Lateran Regesta, 365: 1439

Pages 45-48

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 9, 1431-1447. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1912.

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9 Eugenius IV.

De Exhibitis. (fn. 2)

Kal. Dec.
Florence. (f. 88.)
To the bishop of Mayo (Mageonen) and Charles Ohanmu and John Ocomel, canons of Killala. Mandate, at the recent petition of William Okearrnaidh (fn. 3), priest, of the diocese of Killala—containing that on the voidance of the perpetual vicarage of Balecassakaeri in the said diocese by the resignation of Dermit Ybragain made to bishop Bernard, that bishop made collation and provision thereof to the said William, who in virtue thereof obtained and still holds it; and adding that it is asserted that the said vicarage became void, and is still void, not as above, but because the said Dermit, to whom the present pope had ordered provision thereof to be made, obtained, without the letters of the said provision being executed, the perpetual vicarage of Cilleuim[i]n in the said diocese, by collation made by authority of the ordinary—to collate and assign to William the said resigned vicarage, value not exceeding 7 marks sterling, howsoever void. Vite ac morum ... Exhibita siquidem nobis ... (An. and Cyprianus. | An. xx. Decimooctavo Kal. Januarii Anno Nono. de Adria.)
Prid. Id. March.
Florence. (f. 190.)
To the bishop of Valva, and the abbot of Cupar and the prior of Rostinot, in the diocese of St. Andrews. Mandate, at the recent petition of Simon Rede, priest, of the diocese of Brechin—containing that on the voidance of the perpetual vicarage of Montros in the said diocese by the death of Thomas Bell, the said Simon accepted, caused provision to be made to him of, and obtained it by vigour of letters by which the present pope ordered provision to be made to him of a benefice with or without cure in the gift of the bishop and the dean and chapter etc. of Brechin and of the Benedictine abbot and convent of St. Thomas the Martyr's, Aberbrothoc, in the diocese of St. Andrews; and adding that he doubts the validity of the said acceptance and provision—to collate and assign to Simon the said vicarage, still void as above, value not exceeding 15l. sterling, whether it be void as above, or by the resignation of John Innes, clerk, or by Robert Crannach, clerk, obtaining by authority of the ordinary the perpetual vicarage of Monyeky in the said diocese of Brechin, or in any other way. Upon obtaining the said vicarage of Montros, the said letters shall be void. Vite ... Exhibita siquidem nobis. (An. and G. Gonne. | An. xx. Octavo Id. Martii Anno Nono. de Adria.)

De Litteris Dominorum Cardinalium. (fn. 4)

