Maccleaga, Gillabrenaynd or Gillebrenaynd, vicar of Killummod, 261.

Macclerich, Denis, rector of Kilpipe, 428.

-, See Macacleri; Ocleri.

M'Closkey. See Macblosgaid.

Maccolich, John, clerk, canon of Elphin, vicar of Kilglass, 255, 308, 309.

Maccomara, Maccommara, Maccomnara, Macconmara, Macommara, Makcomnara, Meiccomnara, Denis, vicar of Tulachuaneasgob, (? Tulla, co. Clare), 122.

-, Donald, vicar of Clooney, 122.

-, Matthew, canon of Killaloe, 44.

-, Matthew, rector of Bunratty and of Quin, also of Tradey and Okassyn, 37, 129.

-, -, Nicholas his son, rector of Kilfintinan (diocese of Limerick), afterwards rector of Bunratty (diocese of Killaloe) and of Quin (diocese of Killaloe), 26, 37, 129.

-, Meiccon, donsel, 504.

-, Nicholas, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 122.

Macconand or Maccound, Cormac, vicar of St. Felimy's, Kilmore, 270.

Macconcabond, David, dean of Clogher, 241.

Macconkyll, John, priest, 90.

Macconmara, Matthew and Nicholas. See Maccomara.

Macconnluy, Macconnlug (MacConchaille), Henry, rector of Galloon, afterwards of Clones, 149, 292.

Macconnyl, Thady, vicar of Kilmaleery (diocese of Killaloe), 256.

-, See Oconel.

Macconulag (Conolly), Henry. See Macmachuna.

Maccorcrayn, Maccrocrayn, Gillasius, vicar of Birr, 117.

-, Henry, rector of Birr, 120, 269.

MacCormaic, John, bishop of Ralphoe, 265, 292.

-, See Maccarmuyc.

Maccouand or Macconand, Cormac, vicar of St. Felimy's, Kilmore, 270.

Maccrath, Macrayth, Magra, Malachy, dean of Killaloe, 476.

-, Patrick, Cistercian monk, afterwards sacrist, of Kilbeggan, 280.

-, Thomas, canon of Killaloe, 36.

-, Thomas, rector of Kilmaley, 478.

Maccrocrayn, Henry. See Maccorcrayn.

Macdavid, Cormac, Cistercian monk, afterwards abbot, of Boyle, 435.

Macdiarmada, Micdiarmada, Odo, dean of Elphin, 240, 452.

-, Thady, clerk (diocese of Elphin), canon of Elphin, rector of Ardcarn and Tuamna, vicar of Killaraght and Killummod, papal mandatary, 260, 261, 398, 429, 451, 454.

-, Thady, clerk (diocese of Elphin), to be admitted as a monk of Boyle, 292.

Macdonchaid, Macdonnchaid, Macdounchaid, Micdondchaid (McDonagh), Bernard, rector of Doogary, 142, 254.

-, Donald, dean of Elphin, rector of Doogary and of Rathbarna, 165, 254, 452.

-, Eugenius, Cistercian monk, afterwards abbot, of Boyle, 435.

Macdondcaig, Mdondcaig, Una, 69.

Macduarchayn, Donald, vicar of Turlough, 425.

Macdubayll, Macdubgayll, John, canon of Leighlin, rector of Inch, 399, 423.

-, Patrick, rector of Arklow, 260.

-, See Odubayll.

Macedigayn, Maurice. See Macaedagan.

Maceochagychcallaych, Mecheochagychcallaych, Nicholas, canon of Tuam, 423.

-, See O'Kelly.

Maceydan, Macheydan, Andrew, vicar of Cloone, rector of Regles (? Kilglass), 61, 86.

-, Gilasius, rector of Regles, 86.

-, Nicholas, rector of Regles, 86.

-, See Macaedagan; Machoydan; O'Hedian.

Macfirmoir, Christopher, canon of Dromore, 124.

Macgallasmaid, Micgallasmaid, Matthew, rector of Drumreilly, 509.

Macgamragan, Macamragan, Macgamrugan, Andrew, vicar of Templeport, 475.

-, Magonius, vicar of Templeport, 475.

-, Lasrina, damsel, 106.

Macgeraghty. See Oheireachtauch.

McGibbon. See Ocibayn.

Macgillabuygi, Cristinus, vicar of Killaspugbrone, 38.

Macgillachalaych, Thomas, vicar of Kilkerrin, 268.

Macgillaclain, Micgillaclain, Donatus, vicar of Moydow, 243.

Macgillafyndean (MacLennan), Eneas, rector of Derryvullan, vicar of Cleenish, 478, 481.

Macgillaguib, Mcgillaguib, Meicgillaguib (MacGillduff), Murianus, vicar of Termonmaguirk, 366, 479.

Macgillalnachrind, Murianus, vicar of Kilmorgan, 42.

Macgillamartain, John, rector of Aghalurcher, 477, 497.

Macgillapadrayg, Donatus, rector of Scagire, 263.

Macgillaruaid, Machgillarnogh, Macgillaruadh, Macgyllaruaid, Macgyllaruayd (McIlroy), Dermit, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 118, 258, 265, 422, 433.

Macgillauanach, Nicholas. See Macgillavanach.

Macgillaulltayn, Thady, vicar of Moylough, 255, 256.

Macgillavanach, Macgillauanach, Mcgillavanach, Denis, chancellor of Kilmacduagh, afterwards vicar of Killeeneen, 63.

-, Donald, vicar of Isertkelly, 115.

-, Nicholas, vicar of Kilmurvy and of Stradbally, 262.

Macgillavanaeim, Maurice, archdeacon of Ardagh, rector of Kilglass, 120.

MacGillduff. See Macgillaguib.

Macgillibridi, Macgillibridy, Donald, dean, of Derry, canon of Raphone, rector of Taughboyne, 45, 46, 165.

Macgillibygi, Philip, vicar of Killaspugbrone, 143.

Macgillichairaich, Maurice, vicar of Tibohine, 118.

Macginissa, Thomas, vicar of Cleenish, 481.

Macgirrenagastyr, Macgirrenagastit, Macgirrenastayr, Macgirrnaystar, Macgorrnaystar, Denis, portionary of Kilfenora, vicar of Noughhaval, 432, 433.

-, Dermit, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 431.

-, Dermit, vicar of Carudnahymygan (diocese of Kilfenora), 37.

- Donald, portionary of Kilfenora, 432.

-, John, vicar of Carudnahymygan, 36.

Macglenn, Maiglenn, Micglenn, Donatus, rector of Ballymoney, 254, 431.

Macgorig, Dermit, vicar of Termonmaguirk, 479.

Macgorrnaystar, John. See Macgirrenagastyr.

Macgrabuartyagh, Philip, canon of Raphoe, vicar of Taughboyne, 36.

Macgrana, Simon, rector of Garudscagayl, 261.

Macgruerit, Margruerit (MacRory?), Comedinus, vicar of Balilochorye, 306, 307.

-, See Macruerch; Oruairc.

Macguyr, Maurice, archdeacon of Clogher, rector of Aghalurcher, 477, 497.

-, See Maguydir.

Macgyllaruaid, Macgyllaruayd, Dermit. See Macgillaruaid.

Macgynd, Adam. See Magynd.

Machabhaird, Donald. See Macabhaird.

Machabrehim, Cristin and Ecgilbertus. See Macabrehim.

Macharunbarr alias Drumduyn. See Drumgoon.

Machassin, Odo. See Macassyn.

Machcochoczan, Eneas. See Macrogayn.

Macheydan, Andrew, Gilasius and Nicholas. See Maceydan.

Machgillarnogh, Dermit. See Macgillaruaid.

Machilruays, Fergallus. See Mackilruays.

Machinnirlegenn, Dermit, vicar of Drumcliffe, 35.

-, See Macinfirlegind.

Machloclaynd, Murianus. See Maclochlainn.

Machmachuna, Donatus and Thomas. See Macmachuna.

Machmurcerchaid, Patrick. See Macmurcerchaid.

Machochlainn, Marianus. See Maclochlainn.

Machoste, Thomas, rector of Terryglass, 264.

Machoydan, Neemeas, clerk, 90.

-, See Macaedagan; Maceyden; O'Hedian.

Machubrlyn, Thomas, Friar Preacher, 12.

Machurd, Machworth. See Mackworth.

Machworth, John. See Macworth.

Maciago, Hector, Augustinian canon, afterwards prior, of Cloontuskert, 204, 234.

McIlroy. See Macgillaruaid; Mackilruays.

Macimurgyssa, Thomas, vicar of Tibohine, 118.

Macinfirlegind, Mecinfirlegind, Thomas, dean of Ross, 253.

-, See Machinnirlegenn.

Mackalnaird, John, canon of Ferns, rector of Kilrush, 251.

Mackamayll, William. See Mackathmail.

Mackanill, Donald. See Mackathmail.

Mackarryth, Donald de, canon of Ross, papal mandatary, 253.

Mackassyn, Donatus and William. See Macassyn.

Mackathmail, Maccachmail, Mackamayll, Mackanill, Mackathmayl, Denis, rector of Errigal Keerogue, 233.

-, Donald, archdeacon of Glendalough, precentor and canon of Leighlin, rector of Gildigni or Gilldelgni, 241, 242, 252, 266, 267.

-, Maurice, rector of Drumachose, 270.

-, Odo, rector of Drumachose, 269, 270.

-, William, dean of Derry, rector of Urney, 45, 46, 114.

-, William, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 352, 477, 478.

Mackean, Meckeyan, Nicholas, vicar of Clongesh (diocese of Ardagh), 369.

-, Nicholas, rector of Muinter Eolais (diocese of Ardagh), 243.

Mackedugayn, Mackedygayn, Maurice. See Macaedagan.

Mackenan, Nemeas, rector of Baliochtan, vicar of Tamlaght-Finlagan, 425, 426, 436.

Mackeogayn, Philip. See Macrogayn.

Mackilruays, Machilruays (McIlroy?), Fergallus, vicar of Kiltubrid, afterwards Augustinian canon and prior of Mohill, 392.

McKinley, Maurice. See Oceainnlad.

Mackworth, Machurd. Machworth, Macworth [co. Derby], 145, 206, 296.

-, See Macworth.

Mackyldroma, William, prior of Killagh. See Kildromac.

Maclanchega, Mclanchega, Donatus, vicar of Kilnasoolagh (diocese of Killaloe), 42.

Maclandehuga, Meclandehuga, Donatus (diocese of Kilfenora), clerk, canon of Clonfert, 42.

MacLennan. See Macgillafyndean.

Maclochlainn, Macloclaind, Machochlainn. Marianus, Murianus, vicar of Kilmorgan, 42, 166, 266.

-, See Maglalacind; Olochlaind.

Macloue or Matloue, Maclowe or Matlowe, Thomas, Benedictine, 357.

-, William, Benedictine, 357.

Macmachuna, Machmachuna, Macmachanna. Macmachinia, Macmacunna, Magmachuna, Marmachanna, Mechmachuna (MacMahon), Charles, chancellor of Killaloe, 301.

-, Donatus, canon of Killaloe, 44.

-, Donatus, vicar of Killilagh (diocese of Kilfenora), 264.

-, Henry Macconulag (Conolly), vicar of Clones, 428.

-, Maurice, vicar of Kiltoraght, 263.

-, Thady, donsel, 145.

-, Thomas, vicar of Killilagh, 264.

Macmeamnanydomnaill, Macuicamiranydhomhnaill, Eugenius, dean of Derry, canon of Raphoe, 114, 165.

Macmeyrcheyn, Matthew, beneficiary in the parish churches of Quin and Bunratty, vicar of Kilmaleery, 256, 257.

Macmiloid, Marmyleyd, Richard, canon of Tuam, rector of Duniry, 423, 427.

Macmulmartain, John, vicar of Ballintemple, 121.

Macmurcacan, Thomas, rector of Taghshinny and Taghsheenod, 86.

Macmurrig, Machmurcerchaid, Macmurcerchaid, Macmurcerhaid, Macmurchercaid, Macmurkerchaid (McMurrough), Bernard, rector of Multyfarnham and vicar of Killdacanog, 262.

-, Cornelius, Augustinian canon, afterwards sacrist, of Kilomore-na-Sina, 282.

-, Patrick, Augustinian canon of St. James's, Pisa, afterwards prior of Derrane, with the vicarage of Killadoon in commendam, 163, 164, 204.

-, Thomas, canon of Ardagh, papal mandatary, 235.

-, Thomas, vicar of Kilglass (diocese of Ardagh), 259.

Macnabad, Macnalbad, Denis, rector of Ballymore, 481.

-, Dublethi, vicar of Ballymore, 432.

