America and West Indies: March 1631

Pages 128-129

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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March 1631

March 1.
The King to Attorney General Heath. To prepare a bill to pass the Privy Seal, by advice of the Privy Council, declaring the King's pleasure that henceforth ninepence be collected for duties upon every pound of tobacco imported of the growth of Virginia and the Somers Islands, and twelvepence upon every pound of the growth of the Caribbee Islands; that is threepence per pound for custom to the farmers or their deputies, and the sums of sixpence and ninepence per pound to the receivers appointed by the King. If the tobacco be again exported within one year, the duties to be repaid to the owners. [DOMESTIC Corresp. Car I.]
March 1.
Bill to pass the Privy Seal declaring a duty of threepence per pound as customs and sixpence per pound as impost upon every pound of tobacco of the growth of Virginia and the Somers Islands, and a duty of threepence per pound as customs and ninepence per pound as impost upon the growth of St. Christopher's and other the Caribbee islands. [Sign Manual, Car. I., Vol. XII.]
March 1. 7. Petition of Daniel Gookin, gent., to the King. Has been many years a great well wisher to the new plantations and a planter and adventurer in most of them. Is credibly informed that there is a certain island between 50 and 55 deg. N. L., distant about 300 leagues from the Blasques in Ireland, which has been discovered in part and named Saint Brandon, or the Isle de Verd, likely to produce many valuable commodities. Prays for a patent under the Great Seal for planting and enjoying that island and any others adjacent, with similar privileges to those granted to Sir William Alexander in Nova Scotia. Underwritten is a reference by Sec. Coke that it is the King's pleasure that Mr. Attorney prepare a grant as desired., Annexed,
7. I. Particular instructions to be put in the patent for Daniel Gokein, alias Gookin. Free exportation of all manner of live cattle; the patent to be renewed after discovery of the island or islands; the King to take but the 10th part of silver or gold mines discovered.
[March 5.] 8. Petition of John Smart, of Plymouth, to the King. Sir Will. Alexander, son to Sir Will., Principal Sec. for Scotland, Jarvis Kirke, Robt. Charlton, and Will. Berkeley having obtained His Majesty's licence for discovery, fishing, and trade on the south side of the river of Canada, the petitioner prays for a licence for the discovery of a further plantation on the north side.
[March 5.] 9. Another copy of the preceding.
March 24. 10. Power of Attorney from William Boswell to Peter L'Amy to receive all dues and profits accruing from the plantation of Carolina. French.