14 Kal. Jan.
Florence. (f. 209d.)
To John, archbishop of York, raised to be a cardinal priest of the holy Roman church. (fn. 5) Motu proprio declaration to him—whom (along with a number of other prelates and learned men of great counsel and experience, of divers realms and provinces, raised by the pope to the estate and dignity of the cardinalate) the pope has this day in consistory general raised and nominated and published a cardinal priest of the holy Roman church, and to whom the pope intends shortly to assign one of the cardinal priest churches of Rome as title—that the pope's intention was at the time of the said raising and nomination and publication, and still is that he should not be released from the bond by which he was and is bound to his said church [of York], and that the pope's will neither was nor is that that church should be void; with grant hereby, also motu proprio, that even after he has given his consent to the said raising and nomination and publication, and has received a church of Rome as a title, even being a cardinal and holding such church of Rome, he shall remain archbishop of York, and administer that see, etc. as before. Ad exequendum summi. (An. and Cincius. | An. Gratis pro persona domini cardinalis. de Adria.)
Ibid. (f. 222.)
To Lewis, archbishop of Rouen, cardinal priest elect of the holy Roman church. (fn. 6) A like declaration and grant, also motu proprio, in regard to the sees of Rouen and Ely, of which letter the pope lately committed to him the administration [Cal. Lett. viii, p. 625]. Romani pontificis. [The substance is similar to that of the preceding, but the form is somewhat different.]
Concurrent mandate to the chapter of Rouen, Romani etc. (An. and Poggius. | An. Gratis pro persona domini cardinalis. de Adria.)
Ibid. To Lewis, cardinal [priest] elect of the holy Roman church and perpetual administrator of the church of Ely. The like, mutatis mutandis. Romani etc.
Concurrent mandate to the chapter of Ely—Romani etc.; and letters to Henry, king of England—Gracie divini premium. (An ... Adria, as in the preceding.) [Similar grants were made on the same date as the above, viz. Dec. 19, 1439, to a number of other cardinals created on that day.]
De Provisionibus Prelatorum.
Prid. Id. June.
Florence. (f. 268d.)
To the bishop of Aberdeen. Mandate, at the recent petition of Nicholas de Fores, a Cistercian monk of Dere in the diocese of Aberdeen (containing that formerly, on the voidance of Dere by the death of abbot Arthur, the convent unanimously elected him abbot, being a priest, and that he consented and had the election confirmed by authority of the ordinary, had himself blessed, and obtained possession, but now doubts whether the said election and confirmation hold good) if he find that the said election etc. took place lawfully, to confirm them, and, if he find the said monastery, value not exceeding 90l. sterling, to be still void as above or in any other way, to make provision thereof to Nicholas. In either event the bishop is to receive from Nicholas and send to the pope the usual oath of fealty. Solicite consideracionis. (B. and G. de Elten. | B. xl. Valven.)
Prid. Id. Oct.
Florence. (f. 279d.)
To John, abbot of the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter, Préaux (de Pratellis), in the diocese of Lisieux. Provision of the said monastery, to which he, a monk thereof and a priest, was on its voidance by the death of abbot Stephen elected by the convent, they being perhaps ignorant that during Stephen's life it had been specially reserved by the present pope, upon learning which John, who had in like ignorance consented to the election, caused the same, which was null and void, to be set forth before the pope in consistory. Inter solicitudines.
Concurrent letters to the convent and to the vassals of St. Peter's, and to the bishop of Lisieux—Inter etc.; and to Henry, king of England. Gracie divine. (An. and Ja. de Ugolinis. | An. xviii. viiii. viiii. viiii. viiii. de Adria.)
7 Id. Oct. (fn. 7) Florence. (f. 297.)
To Pasquerius [de Vaux], bishop of Evreux. Translation from the see of Meaux to that of Evreux, void by the death of Martial [Formier], during whose life it was specially reserved by the present pope. He is to take to the archbishop of Rouen and the bishop of Avranches the usual oath of fealty to the pope. Romani pontificis.
Concurrent letters to the chapter, to the clergy and to the people of the city and diocese, and to the vassals of Evreux—Romani etc.; to the archbishop of Rouen—Ad cumulum; and to Henry, king of England—Gracie etc. (An. and M. Pinardi. | An. xxii. xi. xi. xi. xi. xi. xi. de Adria.)
Prid. Id. Oct.
Florence. (f. 302d.)
To the precentor (cantori) of Moray. Mandate—the pope having been informed by Henry Butoe, a Cistercian monk of Cupar in the diocese of St. Andrews, that John, Cistercian abbot of Kynlos in the diocese of Moray, has, after and against divers canonical monitions made by authority of the ordinary, publicly kept and keeps, and commits incest with, certain women, akin to one another and related in the prohibited degree (quasdam mulieres eciam invicem consanguineas et in gradu prohibito se attinentes), and has been guilty of dilapidation etc.—if Henry, who is a priest, will accuse John before the precentor, to summon John, and if he find the above or enough thereof to be true, to deprive John, and in that event to make provision of the said abbey, value not exceeding 80l. sterling, to Henry, and thereupon to cause him to be blessed by any catholic bishop, who shall thereafter send his oath of fealty to the pope, as usual. Ex suscepte servitutis. (An. and G. Gonne. | An. l. de Adria.)


  • 1. Described on the back of the volume in Italian, as usual: Eugenio IV. 1439. Anno 9. Lib. 1. A flyleaf has in contemporary hands: 'Primus de Exhibitis, litteris cardinalium et prouisionibus prelatorum Anno Nono Eugenii pape iiii' (the same contemporary description occurs also, as usual, on the bottom edge of the volume), and 'Tries, Rubricatus est.'
  • 2. The rabrie 'de Exhibitis' embraces ff. i.—cxciii.
  • 3. 'This spelling, Okearrnaidh,' subscribed An[tonius de Adria]. is substituted in the margin for 'Okeaarrnaidh,' which is cancelled and overwritten A[ntoniu]s. On f. 172d the 'episcopus Osseren.' (by which apparently only the bishop of Ossory can be meant) and two canons of Pistoia are ordered to make collation of a rectory in the diocese of Pistoia, by a mandate dated at Florence 1439[–40], 14 Kal. March anno 9. Patrick Foxe alias Ragged was bishop of Ossory at this date. (Brady, Episc, Succ. I, p. 360: Eubel, Ilierarchia, I, p. 399.)
  • 4. The letters under the above rubric extend from f. cxciiii. to f. ccxxv.
  • 5. in sancte Romane ecclesie presbyterum cardinalem assumpto. He received the title of S. Balbina on 8 Jan. 1440, on which day the titles were conferred on the newly created cardinals (Eubel, Hierarchia, vol. ii, p. 7, where the date of the promotion is given as 18 Dec. 1439, following Arm. xxxi, vol. 52, f. 15, where the date is in fact given: '1439 die Sabbati 18 mensis Decembris ... anno 9.')
  • 6. in sancte Romane ecclesie presbyterum cardinalem electo. He took his title from the church of the Sancti Quatnor Coronati.
  • 7. Eubel. Hierarchia. vol. ii under 'Ebroicen' has 'ob. Martialis, (Pascherius de Vaux), ep Melden, 1439 Oct. 25, Obl. 66. 48.' Vol. 66 of the Obligationes, f. 48d., has, however. 'Ebroicen. Die Veneris viiii. Octobris Anno Nono ... dominus noster ... dominum ... Episcopum Melden ... transtulit ad ecclesiam Ebroiceen. per obitum domini Martialis. vacantem ...', i.e. the same date as the Register.