Macnamyn (MacNevin), Philip, rector of Madgonnurlach, 431.

Macneill, Magneil, Mecneill, Megneil, Maurice, prior of Cloomtuskert, 204, 233, 235.

-, Robert, rector of Drumreilly, 509.

-, See Oneill.

MacNevin. See Macnamyn.

Macolgon, Patrick, vicar of Donaghedy, 259.

Macommara, Matthew. See Maccomara.

Macosquin, de Claro Fonte [co. Londonderry], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 472.

Macralagen, David, vicar of Drumcree, 432.

Macrayth, Thomas. See Maccrath.

Macrewy, Fergallus, Augustinian canon, 10.

Macrogayn, Machcochoczan, Mackeogayn, Macrochozan, Meicrochagan, Eneas, vicar of Maghera, 267.

-, Patrick, rector of Maghera, 258.

-, Philip, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 39, 480, 491.

-, Philip, vicar of Maghera, 267.

MacRory. See Macgruerit.

Macruerch, Makruerch (O'Rourke?), Comedinus, rector of Killallon, 475.

-, See Macgruerit; Oruaire.

Macscalaid, Mercsallagi (Mac Scally ?), Alan, vicar of Cluaincorpy i.e. Termonbarry (diocese of Elphin), 267.

-, Alan, vicar of Kilglass (diocese of Elphin), 118.

Macsobny, Odo, vicar of Taughboyne, 36.

MacTernan. See Magthigernayn.

Macuicamiranydhomhnaill, Eugenius.

See Macmeamnanydomnaill.

Macuortha, Paul, vicar of Cappagh, 264.

Macvalcar, Mecbalcayr (cf. Valentis), Richard, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 429.

-, Richard, rector of Kilkerrin (diocese of Tuam), 426.

Macworth, Machworth, John, archdeacon of Dorset and Norfolk, afterwards dean of Lincoln, canon of Salisbury, 211, 328, 366, 379.

Macworth. See Mackworth.

Madeforde, Richard, vicar of Ashburton, papal chaplain, 60.

Madgonnurlach, diocese of Clonfert, 431.

Madmecka. See Modreeny.

Madock, John, bishop, sometime canon, of Kildare, 6.

Madracha. See Murragh.

Madron, St. Madernus [co. Cornwall], vicarage of, 191, 192.

Magailind alias Gnobeg. See Moycullen.

Magburlegh, John de, Cistercian, 21.

Magdacond. See Moyacomb.

Magdrechni. See Modreeny.

Magduma. See Moydow.

Magerbili alias Norraborg. See Moville.

Magh Breacraighe, Maybrecray, i.e. the north part of the barony of Moygoish [co. Westmeath, and extending into co. Longford], rectory of St. Mary i.e. Street [co. Westmeath], 234, 235.

Maghera, Rathlurach, Rathluraich [co. Londonderry], 258, 267.

Magheralin, de Land [co. Down], parish church of St. Ronan, 117, 123, 124.

Maghfeld. See Mayfield.

Maginbun, Dermit, vicar of Killaspugbrone, 38.

Maginnbair, Edmund, Augustinian canon and prior of St. Mary's, Inchmore, 203.

Magio, monastery of St. Mary de. See Monasteranenagh.

Maglacho alias Oudiermada. See Moylough.

Maglalacind, Donald, rector of Moville, 255.

-, See Maclochlainn; Olochlaind.

Magmachuna, Henry Macconulag. See Macmachuna.

Magnanis, Matthew de, of Bologna, donsel, papal treasurer in Bologna and Faenza, 3.

Magneil, Maurice. See Macneill.

Magoran, John, rector of Baliochtan, 425.

Magormail, Maurice, vicar of Ross, 431.

Magot, John, rector of Moulsoe, 323.

Magra, Patrick. See Maccrath.

Magrabortaid, Philip, Augustinian canon, afterwards abbot, of Derry, 198.

Magranyll, Murianus, vicar of Kyltacamorca, 368.

Magrocachan, John, rector of Tamlaght-O'Crilly, 494.

Magsege. See Monsea.

Magthigernayn (MacTernan), Nemias, vicar of Killashandra, 268.

Magunbui, William, prior of Saints Island, 203.

Maguydir, Peter, canon of Clogher, rector of Inniskeen, 232.

-, See Macguyr.

Magynd, Macgynd, Adam, archdeacon and canon of Dromore, 476.

-, Patrick, canon of Dromore, rector of Clonduff, vicar of Magheralin, 117, 119, 123, 124.

Mahew, John (diocese of Norwich), priest, 357.

-, See Mayes.

Maidinccka. See Modreeny.

Maidstone, Maydeston [co. Kent], chantry in the collegiate church of, 133, 134, 313.

Maiglenn, Donatus. See Macglenn.

Mainz [Hesse], archbishop of, papal mandatary, 344.

Makcomnara, Donald, See Maccomara.

Makejoy, John, vicar of St. Margaret's, Barking, 501.

Makellais, Robert, rector of Moville, 254, 255.

Makrell, Ralph, donsel, 342.

-, -, Catherine his wife, 342.

Makruerch, Comedinus. See Macruerch.

Malatestis, Charles de, donsel, papal vicar in Rimini, 4.

-, Malatesta de, papal vicar in Pesaro, 4.

Malbertorp. See Mablethorpe.

Malcovenant, Gillota, 210.

Maldon [co. Essex], chapel of St. Giles, 218.

Malghan, John, layman, 452.

Maligeneri, Master William, papal chaplain and auditor, 475.

Malle, Thomas, clerk, notary, 497.

Mallert, John, Friar Minor, 78.

Malling, South, Sath Mallyng, South Mallinge [co. Sussex], collegiate church, dean of, papal mandatary, 305.

-, -, canon of. See Savage.

Malmesbury, Malmesbruy [co. Wilts], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 7, 495.

Malpas, William, treasurer of Chichester, 404.

Malpas, a possession of Dunbrody abbey, 281.

Malpas [co. Chester], 506.

Malpiglis, Master Nicholas, of Bologna, secretary of John XXIII, 497.

Malton, Old [co. York, N.R.], Gilbertine priory of St. Mary, canons of, 222, 470.

Manaton, Maneton [co. Devon], 127, 128.

Mancell, John, clerk, notary, 93.

Mandeviliston. See Mansfieldstown.

Maneton. See Manaton.

Manfeld, Robert, provost and canon of St. John's, Beverley, canon of St. Martin's-le-Grand and St. Paul's, London, and of York, rector of Stone, warden of the chapel of St. Giles, Maldon, 139, 140, 218.

Manore, John, Augustinian canon, 282.

Mansfield. See Manfield.

Mansfieldstown, Mandevilston [co. Louth], 56.

Manso, vicarage of St. Bernanus de. See Termonbarry.

Manulla. See Meycindfilead.

Manyngford, Manynford, Richard (diocese of Chichester), priest, 360.

-, Richard, vicar of Mayfield (diocese of Chichester), 482.

-, Richard, vicar of Seaton (diocese of Exeter), 7.

Mapurley, John, subdean of York, 316.

Maramaldus, Landulph. See Cardinal deacons (St. Nicholas's in Carcere).

Marcaunt, John. See Marchaunt.

Marcel or Martel, Marcell or Martell, Hugh, rector of Tollerton, afterwards of Bonnington, 416, 418.

March, earl of. See Mortimer.

-, Anne of, damsel, 132.

Marchall, Marchale, John, canon of Lincoln, 405.

-, Thomas, of Fincham, clerk, 444.

-, See Marschall.

Marchamley, Marchomley [co. Salop], chapel of, 210.

Marchaunt, Marcaunt, Andrew, rector of Cheddon Fitzpaine, 384.

-, John, rector of South Collingham, 318.

Marchfordi, Robert, rector of Allington, 38.

Marchiennes [dep. Nord, ar. Douai], Benedictine abbey of St. Rictrude, abbot of, papal mandatary, 208.

Mare, Herbert de la, Herebert de Lamare, layman, 234, 235.

-, William de la, canon of York, 447.

Margam, Morgan [co. Glamorgan], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot and convent of, 282.

-, -, monk of, 282.

Margruerit, Comedinus. See Macgruerit.

Mariot, John, priest, 409.

Markan, Roger, rector of Laxton, 345.

Markeby, John, clerk, 215.

Market Weighton. See Weighton.

Market Weston. See Weston.

Marmachanna, Maurice. See Macmachuna.

Marmoutier [Indre-et-Loire, France], Benedictine abbey, abbot and convent of, patronage of, 348.

-, -, cell of, 293.

Marmyleyd, Richard. See Macmiloid.

Marnham, John, priest, 498.

Marnhull, William, vicar of Sturminster Marshall, master of the chapel of the bishop of Ely, 297.

Marny, William de, knight, 345, 387.

Marschall, Robert, abbot of Shap, 15.

-, See Marchall.

Marseilles [Bouches-du-Rhne, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 45, 262.

-, meeting of the envoys of Benedict XIII and Gregory XII at, 96, 97.

Marsham [co. Norwich], 380.

Marston, Merston [co. Stafford], prebend in Stafford chapel royal, 512.

Marston Sicca, Merston Sica [co. Gloucester], 219, 220.

Marston. See Merston.

Martell or Marcell, Martel or Marcel, Hugh, rector of Tollerton, afterwards of Bonnington, 416, 418.

Martin V, register of, 148 note.

Martyn, Martini, John, of Peterborough, 403.

-, -, -, his wife, 403.

-, Ralph, vicar of Deverill Longbridge, 7.

Maryng, Agnes de, 110.

Masham, John (diocese of York), unmarried clerk, to be made a notary, 214.

-, See Massam.

Mason, Margaret, 459.

-, Philip, rector of Rosslare, 70.

Massam, John (diocese of Durham or York), married clerk, to be made a notary, 351.

-, See Masham.

Massingham, Agnes, Minoress, 283.

Massy, William, donsel, 353.

Matloue or Macloue, Matlowe or Maclowe, Thomas, Benedictine, 357.

-, William, Benedictine, 357.

Mauley, Peter, baron Egton, lord of Mulgrave, 146.

Mauricii (Fitz Maurice), Nicholas, bishop of Ardfert, 129, 131, 150, 193, 372.

-, See FitzMorice.

Maurik, Llewellyn ap. See Llewellyn ap Maurik.

Mauteby, Robert, Robert de, donsel, 21, 404.

Mawgan in Meneage, St. Maugan, St. Magan [co. Cornwall], 375.

Mawger, Nicholas, priest, 386.

Maxstoke [co. Warwick], Augustinian priory, prior and convent of, 236, 237, 279.

Maybrecray. See Magh Breacraighe.

Maydeston. See Maidstone.

Mayes (Mayen), John, rector of Yelvertoft (diocese of Lincoln), 505.

-, See Mahew.

Mayfield, Maghfeld [co. Sussex], 482.

Mayhel, Mayhil. See Mohill.

Maynolff, John, priest, 404.

-, -, Joan his mother, 404.

-, Richard, of London, priest, 350.

Maynton, diocese of St. Davids, 215, 216.

Mayo [co. Mayo], Augustinian abbey of St. Michael, abbot of, papal mandatary, 260, 398, 422, 426.

-, -, -, See Otharpa.

-, -, Malachy, abbot of, 434.

-, -, abbot and convent of, 277, 278.

-, -, canons of, 434.

-, -, convent of, papal letters to, 434.

-, -, church of, conversion of the secular collegiate church into the, 274, 275.

-, -, -, indulgence for the, 290.

Mayssyndene alias Bere, Thomas. See Mayssyndene.

Mazzancolli, Lewis, bishop of Terni, sometime papal chaplain and auditor, 298.

Megillaguib, Muriantus. See Macgillaguib.

Mcgillavanach, Denis. See Macgillavanach.

Mclanchega, Donatus. See Maclanchega.

Mdondcaig, Una. See Macdoncaig.

Meagray, Meagry. See Kilmurvy.

Meath, bishop of, inhibition of, 463, 464.

-, -, papal mandatary, 72, 88, 126, 130, 157, 233-236, 293, 343, 393, 452.

-, -, patronage of, 56, 268, 368, 398, 494.

-, -, See Andrew; Corner; Balscot; Montayne; Daunttesey.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 35, 90.

-, -, See Swayne; Yonge.

-, treasurer of, papal mandatary, 241.

-, official of, papal mandatary, 71, 163.

-, -, chapter of, papal letters to, 365.

-, -, patronage of, 268.

-, clergy and people of the city and diocese of, 365.

-, vassals of the church of, 365.

Meaux, Melsa [co. York, E.R.], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 149, 272.

-, -, -, See Ripon.

Mecagoband, Ymarus. See Macagoband.

Mecbalcayr, Richard. See Macvalcar.

