America and West Indies: May 1630

Pages 114-117

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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May 1630

May 1. 88. Baron de Sancé to Will. Boswell. Illness has prevented him seeing Boswell. Begs that he will trim up [dresser] "our articles," inform Sec. Dorchester of the agreement that has been made, and obtain an order from the King for some arms, in lieu of De Sance's pension. Time presses. Has received news from Plymouth from Capt. Bourquier. If he obtains the arms will make Boswell a present of twenty muskets. Dorchester told De Sance that he very much approved of their design [qu'il affectionnoit fort cela] French. In allusion to the proposed settlement in Carolina, see his letters, &c. in March previous. [On 24 Feb. 1628, the King granted to Antoine de Sancé, a Frenchman, a pension of 100l. per annum, during pleasure. See Sign Manual Car. I., Vol. V., No. 53.]
May 3. 89. Depositions of Dan. Fallon, Rich. Carpenter, and Gregory French, taken before Sir Thos. Warner, Governor of St. Christopher's, and the rest of his Council, viz.; Captains Thos. Powell, Will. Epps, and John Hagthorpe, Herbert Blount, John Featlye Minister, Will. Brett, Thos. Williams, Steph. Stokes, Will. Jackson, and John Avison, concerning certain speeches spoken by Greg. French tending to the dishonour of the King.
May 15. 90. Articles of agreement between George Lord Berkeley and William Boswell, Samuel Vassall, Hugh L'Amy and Peter De Licques, for the settlement of Carolina, in 34, 35, and 36 degrees of Nor. lat. Lord Berkeley, holding the lands from Attorney General Heath, with full power to people, plant, and dispose, appoint officers and establish laws, the above are to have liberty to plant any part within those limits, with the advantage of removing the plantation elsewhere within twelve months. To hold in free soccage, paying 20th part of profits yearly, by way of quit rent. Every plantation to consist of ten square miles, and 50 men at least to be settled within the year of their first beginning to plant. Power to appoint a Governor every three years. No appeal except to the General Assembly of the province. Sole transportation of people and merchandise. Monopoly of making salt, upon payment of a tenth part to Berkeley. Power to assign half of their lands planted to others, for a yearly rent of a tenth part of the profits, or a twentieth part to Berkeley, the other half to be free to them and their heirs for ever. [Draft, with corrections by Boswell.]
May? 91. Articles of agreement between Boswell, Vassall, L'Amy, and De Licques, concerning the settlement of Carolina. Each to send over an equal number of servants and workmen and none to separate from the other, for the first ten years, upon pain of forfeiting every privilege. Boswell and Vassall to have one-third, and L'Amy and De Licques two-thirds of the passage money of any "out of their association" attempting to go over in other than their ships. Exclusive right to appoint Governors, officers of justice, militia and police. Sole privilege to make salt for ever. Method of keeping and auditing their accounts. French.
May? 92. Another copy of articles somewhat similar to the preceding, with addition of the supplies which [De Sancé?] will adventure. French. [Endorsed by De Sancé.]
May 18. Warrant to the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of London to break open the doors of the warehouse wherein are the beaver skins, and see them delivered to Gen. De Caen or his assigns, in case the merchants trading for Canada refuse to deliver up the Keys. [Copy. Colonial Corresp., 1630, April 2.]
May 29. Virginia. 93. Governor Harvey to Sec. Dorchester. Respecting the King's instructions sent by Will. Capps, refers him to letters sent to the late Earl of Marlborough. Capt. Fran. West, then Governor, Capt. Will. Claybourne, then secretary, and Capt. Will. Tucker, one of the Council when these things were in agitation, are now in England and may inform the King therein. Many grievous complaints having been made against Dr. John Pott, a physician who was elected Governor after Capt. West's departure for England, has confined him to his plantation seven miles from James City, and proposes to proceed with the charges according to the King's instructions. Recapitulates his previous letter [see ante p. 113, No. 83]. It has been agreed to plant Chesapeak, situate upon Pamonkey, next spring, whereby they will face their greatest enemy Appochankeno and disable the savages. The colony has above 1,200 neat cattle, besides swine and goats, which he will by all means seek to preserve from the Indians. Desires that the customs of one ship of above 200 or 300 tons may be allowed him annually towards his charges. Incloses,
93. I. The King to Sir John Harvey, Governor of Virginia. On his arrival in the colony he is especially charged to call for those instructions formerly sent by William Capps, to take an exact account of what has been done therein, and to examine into the "many complaints of many notable oppressions done there, especially to the said Wil. Capps." If any of the Council shall fall out to be offenders, to proceed the more roundly against them, their offences being of the worst example. Oatlands, 1629, Aug. 10. [Copy.]
May 29.
94. Governor Harvey to Secretary Dorchester. In favour of Capt. Sam. Mathews who has been one of the Council many years, and has solely undertaken the erection of a fort at Point Comfort, at the entrance of James river. Incloses copy of the King's letter, promising to reward all deserving planters, and requests, in Capt. Mathews' behalf, that he may have the customs of his own tobacco gained by his own industry, for one or two years, otherwise he must be a great loser in his undertaking. Incloses,
94. I. The King to Sir John Harvey, Governor of Virginia. It is His Majesty's intention to take the Colony into his royal protection; to confirm all lands and privileges formerly granted, having already assigned a proportion of money for maintenance of the Governor, and other public uses; and to reward all deserving planters. Requires the Governor and Council "to cherish and respect such persons as intend to make Virginia their country;" to return their commodities to England and not elsewhere; to administer justice impartially; and to see that certain instructions, signed by the Privy Council for the government of the plantation, are carefully observed. Windsor, 1628, Sept. 12. [Copy.]
May 29.
95. Gov. Harvey to the Privy Council. Was unable to attend to the affairs of the colony until the week before Easter, by reason of a long passage and dangerous sickness. He then called an Assembly at James City, when it was resolved to send to Chesapeak Bay to trade for corn, the colony being greatly in want of it. Measures have been taken to prevent a similar streight next year, and Dr. John Pott had been upon his arrival elected Gov. by the Council. Has confined him to his house at Harrope, to answer the charges of pardoning wilful murder, and reinvesting the murderer with his estate, after a legal condemnation. Sends samples of rape-seed and potashes. Has not had leisure to take a general muster of the colony. The inhabitants estimated at upwards of 2,500, neat cattle about 1,200, besides large quantities of swine and goats. The Assembly have restrained the planting of tobacco by a third less than the preceding year. They have ordered an increase of corn to be sown; and a fort to be erected at Point Comfort, for 12 or 16 pieces of ordnance, which it is hoped will be mounted before Christmas next; all to be at the expense of the colony. Complains of the merchants who buy their tobacco at less than 1d. per 1b. and charge 12l. the ton for freight to England. Solicits some assistance towards his expenses. Incloses,
95. I. Dr. John Pott's investment of Edward Wallis, late of Archer Hope, Virginia, condemned for wilful murder.
95. II. Names of the Council on the arrival of [Sir John Harvey] in Virginia. Dr. John Pott, Governor, Capt. Sam. Mathews, and Wil. Ferrar; also, names of those who he has since sworn of the Council. Capt. John West, Hen. Finch, Christ. Cowling, Capt. Rich. Stephens, Capt. John Utie, and Capt. Nath. Basse.
May? 96. Mem. The French Ambassador desires that Capt. Kirke and his associates, who have broken open the warehouse where the beaver skins from Canada were deposited under the Admiralty seal, may be punished by imprisonment, and ordered to make restitution within three days of 6,000 skins, which they acknowledged to have brought from thence. French.
May? 97. English translation of the preceding.