America and West Indies: June 1631

Pages 131-132

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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June 1631

June 15. Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. An oath for the officers of the Company agreed upon: Mr. Treasurer [John Dike] reported that the planters upon the Island of Tortuga desired the Company to take them under their protection, and to be at the charge of their fortification, in consideration of a twentieth part of the commodities raised there yearly. General agreement that they be taken under the Company's protection; that they have six pieces of ordance and ammunition sent over at the Company's charge; and that six of the Adventurers for that island be admitted into the Company so far as regards the business of Tortuga only. Debated and a resolution passed that besides the intended supply of ammunition, a magazine of provisions and a number of men should be sent with convenient speed, for the relief and advancement of the Colony there. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 21–23.]
June 16.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for the Isle of Tortuga. The most convenient way of sending men and goods debated, also a course for raising money for the necessary supplies. Each adventurer, names are given, to contribute 70l. Mr. Hart to be employed in hiring a ship for the voyage and in buying necessary provisions. Capt. Wil. Rudyerd, unable to go the last voyage to Providence Island, to be captain of the men sent to Tortuga, Wil. Rous. lieut., and Robt. Wormely, ensign; persons going over to have half the profits of their labours, and the Company of Adventurers the other half. Most beneficial to take over apprentices who will serve their time for meat, drink, and apparel, and after their term receive half profits of the land set out for them. Wages of artificers, surgeons and others, that do special service in the Colony. Robt. Wormeley to have the oversight of six now going over. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 24–27.]
June 23.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for the Isle of Tortuga. Orders of 16th June last touching a large supply for Tortuga discussed and confirmed. As to hiring a ship, the former resolution is suspended and report ordered upon the fitness of a pinnace of 60 tons with five pieces of ordnance, belonging to the Earl of Warwick. Mr. Hart to proceed in furnishing a magazine for the colony in Tortuga. Finance. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 27–29.]
June 27.
Warwick House.
Minutes as above. A new proposition to defer sending any quantity of provisions to Tortuga until next Spring discussed and various resolutions moved. Upon some ship ready bound to St. Kitt's or Nevis, there might be sent a shallop in pieces, with all things necessary and a quantity of clothes, shoes, and tools, for supply of the colony. The shallop to be built at Nevis, the supplies put aboard there, and commanded by Robt. Wormeley who will inform the colony of the articles agreed on by their agents. When the planters have resolved and the Company are informed of the state of the colony, they will proceed further in that business. Mr. Hart to forbear spending more money in supplies. Final resolutions at the next meeting. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 29–31.]