Meccan or Mecran, Mineas. See Maccan.

Mecchaidhg, John. See Maccayg.

Mecheochagychcallaych. Nicholas. See Maccochagychcallaych.

Mechmachuna, Donatus. See Macmachuna.

Macinfirlegind, Thomas. See Macinfirlegind.

Meckeyan, Nicholas. See Mackean.

Meclandehuga, Donatus. See Maclandehuga.

Mecneill, Robert. See Macneill.

Mecran or Meccan, Mineas. See Maccan.

Medicis, John de, and company, merchants of Florence, 186.

Meelick, Milecsynna, Myleccsynna [co. Galway], Friars Minors's house at, 467.

Meger, John, citizen of London, 340.

-, -, -, Emota his wife, 340.

Megncil, Maurice. See Macneill.

Meiccomnara, Meiccon. See Maccomnara.

Meicgillaguib, Murianus. See Macgillaguib.

Meicrochagan, Philip. See Macrogayn.

Mekylfeld, Richard, priest, 345.

Melbourn, Melburne [co. Cambridge], 126.

Meleys, Meloys, William, rector of Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, 492, 493, 514, 515.

-, See Meolis.

Melfi [Basilicata, Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 2.

Melioratus, Meliorati, Francis and John. See Cardinal priests (St. Cross in Jerusalem).

Mellifont [co. Louth], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of. papal mandatary, 76, 120, 428, 429.

-, -, Henry, abbot of, 435.

Meloys, William. See Meleys.

Melsa. See Meaux.

Melton, Isabel, 194.

-, John, of Tilney, deacon, 507.

-, John, the elder, of Tilney, clerk, 315.

Menheniot, Mocheneyt [co. Cornwall], 492.

Meolis, William (diocese of Lichfield), priest, notary, 497.

-, See Meleys.

Merbury, Nicholas, donsel, 402.

Mercer, Thomas, priest, 363.

Mercscallagi, Alan. See Macscalaid.

Merflete, Robert, priest, 355, 407.

Merheley. See Methley.

Merston, Henry, canon of Southwell, St. Stephen's Westminister, and York, chaplain of Sherston Pinkney, rector of Orpington, 194.

Merston Sica. See Marston Sicca.

Merston. See Marston.

Merton, Agnes, of London, 53.

-, John, Friar Preacher, 402.

Merton [co. Surrey], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of, jurisdiction of, 78.

-, -, -, See Kympton.

-, -, prior and convent of, patronage of, 91.

-, -, canons of, 74, 77, 282, 328, 468.

Messing, Richard, Friar Preacher, bishop of Dromore, afterwards of Sodor, 197, 301.

Mesterton, Thomas, donsel, 406.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 406.

Metforde, John. See Mitford.

Methewolde, William, of Bury St. Edmunds, 340.

-, -, -, Alice his wife, 340.

Methewolde. See Methwold.

Methley, Merheley [co. York, W.R.], 484.

Methone. See Modoni.

Methwold, Methewolde [co. Norfolk], William Yonge of, 331.

-, -, -, Jemma his wife, 331.

-, See Methewolde.

Mettingham, Metingham [co. Suffolk], collegiate chantry of St. Mary the Virgin in the castle of, John, master, and the follows of, 312, 347.

-, -, canon of. See Lowel.

Meycindfilead, diocese of Tuam [?Manulla, co. Mayo], 119.

Meyler, William (diocese of Cloyne), clerk, notary, 126.

-, William (diocese of Cloyne), clerk, precentor of Cloyne and vicar of Kilmacdonogh, afterwards dean of Cloyne, 445.

-, -, John his father, archdeacon of Cloyne, 445.

Meyssenerii, Peter, 67.

Meyvot, John, priest, 404.

Micalmer, Laurence. See Macalmer.

Micdiarmada,. Thady. See Macdiarmada.

Micdondchaid, Donald. See Macdonchaid.

Micgallasmaid, Matthew. See Macgallasmaid.

Micgillaclain, Donatus. See Macgillaclain.

Micglenn, Donatus. See Macglenn.

Michaeliskireke. See St. Michael on Wyre.

Mickleton, Mukelton [co. Gloucester], 219, 220.

Middelton, Middeltone, Middilton, John, citizen of London, 338.

-, Richard, Benedictine, rector of Marsham, 282, 380.

-, See Middleton; Midilton; Milton.

Middelton, abbey of. See Milton Abbas.

Middeltone, Middilton, Richard. See Middelton.

Middlesex, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 93.

-, -, See Storteford.

Middleton, Richard de, Cistercian, abbot of Beaulieu, 186, 467.

-, See Middelton; Midilton; Milton.

Middleton Stoney near Bicester, Midelyngton by Burcestre, Mydlington [co. Oxford], 248, 377.

Midelton alias Milton. See Milton.

Midelyngton by Burcestre. See Middleton Stoney.

Midilton, Augustine de, Promonstratensian, 330.

-, See Middleton; Middleton; Milton.

Milan [Lombardy], Lucy de Vicecomitibus (Visconti) of, countess of Kent, 293.

Mildenhall, Mildenhale [co. Suffolk], 322.

Milescsynna. See Meelick.

Milford, William, esquire, 492.

Milis, David, clerk, 320.

Millere, John, layman, 152.

Milton, Thomas, Benedictine, papal chaplain, 79, 80, 184, 400.

-, William, archdeacon of Buckingham, vicar-general of the see of Norwich during its voidance, 139.

-, Master William, canon of Salisbury, commissary of the archbishop of Canterbury, 230.

-, See Middelton; Middleton; Midilton.

Milton, Midelton alias Milton [co. Cambridge], 40.

Milton Abbas, Middleton, Milton [co. Dorset], Benedictine abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 482.

-, -, monk of, 175.

Milverton [co. Somerset], prebend in Wells, 287.

-, [co. Warwick], prebend in Astley, 189.

Minden [Prussia], dean of, papal mandatary, 324.

Minster, Talkern [co. Cornwall], 227.

Minutolus, de Minutulis, de Minutolo, Henry. See Cardinal bishops (Sabina).

-, Marinus, of Naples, donsel, marshal of the Roman court, nephew and nuncio to England, etc. of John XXIII, 183-185.

Mirfeld, William, clerk, 145.

Missenden, Myssenden [co. Bucks], Augustinian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 325.

-, See Myssendene.

Mitford, Metforde, John, rector of Buscot, 222.

-, Richard, bishop of Salisbury, 61, 200.

Mocadagain, Denis. See Macadagain.

Mocheneyt. See Menheniot.

Mockyng, Nicholas, subdean of Wells, canon of Hastings, Llanddewi Brefi and St. Davids, chaplain of Fulbourn, master of St. Laurence's Pountney, London, 92, 292.

Modbury [co. Devon], 324, 339.

Modi, Andrew, of Wimblington, serf, 286.

Modoni or Methone [Greece], Nicholas, bishop elect of, 98.

-, bishop of. See Corrarius; Novello.

Modreeny, Madmecka, Magdrechni, Maidinccka [co. Tipperary], 269, 427, 430.

Mohill, Mayhel, Mayhil [co. Leitrim], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of. See Omorra; Mackilruays.

-, -, canon of, 392.

Molaghynan. See Mullaghnoney.

Mold, de Monte alto [co. Flint], 60.

Mollynger. See Mullingar.

Molsho. See Moulsoe.

Molynys, William, donsel, 16.

-, -, Margery his wife, 16.

Mona, Guy de. See Mone.

Monaincha, Insula Vivencium [in the parish of Corballa, co. Tipperary], Augustinian priory of St. Mary the Virgin, prior of papal mandatary, 32, 33, 42, 259, 429, 470, 472.

-, -, -, See Omechayr (Dermit, Donald, Marianus and Thomas).

-, -, canons of, 389, 467.

Monasteranenagh, de Magio [co. Limerick], Cistercian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 397.

Mone, de Mona, Guy, bishop of St. Davids, 43, 112, 134.

-, -, canon of Chichester, 4, 5.

Money, Moneye, Richard, Augustinian canon, 328, 468.

Monks Risborough, Rysburgh, Rysburgh Monachorum [co. Bucks], 153, 154, 323.

Monkton Farleigh. See Farleigh.

Monner or Mouner, William. See Mouner.

Monsea, Magsege [co. Tipperary], 86.

Montagu, Thomas, earl of Salisbury, 147.

-, -, -, Eleanor Holand his wife, 147.

-, See Monteacuto.

-, William de, earl of Salisbury, 157.

Montayne, Richard, canon of Ferns, 64, 65.

-, Robert, bishop of Meath, 46, 111, 138, 365.

Monteacuto, Simon de, canon of York, 447.

-, See Montagu.

Montefelono, Peter de, clerk, notary, 333.

Monteferrando, David de, dean of SaintSeurin, Bordeaux, afterwards archbishop of Bordeaux, 453.

Montepoliciano, Francis Jacobi de, corrector, of papal letters, bishop of Arezzo, 434.

-, Jo. de, papal letters collated by, 100.

Montfort, Mountfort, Ralph, scholar, 510.

-, William, 360.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 360.

Montivilliers [Seine-Infrieure, France], Benedictine nuns abbey, abbess and convent of, 485.

More, Moore, John, vicar of Bampton, 339.

-, John, donsel, 346.

-, -, Margery his wife, 346.

-, Matthew, Friar Preacher, bishop elect of Hebron, 443, 444.

-, Richard de, rector of Annaghm, vicar or rector of Clogherbrien, 131.

-, Thomas, dean of St. Paul's, London, 296.

-, Thomas, vicar of Holy Cross, Shrewsbury, 24.

-, Thomas (diocese of Lichfield), priest, 20.

Morelli, Gualbertus Bartholi, Bartholomei, of the society of the, merchant of Florence, 97, 169.

Moreton Magna, Murton Magna [in the parish of morton on Lugg, co. Hereford], prebend in Hereford, 113, 141, 142.

Moreton Parva [in the parish of Moreton on Lugg, co. Hereford], prebend in Hereford, 291.

-, See Morton; Murton.

Morgan, Philip, rector of Aberedw and Llanfigan, 22, 23.

-, Philip, rector of Lyminge, 346.

-, Richard ap. See Richard ap Morgan.

Morgan. See Margam.

Morley, Thomas, priest, 146.

Mortimer, Mortemer, Mortimere, Mortumer, Mortuomari, Edmund de, earl of March and Ulster, 357, 456, 457.

-, Hugh (diocese of Lincoln), esquire, 385, 492.

-, -, Isabel his wife, 385.

-, -, his wife and children, 492.

-, Robert, knight, 296.

-, -, Margaret his wife, 296.

Morton, Mourton, John, clerk, notary, 334.

-, John, donsel, 383.

-, -, Catherine his wife, 383.

-, Richard, vicar in Ripon collegiate church, 321.

-, Thomas, rector of Brinkley, 443.

-, See Murton.

Mortumer, Robert. See Mortimer.

Mortuomari, Edmund de. See Mortimer.

Mory, Henry (diocese of Chichester), priest, 15.

-, Henry, rector of Limington (diocese of Bath and Wells), 483.

Morys, William, layman, 145.

Moseley, Mosseloy, St. Mary's, [co. Worcester], 29.

Mosse, William, rector of Lamport, 244.

Mosseloy. See Moseley.

Moston, Thomas de, canon of York, 31, 43, 44.

Motte, Nicholas, rector of Swineshead, 405.

Mottisfont [co. Southants], Augustinian priory, prior and convent of, 200.

Mottrom, William de, canon of Probus, 376.

Motuyne, John, acolyte, 444.

Moulsoe, Molsho [co. Bucks], 323.

Moulton in Holland, Multon, Multon in Holand [co. Lincoln], Adlard Welby of, rector of Addlethorpe, 105, 416.

-, vicar of, 244.

-, See also Multon.

Mouner or Monner, William, canon of Dublin, rector of Mansfieldstown, 56.

Mount St. John [in Feliskirk, co. York, N.R.], Hospitallers house, preceptor of. See Kylquyt.

Mountfort, William. See Montfort.

Mountjoy [parish of Haveringland, co. Norfolk], Augustinian priory of St. Laurence, canon of, 400.

Mourton, John. See Morton.

Moville, Magerbili alias Norraborg [co. Donegal], 255.

Moyacomb, Magdacond [co. Carlow], 428, 430.

Moycullen, Gnobeg, Magailind alias Gnobeg [co. Galway], 426, 431.

Moydow, Magduma [co. Longford], 243.

Moylough, Oudiarmada, Maglacho alias Oudiermada [co. Galway], vicarage of, 255, 256.

-, rectory of, 166.

Mubire, Robert. See Mabire.

Much Hadham. See Hadham.

