Lateran Regesta, 396: 1442-1444

Pages 323-327

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 9, 1431-1447. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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12 Eugenius IV (cont.)

De Exhibitis.

3 Id. Oct.
(f. 72.)
To the archdeacon of St. Andrews. Mandate, at the recent petition of David de Seras, perpetual chaplain in the church of St. Clement, Dunde, in the diocese of Brechin—containing that formerly, on the voidance by the death without the Roman court of John Wilhelmi, of the perpetual vicarage of Monimel in the diocese of St. Andrews, the said David (by vigour of a faculty lately granted to James, bishop of St. Andrews to reserve to his gift, and made collation and provision of a number of benefices with or without cure, and of a reservation made by the said bishop to his gift of one of such benefices for collation to the said David) accepted the [perpetual vicarage of] the said parish church, had provision thereof made to him, and obtained and holds possession; and adding that he doubts whether the said acceptance and provision for certain reasons hold good—to collate and assign to the said David (who is M.A. and whom the pope hereby absolves as far as regards the taking effect of these presents from excommunication etc. incurred for the non-payment of a certain sum of money), if found fit, the said vicarage, still void as above, value not exceeding 9l. sterling; notwithstanding that he holds the said chaplaincy, without cure and value not exceeding 10l. sterling, and that the pope lately dispensed him to hold for life any two benefices with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if dignities etc., and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleased. Dignum arbitramur etc. Exhibita siquidem nobis ... (An. and Jo. de Tefelen. | An. xxviii. Decimonono Kal. Januarii Anno Terciodecimo. de Adria.)

13 Eugenius IV.

[De] Provisionibus [Prelatorum].
Prid. Non. Jan.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 243d.)
To the bishop of Clogher. Mandate—in pursuance of the mandate by which the pope has this day ordered him to receive Patrick Odangussa, perpetual vicar of Ariguldakerog in the diocese of Armagh, as a canon of the Augustinian monastery of St. Mary, Clogher, and to receive his profession; seeing that the said monastery is void by the death without the Roman court of Patrick Omoluger, although Cornelius Oconnaluyd, priest, professed of the said order, without having obtained any canonical dispensation on account of illegitimacy as the son of a priest, professed of the said order and an unmarried woman, under pretext of a postulation intruded himself and has unduly detained possession for about two years—to summon and remove the said Cornelius, and make provision of the said monastery, the value of whose fruits, etc., belonging to the abbatial mensa, does not exceed 6 marks sterling, to the said Patrick (who is a priest and who was lately dispensed, as the son of a canon professed of the said order and an unmarried woman, by authority of the ordinary to be promoted to minor orders and hold a benefice without cure, and afterwards by papal authority to be promoted to all holy orders and hold another benefice even with cure), after he has received him as a canon, and received his profession as above. The bishop is to bless Patrick or cause him to be blessed by a catholic bishop, and the pope hereby specially dispenses him to be abbot and exercise the administration etc., and, seeing the slenderness of the fruits etc. of the said mensa, and, seeing that it and the said vicarage, which is not more than three miles of those parts distant, can be governed by one person, grants that Patrick may as long as he is abbot of the said monastery retain in commendam the said vicarage, value not exceeding 5 marks sterling; without prejudice to the bishop of Clogher, to whom the said monastery is by ordinary right subject, in case of the said blessing being done by another than by that bishop. Solicite considerationis. (An. and Ja. de Vicentia. | An. xxx. Residuum pro deo. de Adria.)
7 Id. Dec.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 293d.)
To the prior of SS. Feighin (Frini) and Taurin's, Fore (de Fouor), in the diocese of Meath, and the archdeacon of Kilmore. Mandate as below. Lately, on the voidance of the Cistercian monastery of St. Mary, Granard (de Granaydo), in the diocese of Ardagh, by the promotion made by Martin V (who died without disposing of the said monastery) of Richard, [now] bishop of Ardagh [Cal. Lett. VII, p. 408], and by his consecration at the apostolic see, it was set forth to the present pope by the said bishop that the fruits etc. of the episcopal mensa, not exceeding 60 marks sterling a year, were too slight for his support, wherefore the pope granted to him the said monastery in commendam during the pleasure of the apostolic see [Cal. Lett. VIII, p. 506]. Subsequently, upon the pope being informed by the late John Omayl, a monk of the said monastery, that the said bishop, after thus obtaining it in commendam, had dilapidated many of its possessions and expelled certain of its monks, and that in consequence of his bad administration divine worship had been much diminished, the pope ordered the bishop of Clonmacnoise, if the said John would accuse bishop Richard etc. as usual, to summon bishop Richard, and, if he found the above or enough thereof to be true, to annul the said commenda, and in that event to make provision of the monastery to the said John. Seeing that, as the pope has learned, the said John died without the Roman court before the said mandate was executed, and the pope having been informed by James Macgillanen, a monk of the said monastery, that the above are true, he orders the above, if the said James will accuse the said bishop, etc. (fn. 2) to summon the bishop, and if they find the above or enough thereof to be true, to annul the said commenda, and in that event to make provision to James, if found fit, of the said monastery, value not exceeding 100 marks sterling. Apostolice solicitudinis. (An. and Ja. Petri. | An. xxxxv. de Adria.)
4 Non. March.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 298.) (fn. 3)
To John de Ellem. Provision to him, a priest, of the Cistercian monastery of St. Mary, Kynlos, in the diocese of Moray, to which (on its voidance by the resignation of John Flottar, [now] a monk, then abbot thereof, to Richard, abbot of Melrose in the diocese of Glasgow, the father abbot of Kynlos) the convent postulated the said John de Ellem, a monk and cellarer of the monastery of Culros in the diocese of Dunblane, which postulation he has caused to be set forth before the pope in consistory. Inter solicitudines.
Concurrent letters to the convent and to the vassals of St. Mary's, to the bishop of Moray, and to James, king of Scots—Inter etc. (An. and G. de Elten. | An. xviii. viiii. viiii. viiii. viiii. de Adria.)
15 Kal. Feb.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 302.)
To Master Paul de Sanctafide, a papal chaplain and auditor. Mandate, at the recent petition of Mariota, prioress of the Cistercian monastery of Hadington in the diocese of St. Andrews (containing that on the voidance thereof by the deprivation for her demerits of Agnes Maul, [now] a nun, then prioress thereof, by the late Henry, bishop of St. Andrews, the convent duly elected the said Mariota, then in about her twentieth year, who consented to the election and had it confirmed by authority of the ordinary, and under pretext of such election and confirmation, and without having obtained any dispensation on account of defect of age, took possession of the administration etc.; that Agnes appealed to the apostolic see from the said deprivation, election, and confirmation, etc.; and is said to have won against Mariota, neither summoned nor defended, a definitive sentence, with condemnation in fruits and costs, perhaps with letters of execution and processes containing sentences of excommunication etc.) to absolve Mariota from such sentences etc., if any, enjoining penance, and rehabilitate her. She is, before these presents are executed, to resign the said possession. Solet sedis apostolice clemencia. (An. and Ciprianus. | An. xvi. de Adria.)
(f. 303.)
To the same. Mandate, recapitulating the preceding (here with the addition of Mariota's surname, 'de Dulglas' [sic]) to summon the above Agnes and others concerned, and if they find that Agnes was justly deprived, to annul the above-mentioned sentence and letters of execution etc., extinguish the suit between Agnes and Mariota, and impose perpetual silence on Agnes in regard to the said monastery etc.: and if they make the above absolution and re- habilitation, annulment etc., or if the said monastery, value not exceeding 100l. sterling, be void as above or in any other way, and if they find the said Mariota (who has been blessed by the ordinary as prioress, on whose behalf James, king of Scots and James, bishop of St. Andrews have petitioned the pope, and who is now in about her twenty-sixth year) to be fit, to make provision to her of the said monastery, and ratify the acts of her administration. The pope hereby specially dispenses her on account of the said defect. The above auditor has hereby power to cite the said Agnes, etc.: and before Mariota receives the administration she is to take to the said bishop James the usual oath of fealty to the pope. Ex suscepte servitutis. (An. and Ja. de Vicentia. | An. l. Quintodecimo Kal. Februarii Anno Terciodecimo. de Adria.)
13 Kal. Jan.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 271.) (fn. 4)
To John Carpenter. Provision to him, in priest's orders and S.T.M., of the church of Worcester, void by the translation made this day by the pope, of Thomas to Ely. Before receiving possession of the administration he is to take to the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishops of London and Rochester the usual oath of fealty. Apostolatus officium.
Concurrent letters to the chapter of the church, to the clergy, and to the people of the city and diocese, and to the vassals of the church—Apostolatus etc.; to the archbishop of Canterbury—Ad cumulum; and to king Henry—Gracie divine. (An. and Jo. de Tefelen. | An. xx.x.x.x.x.x.x. de Adria.)