Mugray. See Mulgrave.

Muinter Eolais, Munterueolais [i.e., barony of Leitrim, co. Leitrim], 243.

Mukelton. See Mickleton.

Mulco or Multo, Richard, Friar Minor, 470.

Muldory. See Omolgiruga.

Mulgrave, Mugray [co. York, N.R.], lord of. See Mauley.

Mulholland. See Omalchali.

Mulind Micgiub. See Mullinacuff.

Mullagh, Mullachlaydidy alias Killincheir, formerly part of the parish of Killinkere, q.v.

Mullaghnony alias Newchapel, Molaghynan [co. Tipperary], prebend in Cashel, 293.

Mulle, Thomas, 355.

-, -, Agnes his wife, 355.

Mullinacuff, Mulind Micgiub [co. Wicklow], 482.

Mullingar, Mollynger [co. Westmeath], Augustinian priory of St. Mary, prior of. See Iago; Braynok.

-, -, canon of, 239.

Mulrenan. See Omaylbrenaynd.

Multifarannan. See Multyfarnham.

Multo or Mulco, Richard, Friar Minor, 470.

Multon, John, clerk, 511.

-, William, clerk, 511.

Multon, Multon in Holand. See Moulton in Holland.

Multyfarnham, Multifarannan [co. Westmeath], parish church of St. Andrew, 262.

Mulvany. See Omalanva.

Mumbray, John, priest, 335, 340.

Mundeshawe, Robert, subdeacon, 295.

Munterfathaid, diocese of Tuam, 166.

Munterueolais. See Muinter Eolais.

Murragh, Madracha [co. Cork], 425.

Murton, Henry de, Premonstratensian canon, 330.

-, See Morton.

Murton Magna. See Moreton Magna.

Muskham, South, Muskeham [co. Notts], prebend in Southwell, 221.

Musle, Muslee, John, 498.

-, -, Cristina his wife, 498.

-, Richard, citizen of Norwich, 345.

-, -, -, Isabel his wife, 345.

Mybbe, John, clerk, 410.

Mychelles, John, esquire, 328.

-, -, his wife, 328.

Mydlington. See Middleton Stoney.

Myleesynna. See Meelick.

Mynoth, Richard, archdeacon of Dublin, 368.

Myssenden. See Missenden.

Myssyndene alias Bere, Mayssyndene alias Bere, Thomas, Augustinian canon, papal chaplain, 182, 400.


Naas, Adam del, Adam de la, archdeacon of Kells, canon of Dublin and Ferns, 243, 422.

-, See Nuys.

Nailsea, Nayleshey [co. Somerset], 501, 502.

Naples, king of. See Ladislaus.

-, Augustinian monastery of St. Peter ad Aram, 2.

-, abbot of San Severino, O.S.B., papal mandatary, 2.

-, Nicholas Caraffa of, knight, nuncio of Innocent VII to England, 1.

-, Henry Carbonus of. knight, 2.

-, -, Masonus Carbonus of, donsel, his brother, 2.

-, Marinus, Minutolus of, donsel, marshal of the Roman court, nephew and nuncio to England, etc. of John XXIII, 183-185.

Nappere, John, vicar of Sidlesham, 86.

Narberth, Nerberth [co. Pembroke], parish church of St. Mary, 173, 328.

Narbonne [Aude, France], Francis, archbishop of. See Conzi.

-, canon of. See Cabrespino.

Narmanton. See Normanton upon Soar.

Narnia, Do. de, corrector of papal letters, 94, 95.

Narthaluerton. See Northallerton.

Nasshe, Thomas, rector of Middleton Stoney, 377.

Nassington, Nassyngton [co. Northants], prebend in Lincoln, 8.

Navan, Novan, Novania [co. Meath], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, papal mandatary, 269, 398.

-, -, canon of, 75.

Nayleshey. See Nailsea.

Nederbury. See Netherbury.

Neel, Nelle, Noel, Gilbert, land of, in Holkham parish, 285.

-, Gregory (diocese of Meath), priest, notary, 333.

-, -, vicar of Trevet (diocese of Meath), 270.

Nenagh, Lenenach, Nyinach [co. Tipperary], Augustinian priory of St. John Baptist, prior of, papal mandatary, 264.

-, -, canon of, 470.

Nerberth. See Narberth.

Nerozii, Alexander, of the society of the Alberti, merchant of Florence, 97, 169.

Netheravon, Neterhaven, Netherhaven [co. Wilts], prebend in Salisbury, 133, 433.

Netherbury, Nederbury [co. Dorset], prebend in Salisbury, 113, 141.

-, William Bole of, 328.

-, -, Maud his wife, 328.

Netherhaven. See Netheravon.

Netley, Lettele [co. Southants], Cistercian abbey, Philip, abbot of. See Cornhampton.

Neuhous, Neuhows. See Newsham.

Neushum, John, scholar, 505, 506.

-, See Newsom.

Neuton, John and Philip. See Newton.

Neuton alias Paslew, Robert. See Newton.

Neuton, diocese of Norwich ( ? Newton, co. Norfolk), 139.

-, Great and Little. See Newton.

Neuwerke. See Newark.

Neville, Nevile, Nevyle, Nevyll, Alexander de, archbishop of York, 139, 140, 193, 219.

-, John (diocese of Norwich), donsel, 330.

-, John (diocese of Durham), knight, 338.

-, -, Elizabeth his wife, 338.

-, Ralph, earl of Westmoreland, 128, 140, 225, 247, 462, 491.

-, -, -, Catherine his daughter, damsel, 128, 129.

-, -, -, Eleanor his daughter, damsel, 128, 129.

-, -, -, Robert his son, clerk, canon of Auckland and York, 247, 462.

Newark, Neuwerke [co. Surrey], Augustinian priory, canon of, 182, 400.

-, Newerk [co. Notts], hospital of St. Leonard, 227, 379.

-, See Newere.

Newbi, Robert, rector of Whitchurch and of Garsington, 222.

Newburgh [co. York, N.R.], Augustinian priory of St. Mary the Virgin, canons of, 231, 322.

-, -, indulgence for the church of, 308.

Newcastle Lyons [co. Dublin], prebend in Dublin, 67, 143.

Newcastle upon Tyne [co. Northumberland], parish church of St. Nicholas, 25, 26.

Newchurch, Nichurch [Isle of Wight], 186.

Newcumre, John, priest, 385.

Neweham alias Newenham. See Newnham.

Newenham, Newnham [in Goldington, co. Bedford], Augustinian priory, canon of, 238.

Newenham alias Neweham. See Newnham.

Newenton Jewell. See Newington, South.

Newenton Longeville. See Newton Longville.

Newerc, John, rector of Skirpenbeck, 72, 92.

Newerk. See Newark.

Newhous, Newhows. See Newsham.

Newington, South, Newenton Jewell [co. Oxford], 277.

Newland [near Wakefield, co. York], Hospitallers house, preceptor of. See Cerne.

Newminster [co. Northumberland], Cistercian abbey, monk of, 392.

Newnham, Neweham alias Newenham [co. Gloucester], 395, 396.

Newnham. See Newenham.

Newoton. See Newton, St. James.

Newport, John, rector of St. Benet's, Gracechurch Street, London, 498.

-, alias Spicer, Richard, donsel, 356.

Newry, de Viridiligno [co. Down], Cistercian abbey of St. Patrick, abbot of, papal mandatary, 421, 432.

Newsham, Neuhous, Neuhows, Newhous, Newhows [in Brocklesby parish, co. Lincoln], Premonstratensian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 76, 77, 343.

-, -, Alan, abbot of, 159, 160.

-, -, abbot and convent of, letters conservatory for, 125.

-, -, canon of, 182, 400.

Newsom, Clemence, Benedictine nun, 194.

-, See Neushum.

Newstead in Sherwood, Newstede in Scherwode [co. Notts], Augustinian priory, prior of. See Hokeuell.

-, -, canon of, 347.

Newton, Neuton, Neuton alias Paslew, John (diocese of Durham), priest, 335.

-, John, warden of the hospital of St. James, Northallerton (diocese of York, in the gift of the bishop of Durham), 298.

-, John de, treasurer of York, 420.

-, Nicholas (diocese of York), priest, 406.

-, Nicholas, vicar of North Cave (diocese of York), 9.

-, Philip, canon of Salisbury, rector of St. Nicholas Olave, London, vicar of Llandilofawr, 38, 125.

-, Robert, vicar of Leeds, 382.

-, Thomas, rector of Howell (diocese of Lincoln), 418, 419.

-, Thomas de (diocese of York), priest, 12.

Newton. See Neuton.

Newton, Buckland. See Buckland Newton.

-, Great and Little, Great and Little Neuton [near Kettering, co. Northants], 108.

Newton Arlosh, Arlosk [co. Cumberland], 272, 273.

Newton Longville, Newenton Longeville, Newton Longeville [co. Bucks], 49, 54.

Newton, St. James, Newoton [co. Cambridge], parish church and hospital of, 24, 25, 290.

-, -, chapel of St. Mary the Virgin in the town of, 24, 25, 290.

Newtown by Trim, Newtown by Trym, Newtown by Tryn [co. Meath], Augustinian priory of St. Peter, of the congregation of St. Victor, prior of, papal mandatary, 371.

-, Hospitallers priory of St. John, prior of, papal mandatary, 127, 138.

Newton de Feartulach i.e. Newtown in Fartullagh barony [co. Westmeath], 478, 479, 481.

Nicastro [Calabria, Italy], bishop of, papal mandatary, 260, 481.

Nichol, John, 16.

-, -, Isabella his wife, 16.

-, See Nicolls.

Nicholas IV, indult by, 230.

Nichurch. See Newchurch.

Nicolls, Nicol, Benedict, bishop of Bangor, 137, 493, 502, 503, 515.

-, See Nichol.

Niger, Roger, bishop of London, 107.

Ninfield, Nynfeld [co. Sussex], prebend in Hastings, 292.

Noble, Stephen, rector of Watlington, 316.

Nocencia alias Innocencia, priory de. See Athlone.

Noe, Michael, Augustinian canon, 335, 338.

Noel, Nelle, Gregory. See Neel.

Nolan. See Onuallan.

Nomays, John de, corrector of papal letters, 231, 236.

Nonantola [Modena, Italy], abbot of San Silvestro, O.S.B., papal mandatary, 172.

Nonne Appulton. See Nun Appleton.

Nonneton. See Nuneaton.

Noon, Edmund, knight, 15.

-, -, Isabella his wife, 15.

Noranton. See Northampton.

Noreys, John, donsel, 410.

-, -, Joan his wife, 410.

Norfolk, archdeacon of, faculty to, 351.

-, -, papal mandatary, 132, 394.

-, -, See Macworth.

Norham [co. Northumberland], 130.

Norhampton. See Northampton.

Norhamton, William de. See Northampton.

Normanton [co. York, W.R.], 192.

Northales. See Covehithe.

Northallerton, Aluceton, Aluerton, Narthaluerton. Northaluerton [co. York, N.R.], parish church of, 389-391.

-, hospital of St. James, wardens of. See Newton; Toueton.

Northampton, Norhamton, John de, Augustinian canon, 238.

-, William de, Augustinian canon, 335.

Northampton, Noranton, Norhampton [co. Northants], archdeacon of. See Courteney; Bremore; Stone.

North Cave. See Cave.

North Clifton. See Clifton.

North Colyngham. See Collingham.

North Elmham. See Elmham.

North Leverton. See Leverton.

North Scarle. See Scarle.

North Thudenham. See Tuddenham.

North Yevell, North Yevelle, North Yewyll. See Northill.

North Ywyschys. See Huish.

Northew, Simon, rector of Southease, 193.

-, -, proctor in the Roman court, 168.

Northfleet, Northflete [co. Kent], 134, 313.

Northill, North Yevell, North Yevelle, North Yewyll [co. Bedford], parish, afterwards collegiate church, of St. Mary, 21, 27, 102, 131, 132, 137, 209, 214.

Northlode, John, donsel, 363.

Northumberland, earl of. See Percy.

-, archdeacon of. See Rikynghale.

Northyn, Walter, Trinitarian friar, minister of Adare, 397.

Norton, Richard de, 460.

-, -, John his son, prebendary of Norton, 460.

Norton [co. Durham], collegiate and parish church of St. Mary, prebendaries of. See Grandisden; Norton, John, son of Richard de.

-, vicarage of, 313.

-, Cold, Colde Norton [co. Oxford], Augustinian priory, canon of, 183, 401.

-, Kyngis. See Kings Norton.

Nortyngham, John de. See Nottingham.

Norwich, Geoffrey de, precentor of York, 447.

-, William, Benedictine, 379.

-, See Norwico.

Norwich [co. Norfolk], bishop of, jurisdiction of, 152.

-, -, papal mandatary, 126, 136, 139, 207, 215, 220, 249, 295, 310-312, 322, 438, 443, 457, 471, 473.

-, -, patronage of, 129, 417.

-, -, person in the service of, 9.

-, -, See Percy; Despenser; Totington; Courteney.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 9, 322, 352.

-, Benedictine priory (cathedral), prior of, papal mandatary, 126.

-, -, prior and chapter of, consent of to appropriations, 139.

-, -, -, patronage of, 129, 417.

-, -, monk of, 282, 380.

-, -, chapter of, consent of to appropriation, 50.

-, -, -, election by to the see, 453.

-, -, -, papal letters to, 453.

-, -, vassals of, 453.

-, Friars Minors house, guardian and friars of, 484, 485.

-, collegiate church of St. Mary in the Fields, dean of. See Rikynghale.

-, parish church of St. Edmund, Fishergate, Fyshergate, 490.

-, parish church of St. Mary in the Marsh, 188, 319.

-, -, indulgence for, 301.

-, city and diocese of, clergy and people of the, papal letters to, 453.

-, diocese of, abuse of the farm of appropriated churches in the, 310, 311.

-, -, heresy in the, 207, 299.

-, -, insufficient values of vicarages in appropriated churches in the, 311, 312.

-, -, vicargeneral of the spiritualities of the, during voidance. See Milton.

-, grammar school at, 482.

-, John Brunham, citizen of, 11.

-, -, -, Cecily his wife, 11.

-, Thomas Cok, citizen of, 406.

-, -, -, Agnes his wife, 406.

-, Richard Muslee, citizen of, 345.

-, -, -, Isabel his wife, 345.

-, John Otere the younger of, priest, 15.

-, Henry Stiward, citizen of, 11.

-, -, -, Joan his wife, 11.

-, Roger Sylverini, citizen of, 330.

-, -, -, Margery his wife, 330.

Norwico, Henry de, Premonstratensian canon, 330.

-, William de, alias Bateman, dean of Lincoln, 30.

Nostel [co. York, W.R.], Augustinian priory of St. Oswald, prior of, a canon of York, 447.

-, -, -, faculty to, 333.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 9.

-, -, canon of, 466.

Nottingham, Nortyngham, Notyngham, John, canon of Chichester and York, 415.

-, John de, archdeacon of Nottingham, 410.

Nottingham [co. Notts], archdeacon of. See Nottingham, John, de.

Notyngham, John. See Nottingham.

Noughaval, Nova, [co. Clare], 433.

Novan. See Navan.

Novello, Francis, bishop elect of Modoni or Methone, treasurer and registrar of Gregory XII, 100, 101.

Noyon [Oise, France], dean of, papal mandatary, 348.

Nrnberg [Bavaria], Benedictine abbot of St. Giles, papal mandatary, 487 (Corrigenda.)

Nugent, John, rector of Killulagh, 367, 371, 372.

Nun Appleton, Nonne Appulton [in Bolton Percy, co. York, W.R.], Benedictine priory, nun of, 194.

Nuneaton, Nonneton [co. Warwick], priory of the Order of Fontevrault, visitation of, 373.

Nurney, Nurnny [co. Carlow], prebend in Leighlin, 252.

Nuys, William de, precentor and canon of Leighlin, 252.

-, See Naas.

Nyinach. See Nenagh.

Nymeton Regis. See Kings Nympton.

Nynfeld. See Ninfield.


Oadgra, Yadgra, Thady, 69.

-, -, Una his wife, 69.

Oaenrach, Caenrach (? O'Henery), Thomas, rector of Dowth, vicar of Kilscannell, 264.

Oagayn, Yagayn, Odo, chancellor of Killaloe, 301.

-, See Ohogayn.

Oakham, Okcham [co. Rultand], 196.

Oakley, Great, Great Ocle [co. Northants], chapel of St. Michael, 108.

Oanfyn, Yanfyn, Magonus, Magonius, vicar of Cloone, 61.

Obanan, Obanayn, Donald, vicar of Finglas, chaplain of Dunkerrin and Annagh, 32, 33.

-, Peter, rector of Derryvullan, 478.

-, See Obenachan.

Obachnachan, John. See Obenachan.

Obeayn or Oleayn, Philip, canon of Kilmacduagh, 124.

Obechayn, Maurice, vicar of Cinel Ben Uchair, 427.

Obenachan, Obeachnachan, John, Augustinian canon, afterwards prior of Inchmacnerin, vicar of Cuyldega, 160, 161, 469.

-, See Obanan.

Oberind, Obernd, Charles, vicar of Clooncraff, 258.

-, Cornelius, sacrist, afterwards prior, of KilmorenaSina, 282.

-, See Obyrnd.

Oblachsich, Macrobius, vicar of Tomregan, 271.

Obows, William, 356.

-, -, Isabel his wife, 356.

O'Boyle. See Obuill.

Obragan, Ybragan, Dermit, dean of Killala, 204.

-, -, canon of Killala, rector of Kilroe, vicar of Ballysakeery, 480.

Obranagan, Nicholas, vicar of Russagh, afterwards of Kilglass, 259.

Obrangali, Matthew, vicar of Emlaghfad, 63, 69.

Obreggy, Thomas. See Obroggy.

Obrien alias Occurrin, Ocuirrin, Cornelius, vicar of Ogairyn and of Rath, 266.

Obroggy, Obreggy, Thomas Okeallaygh, vicar of Tomfinlough, rector of Kilcornan, canon of Limerick, 23, 37, 38, 43.

Obruyn, Maurice, archdeacon of Glendalough, 242.

-, Patrick, vicar of Donaghmore, 267.

-, Thady, rector of Mullinacuff, 482.

Obuill, Obuyll, Obryll, Ybuill (O'Boyle), Cuchonact, Cuchonnact, rector of Leamkaill, vicar of Cappagh, 257, 264, 265.

-, Simon, rector of Leamkaill, 257.

Obyrnd, John, prior of KilmorenaSina, commendatary of the vicarage of Aughrim, 277.

-, See Oberind.

Ocachan, Dermit, rector of Cumber, 436.

Ocachasaid, Nicholas. See Ocaside.

Ocacylti (O'Kealy?), Odo, rector of TamlaghtO'Crilly, 494.

Ocaissidi, Maurice. See Ocaside.

Ocallain, Ochallam, Richard, rector of Clonfad (diocese of Meath), 478.

-, -, rector of Fercall (diocese of Meath), 429.

-, See Maccalyn.

Ocallanam, Cormac, vicar of Kilmorgan, 166.

Ocarbri, Eneas, priest, canon of Clogher, rector of Cleenish, afterwards of Galloon, 149, 292.

O'Carolan. See Okerualan.

Ocarraich, Odo, rector of Newtown, 481.

Ocasalaid, John. See Ocassalaid.

Ocaside, Ocachaside, Ocaissidi, Maurice, rector of Derryloran (diocese of Armagh), and of Termonmaguirk (Ibid.), 262.

-, -, rector of Termonmaguirk (diocese of Armagh) and of Clonfeacle (ibid.), 121, 122.

-, Nicholas, layman, 145.

Ocassalaid, Ocasalaid, Ocassalayd, Ochasalaid, Ochassalayd, Okasalaith, Okassalaid, Okassalaig. Okassalayg, John, canon of Armagh, papal mandatary, 352, 429, 436, 478.

-, John, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 188, 257, 264, 268, 431, 479.

-, John, vicar of Urney (diocese of Derry), 437.

Ocathail alias Oruagyn, Florence, vicar of Kilkeedy, 118.

Ocathayn, Maurice. See Okagan.

Ocayg, Magonius, rector of Killeeneen, vicar of Isertkelly, 115.

-, See Maccayg.

Occarbalan, Ocearballan, Okearbellen, Okerbalan, Donatus, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 424, 431, 436.

-, Peter, dean of Derry, rector of Ardstraw, 122.

-, See Okerualan.

Occirryn, John. See Occurrin.

Occonallain, Donald. See Oconallayn.

Occonnuyb, Thady. See Oconel.

Occurrean or Occurtean, Donald. See Occurtean.

Occurrin, Occirryn, Occurryn, Ochurryn, Ocuirrin alias Obrien, Ocurryn, Andrew, Benedictine monk of St. Stephen's, Bologna, afterwards prior of St. Mary's, Glascarrig, 235.

-, Cornelius, vicar of Ogairyn and of Rath, 266.

-, John, canon of Leighlin, papal mandatary, 241, 251, 252, 258260, 266, 315, 423, 427, 428.

Occurtean or Occurrean, Ocharan, Okairtean. Okartean (Carton), Donald, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 259, 399, 400, 423, 425.

-, -, -, Eugenius his son, canon of Derry, rector of Errigal, vicar of Aghadowey, 399, 400, 423, 424, 433.

-, Donald, vicar of Aghadowey (diocese of Derry), and Banagher (ibid.), 431.

Oceainnlad, Okeandaclad (McKinley), Maurice, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 436.

Ocearballan, Donatus. See Occarbalan

Ochallam, Richard. See Ocallain.

Ochani, Thomas, prior of Inchmore, 201, 202.

Ocharan, Donald, canon of Derry. See Occurtean.

Ochasalaid, Ochassalayd, John. See Ocassalaid.

Ochatham, Maurice. See Okagan.

Ochathan (O'Kane), Richard, vicar of Templenascreen, 260.

Ochaynle, William. See Ohanly.

Ocheallaych, Thady. See O'Kelly.

Ochegegan, Philip, vicar of Ballynascreen, 432.

Ocherny, Philip, See Okerney.

Ochogain, Ochobain, Nemeas. See Ohogayn.

Ochomultaig, Ochommaltaich, William. See Othomaltayd.

Ochonaych, Peter, vicar of Dunmore, 115, 116.

Ochtrath. See Outrath.

Ochuanayn, Achas and Donald. See Ocuanayn.

Ochuayn, John, rector of Inch, 423.

Ochurryn, John. See Occurrin.

Ocibayn, Ycibayn, Otybayn (Mc-Gibbon?), John, vicar of Clooney, 38, 122.

Ocirrubayn, Ycirrubayn, Ciananus, rector of Coolcor and Ballyburley, 257.

Ocle, Great. See Oakley.

Oclerckyn, Gilbert, vicar of Kilnamona, 233.

Ocleri, Oclerig, Oclerrg, Donatus, canon of Killaloe, rector Bonoghan, Modreeny and Terryglass, 427-430.

-, Gilibert, vicar of Loughkeen, 119.

-, See Macacleri; Macclerich.

Oclunain, Oclinan or Oelinan, Oclinnan or Ocluman, Maurice, vicar of Lackan, 261.

-, Nicholas, vicar of Killoran, 68.

-, Patrick, vicar of Kilvarnet, 141.

Ocoillaighi, Robert. See O'Kelly.

Oconallayn, Occonallain, Donald, rector of Derryloran, 262.

-, Odo, rector of Kilcorbry, rector of Coolcor and Ballyburley, 257.

Oconchuyr, Ychonchubair (O'Connor), Donald, archdeacon of Kilfenora, 39.

-, Thady, rector of Ballinrobe and of Inish Maine, 477, 478.

Ocondboyg, Thomas, chancellor of Kilfenora, rector of Ybflachnyed, afterwards vicar of Killeany, 45.

Oconel, Occonnuyb, Oconeil, Oconieil, Oconnuyl, Ocoyneyl, Cornelius, canon of Elphin, 422.

-, -, vicar of Drumcliffe (diocese of Elphin), 35.

-, Dermit, canon of Killala, papal mandatary, 165.

-, John, vicar of Drumcliffe, 35.

-, Maurice, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 232.

-, Thady, canon of Limerick, 370, 423.

-, See Macconnyl.

Ocongail, Thady, vicar of Kallodoraid, 480.

Oconieil, Maurice. See Oconel.

Oconiruyger Henry, rector of Killuran and Feakle, 122.

O'Connor. See Oconchuyr.

Oconnuyl, Thady. See Oconel.

Oconril, Matthew, Friar Preacher, papal chaplain, 186, 350, 470.

Oconyngean (O'Cunningham), Robert, rector of Multyfarnham, 262.

Ocorbayn, Rory, vicar of Quin, 367.

Ocormacan, Ocormachayn, Ocormackayn, Ocormakan, Ocormakayn, David, vicar of Killuran, 37, 103.

-, Maurice, canon of Clonfert, 423.

-, -, -, Thomas his son, canon of Clonfert, 423.

-, Maurice, vicar of Killuran (diocese of Killaloe), 37, 103.

-, Philip, vicar of Killuran, 103.

-, Thomas, vicar of Killadmayt, 263.