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern Italian description Eugen. IV. 1442. Anno 12 (to which '13, 14' has been added later). Lib. 6 (altered later to '164'). A flyleaf has in different contemporary hands 'R[ecipe] Dionisius' and 'Rubricatus est.' Another flyleaf has in a modern hand: Sextus mixtus de diuersis, exhibitis, beneficiis, prebendis et dignitatibus vacantibus, de regularibus et de prouisionibus A. xii et xiii domini Eugenii pape iiii (copied from the hardly legible contemporary description which occurs as usual on the bottom edge of the volume) and the usual modern 'Lib. clxiv, fol. 304' and Vid. Hib. et Ang.'
  • 2. Here more fully than earlier in the letter and than usual, thus:—mandamus quatenus vos vel alter vestrum si dictus Jacobus, constito vobis vel alteri vestrum prius de eius idoneitate, prefatum Ricardum episcopum coram vobis super premissis accusare, seque ad aliquam extraordinariam per eum si defecerit in probando quod obiecerit vestro arbitrio moderandam penam in forma iuris inscribere voluerit, postquam ipsum accusauerit seque inscripserit ut prefertur, vocatis Ricardo episcopo prefato et aliis qui fuerint euocandi ... inquiratis ...
  • 3. On f. 300r. sq. is a provision dated at St. Peter's, Rome, Prid. Kal. Feb. 1443 [–4] to Ralph, treasurer of Rouen, of that see, void by the death of Lewis, cardinal priest of SS. Quatuor Coronati and archbishop, his election by the chapter, perhaps in ignorance that the see had been reserved, as usual, being declared null. The usual concurrent letter to the king is addressed neither to Charles nor to Henry but 'carissimo in Christo filio Regi Francorum illustri.' Eubel, Hierarchia, II, 248, has 'Radulfus Rosselli (Roussel)' and the date as '1444 Jan. 31' for which he refers to vol. 72 of the 'Obligationes,' fol. 1 (sic). Vol. 72 of the 'Obligationes,' f. 2, has in fact under 'Rothomagen.' 'die Veneris pridie Kal. Februarii ... de persona domini Radulphi Bosselli (sic) electi ...
  • 4. The order of the folios has been disturbed.