Ocormayc i.e. Ui-Corbmaic (now the parish of Kilmaley. co. Clare, or the whole barony of Islands), 478.

-, See Maccarmuic; MacCormaic.

Ocornicay, Ycornicay, William, rector of Killuran and Feakle, 122.

Ocorre, John, canon of Armagh, rector of Aghalco, 429.

Ocosuchan, Donatus. vicar of Rasharkin, 472.

-, John, vicar of Rasharkin, 472.

Ocoyneyl, Dermit. See Oconel.

Ocuanayn, Ochuanayn, Achas, vicar of Birr, 117.

-, Donald, rector of Rathdowney and vicar of Roscomroe, 42, 259.

-, John, vicar of Roscomroe, afterwards rector of Rathdowney, 42.

-, Maurice, canon of Tuam, 423.

Ocuilum, Patrick, rector of Mullinacuff, 482.

Oculean, Benedict, canon of Armagh, 39.

-, Denis, dean of Armagh, rector of Donaghmore, 421, 477.

O'Cunningham. See Oconyngean.

Ocurke, Okureke, John, clerk, archdeacon of Cashel, canon of Ossory, rector of Kilucg, vicar of Fethard, 83, 85, 91.

-, See Curke.

Ocurryn, John. See Occurrin.

Odalayg, John, chancellor of Kilfenora, 45.

Odallayn, Odelayn, Dermit, canon of Clonfert, 42.

-, John, vicar of Rathborney, 261.

-, Roderick, Ruadricus, treasurer, canon and portionary of Kilfenora, canon of Clonfert, vicar of Bunratty and Drumline, 36, 42, 43, 122.

O'Dea, Odeaygh, Cornelius, bishop of Limerick, 232, 435.

-, Denis, clerk, 189.

-, Donald, clerk, 189.

Odealb, Odealba. See Ogulla.

Odeaygh, Denis and Donald. See O'Dea.

Odelayn, Roderick. See Odallayn.

Odenby, William Ulff of, rector of Iden, 246, 327.

Odeobealaich or Odrobealaich, Patrick, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 267.

Odimura, Reginald, vicar of Cluainnacalleach, 283.

Odochartaid, Odoceautaid (O'Dougherty), Dermit, prebendary of Bailleofietan, vicar of Raid, 265.

-, Mallanus, rector of Raid, 265.

Odomnall, Maurice, canon of Raphoe, papal mandatary, 255.

Odoncha, Odonnchuga (O'Donoghue), Dermit, dean of Kilmacduagh, 367.

-, Thomas, vicar of Kilmallock, 435.

Odonnuuayn (O'Donovan?), Donatus, archdeacon and canon of Ross, 253.

O'Donoghue. See Odoncha.

O'Dooley. See Oduaill.

O'Dorney, Otorna [co. Kerry], Cistercian abbey, abbot of, papal mandatary, 164.

Odoudchnaga, Laurence, vicar of Ardrahan and Regleysyrnagyn, 101.

O'Dougherty. See Odochartaid.

Odrobealaich or Odeobealaich, Patrick, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 267.

Odroigbelaid, Peter, canon of Raphoe, papal mandatary, 310.

Oduagan, Marianus. See Odubagan.

Oduaill (O'Dooley?), Roger, vicar of Drummaul, 492.

Odubagan, Oduagan, Odubeyn, Ydobcayn (O'Duggan), David, archdeacon of Clonfert, rector of Bonoghan, 46, 427.

-, Marianus, clerk, rector of Camus, 255, 310.

Odubaill, Henry. See Odubayll.

Odubanarch, Patrick, rector of Leckpatrick, 429.

Odubayll, Odubauill, Henry, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 423, 472.

-, See Macdubayll.

Odubda, Magonius, canon of Killala, 232, 233.

Odubeyn, David. See Odubagan.

Odubgilla, Odubgylla, Odugilla, Oduibgilla, John, vicar of Lickerrig, 424.

-, Thomas, vicar of Lickerrig, 424.

-, Nicholas, canon of Kilmacduagh, vicar of Ardrahan, papal mandatary, 101, 120, 124, 262, 263, 269, 429.

-, Patrick, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 427.

O'Dubhan. See Oduibgyn.

Odublain, Odublany, Dermit, vicar of Dunkerrin, afterwards rector of Killard, 33, 41.

Odubnarla, Donatus, prior of Gallen, 201.

Odubthaid, Dermit. See Oduthaid.

O'Duggan. See Odubagan.

Odugilla, Oduibgilla, Nicholas. See Odubgilla.

Oduibgyn (O'Dubhan), Peter, rector of Dogstown, 263.

Oduil, Henry, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 261.

Oduilinean, Maurice, prior of Lough Oughter, 231, 271.

Odulgumach, Patrick, vicar of Aughrim, 277.

Oduthaid, Odubthaid, (O'Duthy), Dermit, prior of St. Coman's alias St. Mary's, Roscommon, 161.

-, Dermit, vicar of Killaraght, 261.

Oduyr, William, canon of Cashel and Limerick, 84.

Odwynychayn, Philip, canon of Ardfert, rector and vicar of Kiltomy, 372.

Oelinan or Oclinan, Patrick. See Oclunain.

Oeogayn, Matthew. See Ohogayn.

Ofarcheallaich, Ofarchealleych, David and Nicholas. See O'Farrell.

O'Farrell, Ofarcheallaich, Ofarchealleych, Ofeargail, Ofergail, Offeargail, Offeargalaych, Offeargayl, Offergail, Yfergail, Yfergayl, Carbricus, archdeacon of Ardagh, vicar of Killashee, 241, 266.

-, Celestin, vicar of Killashee, 266.

-, Cornelius, dean of Ardagh, vicar of Gleanissiligan and of Tirfaelan, afterwards of Clongesh, 369.

-, David, bishop of Kilmore, sometime perpetual beneficiary, called rector, in the parish church of St. Bridget, Disertfynchill, 226, 227.

-, John, rector of Muinter Eolais, vicar of Moydow, 243.

-, Kiananus, Cistercian monk of Kilbeggan, afterwards prior of the Augustinian priory of Saints Island, 203.

-, Laurence, rector of Errigal Keerogue, 233.

-, Nemias, Augustinian canon, afterwards prior, of St. Mary's, Inchmore, commendatary of the rectory of St. Michael's, Russagh, 201, 202, 236.

-, Nicholas, vicar of Killashandra, 268.

-, Obemeus, archdeacon of Raphoe, rector of Raid, 265.

-, Odo, vicar of Moyacomb, 428, 430.

-, Richard, Cistercian monk, afterwards abbot, of St. Mary's, Granard, sometime monk of St. Anastasius's, Rome, 198, 238.

-, William, archdeacon of Ardagh, 241.

Ofeargail, Kiananus. See O'Farrell.

Ofegrath, Nemeas, chaplain of Tulat, 153.

Ofelan, Eugenius. See O'Folan.

Ofenadad, Simon, rector of Camus, vicar of Tamlaght-Finlagan, 255.

Oferchian, Comedinus, vicar of Ballymore and Drumcree, 432.

Ofergail, Carbricus and Odo. See O'Farrell.

Offeachna, Offachna, Cornelius, rector of Castlecomer, vicar of Gleacindyssyl or Gleaandyssyl, 259, 266.

Offeagaid, Nemias, vicar of St. Maeilanus de Ganga alias de Ycturtiri, rector of Bali Mictonchabuill, 119, 120.

Offeargail, Nemias. See O'Farrell.

Offeargalaych, Laurence. See O'Farrell.

Offeargayl, Richard. See O'Farrell.

Offelayn, Eugene. See O'Folan.

Offelegh. See Offley.

Offergail, Carbricus, Cornelius, John, and Obemeus, See O'Farrell.

Offini, Donald, vicar of Cluaincorpy, i.e. Termonbarry, 267.

Offlannagan, Maurice. See Oflannagan.

Offlannagayn, Donatus. See Oflannagan.

Offlannura, Oflandura (O'Flannery), James, vicar of Killuran, 37, 103.

-, Patrick, clerk, rector of Aghadowey, 431.

-, See Oflannra.

Offley, Offelegh [co. Herts], parish church of St. Mary Magdalen, 154.

Oflaferthy (O'Flaherty?), Bernard, abbot of Annadown, 144.

Oflainighoile, Thady, canon of Killala, 233.

Oflanagan, Lewis and Malachy. See Oflannagan.

Oflandura, James and Patrick. See Offlannura.

Oflannagan, Iflanagan, Offlannagan, Offlannagayn, Oflannagain, Donatus, rector of Kilmaley, vicar of Kilnamona, 478.

-, Lewis, vicar of Ogulla, 263, 433.

-, Malachy, dean of Elphin, 26, 83, 165, 240, 452.

-, Maurice, canon of Elphin, 309.

Oflanni, Malachy, vicar of Lemanaghan, 201.

Oflannra, John, bishop of Derry, 257, 437, 494.

-, See Offlannura.

Ofloenn, Eugenius, vicar of Ballintober, 425.

O'Folan, Ofelan, Offelayn, Eugenius, bishop of Kilmacduagh, sometime dean of Cloyne and canon of Limerick and Lismore, 91, 198, 445.

Ofrachna, Donald, vicar of Ogulla, 263, 433.

-, Matthew, vicar of Ogulla, 433.

Ofroyfa, Thomas, vicar of Kilnamona 233.

Ogaband, Donatus, perpetual beneficiary, called rector, in the parish church of St. Bridget, Disertfynchill, 226, 227.

-, Lazarianus, vicar of Ballintemple, 121.

Ogairyn, diocese of Killaloe, 266.

Ogamna, Ogamini, Cornelius, Augustinian canon, afterwards prior, of Inchmacnerin, 199.

-, Maurus, prior of Inchmacnerin, 199, 469.

Ogara, Charles, canon of Elphin, 422.

Ogealvayn, Thomas, canon of Cloyne, 85.

Ogemregan, Comidinus, vicar of Raid, 265.

Ogeryffa, Cuthoygrich alias Charles, rector of Kilnamona. 459.

Oghterath. See Outrath.

Ogillaguuayn, Laurence, priest, notary, 253.

Ogillaseanayn, Roderick, vicar of Kyllsyoborach, 479.

Ogillgan, More, vicar of Killaspugbrone, 143.

Ogiorfan, Comedinus. See Ograffan.

Ograda, Ogradi, Donald, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 252, 255, 256, 266, 427, 470.

-, Donald, rector of the chapel of Castletownarra (diocese of Killaloe), 33.

-, James, official of Killaloe, 370.

-, James, rector of Kilcornan (diocese of Limerick), 37.

-, John, rector of Kilnamona, afterwards bishop of Kilmacduagh, afterwards of Elphin, 479.

-, John Russus, vicar of Clooney, 38.

-, Maurice, rector of Drumcliff, 480.

Ograffan, Ogiorfan, Comedinus, vicar of Skerry, afterwards rector of Ahoghill, 119, 261.

Ogulla, Odealb, Odealba [co. Roscommon], 263, 433.

Oguym, Nemeas, abbot of Kells, 471.

Ohachagearna, Denis, canon of Limerick, 370.

Ohacharni, Dermit, vicar of Killadmayt, 263.

Ohadra, Magonius, canon of Achonry, 199.

Ohadye, Thomas, vicar of Kilmurvy, 262.

Ohahy, Nicholas, rector of Ballymore, 481.

Ohainnurach, Yhimmert (O'Henery), John, canon of Limerick, 423.

-, -, rector of Kilkerrin (diocese of Tuam), 426.

Ohainrachtaid, Nimeas. See Ohenrachtaich.

Ohalharam, Reginald. See Ohalluran.

Ohallbarain, Ohallbaran, Ohallbrain, Ohallbrahin, Odo, rector of Moycullen, vicar of Ross, 426, 431.

Ohalluran, Ohalharam, John, vicar of Quin, 367.

-, Reginald, vicar of Tulachuaneasgob, 122.

Ohanly, Ochaynle, Cornellus, precentor of Killaloe, rector of Finnoe, 472.

-, William, rector of Dogstown (diocese of Cashel), 263.

-, William, rector of Finnoe (diocese of Killaloe), 472.

Ohannrahayn, Maurice. See Ohanrachayn.

Ohannuchi, Alan, dean and canon of Killala, rector of Kilroe, vicar of Ballysakeery, 480.

Ohanrachayn, Ohannrahayn, Ohanrichan, Dermit, vicar of Castleconnell alias Stradbally, 255.

-, Magonius, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 263.

-, Maurice, canon of Clonfert, 422.

O'Hanaratty. See Ohenrachtaich.

Ohanrichan, Magonius. See Ohanrachayn.

Ohanynd, John, priest, 321.

Oharet, Reginald. See Ohart.

Oharrinheadhaidh, Cornelius, rector of Ardstraw, 122.

Ohart, Oharet, Reginald, dean of Ross, rector of Kilroan and of Kilmocomoge, 253, 256.

Ohatach, Dermit, Friar Preacher, licensed to become an Augustinian canon, 470.

Ohatir, Yhatir, John, chancellor of Killaloe, 301.

Ohaylle, Philip, canon of Cloyne, notary, 85, 93, 123.

-, See Ohealghy.

Ohcluc, Patrick, rector and vicar of Rathdowney, 259, 260.

Oheagan, Oheagayn, Donatus. See Ohogayn.

Ohealghy, Thomas, canon of Cloyne, papal mandatary, 445.

-, See Ohaylle.

O'Hedian, Ohedian, Ohedealyn, Dermit, canon of Leighlin, papal mandatary, 482.

-, John, archdeacon and canon of Cashel, canon of Ossory, vicar of Fethard, 83, 85.

-, Nicholas, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 398.

-, Richard, archbishop of Cashel, sometime archdeacon of Cashel, canon of Limerick and Ossory, vicar of Fethard, 83-85, 105, 106, 174, 445, 514.

-, -, -, administrator of the see of Cork, 428.

-, See Macaedagan; Maceydan; Machoydan.

Ohegagayn, Donatus. See Ohogayn.

Oheireachtauch (MacGeraghty), John, canon of Armagh, rector of Aghaloo, 429.

Ohenrachtaich, Ohainrachtaid, Ohenrachtaych, Oynractaic (O'Hanratty), Nemeas, Nimeas, canon of Clogher, vicar of Clones, papal mandatary, 424, 428, 446, 477, 491.

O'Henery. See Oaenrach; Ohainnurach.

Ohogayn, Ochobain or Ochogain, Oeogayn, Oheagan, Oheagayn, Ohegagayn, Oheoganayn, Oheogayn, Oheogumayn, Oheogunayn, Yogayn, Donatus, rector of Birr (diocese of Killaloe), 120.

-, Donatus, rector of Kenealarga (diocese of Killaloe), 41, 267.

-, John, prior of Scattery Island collegiate church, 313.

-, John, vicar of Loughkeen, 119.

-, Laurence, rector of Kilnamona and Cinel-Baith, 459, 479.

-, Malachy, rector of Monsea, 85, 86.

-, Matthew, rector of Inniskeen, 478.

-, Nemeas, vicar of Inniskeen, 188 (Corrigenda).

-, Patrick, rector of Inniskeen, 232.

-, See Oagayn.

Ohorahan, Malachy. See Ohurain.

Ohuallachan, Chuallachan, Andrew, archdeacon of Ross, vicar of Kilkerran, 253.

-, Maurice, vicar of Kilkeedy, 118.

Ohubayn alias de Burgo, Thomas, rector of Clann Cuain, 427.

Ohurain, Ohorahan, Malachy, vicar of Clonenagh, 437.

-, Odo, rector of Cymimacgid, 424.

-, Thady, Augustinian canon, afterwards abbot, of Clonfert, 494.

-, Thomas, rector of Cymimacgid, 424.

Oilean-na-Naem alias Insula Sanctorum, See Saints Island.

Okacail, Donald. See Okathaill.

Okachan, Okadgan, Maurice. See Okagan.

Okaellagi, Okaellagy, Okaellaigi, Robert. See O'Kelly.

Okaellayg, Richard and Robert. See O'Kelly.

Okaerwillis, John, rector of Killallon, 475.

Okagan, Ocathayn, Ochatham, Okachan, Okadgan, Okahan, Okan (O'Kane), Maurice, canon of Derry, rector of Drumachose, papal mandatary, 115, 121, 122, 254, 255, 259, 424.

-, Michael, rector of Donaghedy, 268.

-, Nellanus, rector of Raid, 265.

Okailti, Okahilti, John, rector of Termoneeny, 262.

-, Patrick, rector of Maghera, 258.

Okairtean, Eugenius. See Occurtean.

Okan, Nellanus. See Okagan.

O'Kane. See Ochathan; Okagan.

Okartean, Okairtean, Donald, canon of Derry, and Eugenius his son, canon of Derry. See Occurtean.

-, Donald, vicar of Aghadowey and Banagher. See Occurtean.

Okasalaith, Okassalaid, Okassalaig, Okassalayg, John. See Ocassalaid.

Okassyn, Okassin, diocese of Killaloe, 37, 129.

-, See Macassyn.

Okathaill, Okacail, Donald, canon of Elphin, 204.

-, Gilbert, dean of Kilfenora portionary of Elphin, 241.

Okayl, Odo, canon of Tuam, 423.

Okayssy, John, rector of Ballymore, 35, 72.

-, Simon, rector of Ballymore, 72.

Okcally, Nicholas. See O'Kelly.

Okcham. See Oakham.

Okeaillaich, Maurice. See O'Kelly.

O'Kealy. See Ocacylti.

Okeandaclad, Maurice. See Oceainnlad.

Okeandubayn, Odo, rector of Tirawley, 120.

Okearbayll, Marianus, rector of Birr, 269.

Okearbellen, Peter. See Occarbalan.

Okearnai, Okearnaich, Philip. See Okerney.

Okearualayn, John. See Okerualan.

O'Kelly, Okelly, Ocheallaych, Ocoillaighi, Okaellagi, Okaellagy, Okaellaigi, Okaellayg, Okcally, Okeaillaich, Okeallaygh, Okeaylay, Okeayly, Okellaid, Okele, Okeley, Okelygh, Ykeallaygh, Bernard son of Eugenius, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 42.

-, Henry, rector of Killulagh, 367.

-, Maurice, archbishop of Tuam, 198, 387, 434, 436.

-, Maurice, vicar of Fohanagh (diocese of Clonfert), 430.

-, Nicholas, canon of Elphin, papal mandatary, 424.

-, Raymund, Benedictine monk, afterwards prior, of Athlone, 393, 394.

-, Richard, vicar of Bunratty and Drumline, 36.

-, Robert, precentor of Killaloe, vicar of Clondaged, 252.

-, -, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 85, 233, 313, 399, 479, 480.

-, Thady, canon of Elphin, 204.

-, Thady, rector of Athenry (diocese of Tuam), 269.

-, Thomas, Friar Preacher, bishop of Ardfert, afterwards of Clonfert, 6, 7, 494.

-, Thomas Obroggy. See Obroggy.

-, William, priest, 384.

-, See Maceochagychcallaych.

Okennedy, Okenedy, Okenedyg, Okynnedy, Donald, canon of Killaloe, 37, 389.

-, John, rector of Lisbunny, 263.

-, Maurice, rector of Ballymore, 35, 72.

Okerbalan, Donatus. See Occarbalan.

Okerney, Ocherny, Okearnai, Okearnaich, Okernaich (O'Kearney), Philip, canon of Tuam, papal mandatary, 422, 425, 426, 436, 477.

Okerualan, Okearualayn, Okerwlan, (O'Carolan), Angelicus, vicar of Donaghmore, 267.

-, David, vicar of Donaghedy, 259.

-, John, rector of Donaghedy, 268.

-, See Occarbalan.

Okeruayl, John, rector of Kyllamyn, 306.

Okerwlan, Angelicus. See Okerualan.

Okettygyd, Florence, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 45.

Okurke, John. See Ocurke.

Okynnedy, Maurice. See Okennedy.

Okyrrnan, Philip, vicar of Templenascreen, 260.

Olaisci, John, vicar of Fahan, 255.

Oldendorp, Eghardus, canon of Lbeck, 441.

Oldhalle alias Waryn, of Little Fransham, Walter, clerk, 104, 105.

Old Radnor, Old Radnore [cos. Hereford and Radnor], 449.

Oleayn or Obeayn, Philip, canon of Kilmacduagh, 124.

Olinn, Oluan, Oluin (O'Lynn), Cristin, vicar of Aghadowey, 424.

-, John, vicar of Tamlaght-ard, 424.

-, Nicholas, vicar of Tullycorbet, afterwards of Cleenish, 491.

-, Patrick, rector of Cumber, 436.

Oliver, William, 331.

-, -, Joan his wife, 331.

Olochlaind, Olochlaynd, Olochloind, Denis, vicar of Killonaghan, 49.

-, Florence, archdeacon, canon and portionary of Kilfenora, vicar of Carudnahymygan, 36, 37, 39.

-, See Maclochlainn; Maglalacind.

Oloingsych, Cornelius. See Olongsygh.

Olon (Oloynsig in Cal. V. 502), Cornelius, vicar of Kyllsyoborach, 479.

Olonan, Odo, rector of Ballymoney, 254.

Olongain, Olongayn, Olonngayn, John, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 36.

-, -, canon of Killaloe, papal mandatary, 36, 42, 44, 85, 263, 264, 367, 479.

-, Thomas, dean of Clonfert, canon of Cloyne and Tuam, vicar of Fohanagh, 253, 430.

-, See Olonyrgayn.

Olongayg, Ylongayg, Andrew, vicar of Ballymodan, 428.

Olongsygh, Oloingsych (O'Lynch), Alan, clerk, afterwards Augustinian canon and prior of Killagh, 279.

-, Cornelius, prior of Scattery Island collegiate church, vicar of Kilrush, 313.

-, See Olon.

Olonngayn, John. See Olongain.

Olonyrgayn, Olonragayn, Dermit, dean of Killaloe, 476.

-, James, vicar of Kilnasoolagh, 42, 256.

-, Rory, precentor and official of Killaloe, vicar of Kilnasoolagh, 252, 256.

-, See Olongain.

Olorchan, Eugenius, rector of Ballymore, 480, 481.

Oloron [Basses-Pyrnes, France], bishop of, papal mandatary, 197, 260, 269, 271, 322, 325, 370, 427, 429, 454, 483, 495.

Olton, Olten, David, clerk, notary, 93.

Oluan, Cristin and Nicholas. See Olinn.

Olucheran, Olucharean, John, canon of Derry, papal mandatary, 494.

-, John, rector of Aghaloo (diocese of Armagh) and Donaghmore (ibid.), 477.

-, Odo, dean of Clogher and rector of Donacovey or Fintona, 241.

-, Patrick, rector of Garudseagayl, 261.

-, Thomas, dean of Armagh, 421.

Oluin, John. See Olinn.

O'Lynch. See Olongsygh.

O'Lynn. See Olinn.

Omaan, Matthew, Augustinian friar, 387.

Omaclymnayn, Florence. See Omulymnan.

Omacny, John, vicar of Clooncraff. 258.

Omadagain, Omadagayn, Omadayn, Omaddagayn, Donald, archdeacon of Clonfert, rector of Bonoghan, 46, 427.

-, Donatus, canon of Annadown, papal mandatary, 480.

-, Thady, layman, 409.

-, William, canon of Clonfert, 422.

Omaigaid alias Alteriusnacionis, Thomas. See Omigaid.

Omaileanaid, Cornelius, Augustinian canon of St. Mary's in Portu in the diocese of Ravenna, afterwards prior of Inchmacnerin, 161.

Omalanva (Mulvany), Donald, vicar of Cinel Ben Uchair.

Omalchali (Mulholland), Donatus, vicar of Clonenagh, 437.

Omalechlind, John, vicar of Killimorbologue, 414.

Omanarkayn, Eugenius, canon of Killaloe, 37.

Omaneayd, More, vicar of Kallodoraid, 480.

Omayl, John, canon of Clonmacnoiso, 456.

Omaylamna, Maurice, vicar of Ballinrobe, 436.

Omaylbrenaynd (Mulrenan), Thomoltheus, vicar of Ballintober, 425.

Omaylmochoir, Omolmochougy, Omulmochori (O'Mulmochery), Fergallus, vicar of Drumreilly, 481.

-, Gelasius, rector of Drumreilly, 481, 509.

-, -, -, John his son clerk (diocese of Kilmore), vicar of Drumreilly and of Oughteragh, 481.

-, John (diocese of Kilmore), clerk, notary, 351.

Omechayr, Omeachair, Ymechayr (O'Meagher), Dermit, prior of Monaincha, 467.

-, -, -, Donald his son, canon, afterwards prior, of Monaincha, 467.

-, Marianus, vicar of Killmomeneg, afterwards an Augustinian canon and prior of Monaincha, 389.

-, Rory, vicar of Ogairyn, 266.

-, Thomas, prior of Monaincha, 389.

Omelyer, Omyelir, Laurence, vicar of Quin, 116, 367.

Omichian, William, Augustinian canon of Gill abbey, Cork, afterwards canon of Kells and commendatary of the vicarage of Cluainfairth, 280, 396.

Omigaid, Omaigaid, Omiegaid, alias Alteriusnacionis, John, rector of Clonfad and of Newtown, 478, 479, 481.

-, Thomas, scholar, to be a canon of Durrow, 507.

Omlampaylls, Ymulaapayll, Cornelius, rector of the chapel of Castletownarra, 33, 68.

Ommachan, Omynachan, Donatus, vicar of Kyllruayn, afterwards of Kilmorgan, 42, 166, 266.

-, Eugenius, vicar of Kinnetty, 267.

Omochlayn, Ymochlayn, Gilatius, rector and vicar of Kilkerrin, 427.

-, Odo, vicar of Moylough, 256.

Omogra, Cornelius, chancellor of Killaloe, 301.

Omoilgiurga, Patrick. See Omolgiruga.

Omolayn, Odo, vicar of Killoscobe, 422.

Omolchonore, Alan, Augustinian canon, afterwards prior, of St. Michael's Mount, 278.

-, Thomas, Augustinian canon, 278.

Omolcorkra, Ymalcorkra, Thomas, 232.

-, -, William his son, vicar of Ballingarry, 232.

Omolgiruga, Omoilgiurga (O'Maoldaraighe i.e. Muldory), Patrick, vicar of Termonmaguirk, 366, 479.

Omolkallund, Peter, rector of Termoneeny and of Tamlacha, 262.

Omolmochougy, Gelasius. See Omaylmochoir.

Omoloroyn, Malachy, vicar of Cyllmaceyan, 275.

O'Morison. See Omurguisan.

Omora (Omoran in Cal. V), Gilbert, prior of Mohill, 392.

Omorra, Gilbert, rector and vicar of Gleacindyssyl or Gleaandyssyl, 266.

-, John, clerk, rector and vicar of Killabban, 258, 315.

Omostraht (O'Mostead i.e. O'Mustey), Thomas, archdeacon and canon of Dromore, 476.

Omoylin alias Brymechgeam, John, rector of Kilkerrin, afterwards of Boyounagh and Boykerayn, afterwards of Knockgraffon, 438.

Omuealinnain, Findbardus. See Omulymnan.

Omulalaich, Isaac, canon of Clonfert, papal mandatary, 423.

Omuleon, Marianus, canon of Clonmacnoise, 201.

Omulluyn, Donald, vicar of Castleconnell alias Stradbally, 255.

O'Mulmochery, Omulmochori, John. See Omaylmochoir.

Omulymnan, Omaclymnayn, Omuealinnain, Omulymaan, Omulymnain, Omulymnayn, Findbardus, Finnbardus vicar of Kilglass and of Termonbarry, afterwards dean of Elphin, 83, 255.

-, Fiorence, vicar of Kilglass, 118, 321.

-, Matthew, Augustinian canon, afterwards prior, of Cloontuskert, and commendatary of Thulach and of Lissonuffy, 204, 233236.

Omurain, David, Hospitaller, prior of Rindown, 163.

Omurchili, Omurrchyli, Omurrchuyle, Omurchali, Reginald, canon of Cork, papal mandatary, 253, 256, 425, 428.

Omurcho, Robert, clerk, 306.

Omurgissa, Omuyrgissa, Maurice, canon of Kilfenora, papal mandatary, 36.

-, Rory, vicar of Kilfiddane, 264.

Omurguisan (O'Morison), Metrach, vicar of Fahan, 255.

Omurrchuyle, Omurrchyli, Reginald. See Omurchili.

O'Mustey. See Omostraht.

Omuyrgissa, Maurice. See Omurgissa.

Omydyr, Matthew, vicar of Drumcliff, 479.

-, Thady, rector and vicar of Drumcliff, 479, 480.

Omyelir, Laurence. See Omelyer.

Omynachan, Donatus and Eugenius. See Ommachan.

Oneill, Eugenius, rector of Ahoghill, 261.

-, John, rector of Ahoghill, 119.

-, See Macneill.

Onuallan (Nolan), Thomas, vicar of Moyacomb, 428, 430.

Ooengassa, Yoengassa, Donatus, rector of Kilcorbry, 257.

Oppenton Pyne, Opton Pyn. See Upton Pyne.

Oquenan, Patrick, vicar of Drummaul, 492.

Oqueogan, Oqueorgan, Donald, rector of Killinkere, 118.

-, Luke, rector of Drumgoon, 120.

Oraidechayn, John. See Orodogan.

O'Reilly, Orayly, Orealig, Orugilid, Ouuiyregelaich, Donald, rector of Murragh, vicar of Ballymodan, 425, 428.

-, John, bishop of Kilmore, 374.

-, John, vicar of Turlough (diocese of Tuam), 425.

-, Patrick, rector of Leckpatrick, 115.

-, Richard, donsel, 106.

Orechtagain, Matthew. See Orodogan.

Oredecayn, Donald. See Orodogan.

Oribna, Dermit. See Orybne.

Ormund, Master David, rector of Narberth, papal chaplain, 173, 328.

Orodogan, Oraidechayn, Orechtagain, Oredecayn, Oroddayn, Orodochain, Orodochan, Yreachdagan (O'Roddy), Cornelius, canon of Clonmacnoise, papal mandatary, 427, 478, 481, 507.

-, Donald, vicar of Killoscobe, 422.

-, John, rector of Munterfathaid (diocese of Tuam) and of Ui-Diar-mada (ibid.), 166.

-, John, vicar of Quin (diocese of Killaloe), 116.

-, John, vicar of Templemichael (diocese of Ardagh), 368.

-, Luke, rector of Drumreilly, 509.

-, Matthew, perpetual beneficiary, called rector, of Lissonuffy, 236.

O'Rourke. See Macruerch; Oruairc.

Orpington, Orpyngton [co. Kent], 57, 194.

Orsini, Jordan de. See Cardinal Bishops (Albano).

Oruagri (Rory), Nemias, vicar of Kilkerrin, 268.

Oruagyn alias Ocathail, Florence, vicar of Kilkeedy, 118.

Oruairc (O'Rourke), Cornelius, clerk, rector of Dartry and Brefni Chair (diocese of Kilmore), vicar of Killasnet (ibid.), 257, 265, 319.

-, Cornelius, clerk, vicar of Cluainfairth (diocese of Kilmore), 396.

-, See Macgruerit; Macruerch.

Orugilid, John. See O'Reilly.

Orum, John, archdeacon of Barnstaple, canon of Wells, warden of the hospital of St. John, Hungerford, chaplain of Standen, 300.

Orybne, Oribna, Dermit, rector of Fercall, 429, 451.

Osbern, Osberne, Henry, priest, 340.

-, John, rector of Sudbourne, 340.

-, Thomas, citizen of London, nobleman, 331.

-, -, -, Isabel his wife 331.

Oscannlayn, Donald, canon of Ardfert, papal mandatary, 479.

Oscula (O'scully), Maurice, vicar of Kinnetty, with a pension from the rectory of Kenealarga, 41, 267.

Oseney, Oseneye. See Osney.

Osgyngyn, Cornelius, clerk, 321.

Osiredean, Patrick. See Osyredean.

Osney, Oseney, Oseneye, Osseney, Osyne [co. Oxford], Augustinian abbey of St. Mary, abbot of, faculty to, 352.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 9, 49, 92, 93, 323, 351, 401, 483, 492.

-, -, prior of, papal mandatary, 39.

-, -, canon of, 49.

Osomochan, Paul, canon of Elphin, 38.

Osruchan, Thomas, vicar of Killeagai, 260.

Osseney. See Osney.

Ossington, Ossyngton [co. Notts], Hospitallers house, preceptor of. See Cerne.

Ossory [co. Kilkenny], bishop of, papal mandatary, 90, 101, 102, 118, 124, 414, 443, 453.

-, -, See Balscot; Peverel; Snell.

-, John (Griffin or Wultham), bishop of, 101, 114.

-, dean of, papal mandatary, 85.

-, -, See Broune; Feld; Fox alias Raghat; Lullyngton; Stafford; Stontoun.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 90, 434, 476.

-, -, See Coggran.

-, precentor of. See Stontoun.

-, chancellor of. See Prout; Sweetman.

-, canons of. See Cardyffe; Griffin; Ocurke; O'Hedian, John and Richard; Sutton; Sylk.

-, chapter of, election by to the deanery, 434.

Ossyngton. See Ossington.

Ostia [Lazio, Italy], Angelus, bishop of. See Cardinal Bishops.

-, John, bishop of. See Cardinal Bishops.

-, archpriest of. See Giovenazzi.

Osuadachan, Patrick, rector and vicar of Inniskeen, 188 (Corrigenda), 478.

Osuegaid, Donald, vicar of Kilvarnet, 141.

Osullewain (O'sullivan), Gilbert, archdeacon of Aghadoe, 65.

Oswestry, Oswaster [co. Salop], hospital of St. John, rector or warden of. See Holbache.

Osycha, Charles, vicar of Kilfiddane and of Kilscannell. 264.

Osyne. See Osney.

Osyredean, Osiredean, John, Premonstratensian canon of Lough Key, afterwards prior of Lough Oughter, commendatary of Tomregan, 231, 271.

-, Patrick, vicar of St. Felimy's, Kilmore, 270.

-, Thomas, clerk, rector of Keadew, 121.

-, -, John his son, clerk, to be rector of Keadew, 121.

Otere, John, the younger, of Norwich, priest, 15.

Otery. See Ottery.

Otharpa (Torpy or Tarpy), Thomas, Augustinian canon, afterwards abbot, of St. Michael's, Mayo, 434.

Othomaltayd, Ochommaltaich, Ochomultaig (Tomalty), Odo, rector of Errigal, 433.

-, William, prior of Athlone, 202, 394.

Otigernayg (O'Tierney), Laurence, vicar of Rathborney, 261, 262.

Otorna. See O'Dorney.

Ottery, Otery [co. Devon], collegiate church of St. Mary, warden and chapter of, 143.

-, See Otere.

Otto and Ottobon, papal legates, constitutions of, 51, 110-112, 326.

Otybayn, John. See Ocibayn.

Ouaradi, Nicholas, rector of Sliab Luga, 260.

Oudeby, Agnes, Benedictine nun, 359.

Oudiarmada, Oudiermada. See UiDiarmada.

Oughteragh, Uactarachad [co. Leitrim], 481.

Oundle, Oundell [co. Northants], 26.

Ouse, Owse, river, 164, 284.

Outethoren, diocese of York, 76.

Outrath, Ochtrath, Oghterath [co. Kilkenny], prebend in Ossory, 156, 293.

Ouuiyregelaich, Patrick. See O'Reilly.

Overe, priory of St. Mary's. See Southwark.

Overhall, prebend in Ledbury, q.v.

Overley, William, clerk, notary, 93.

Owair, Ywair, John, dean of Kilfenora, 241.

Owse. See Ouse.

Owyg, John, vicar of Killua, 127.

Oxenford, Richard de, prior of St. Frideswide's, Oxford, 161.

Oxford [co. Oxford], Richard, earl of, and Alice his wife. See Vere.

-, Maud, countess of. See Vere.

-, archdeacon of, papal mandatary, 9.

-, -, See Southam.

-, Augustinian priory of St. Frideswide, St. Fredeswyde, St. Frydeswyde, prior of, faculty to, 334.

-, -, -, papal mandatary, 92, 323.

-, -, Richard, prior of. See Oxenford.

-, -, prior and convent of, 161.

-, Cistercian abbey of Rewley by abbot of, papal mandatary, 324, 327, 483.

-, parish church of St. Mary, 345.

-, parish church of St. Peter in the East, 364, 441.

-, -, chapel of Holy Cross, Holywell, Hallewelle, in the parish of, 512.

-, -, See below Queen's Hall.

-, Durham (Trinity), College, warden of, papal mandatary, 334.

-, -, chapel of St. Cuthbert in, 245, 278.

-, -, possessions of, 390, 391.

-, Queen's Hall, foundation of in the parish of St. Peter's in the East, 377.

-, St. Mary of Winchester [New] College, warden of, papal mandatary, 94.

-, Stapledon Hall, Stapeldenhall, Stapeldonhall, Stapendenhall, Stapuldoichall, Stapuldonhall, [Exeter College], 47-49, 135, 136.

-, university, chancellor of, 47, 48.

-, -, -, See Hendeman; Courteney.

-, -, roll of petitions of, 52, 53.

-, -, students at, 58, 59, 114, 131, 232, 248, 262, 278, 290, 428.

-, -, visitation of, 302-304.

-, Richard Ewstas, priest, dwelling at, 358.

-, See Wolvercote.

Oxston, Robert, canon of Lichfield, 237.

Oynractaic, Nemeas. See Ohenrachtaich.