America and West Indies: June 1634

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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'America and West Indies: June 1634', in Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660, (London, 1860) pp. 180-183. British History Online [accessed 1 March 2024]

June 1634

June 6.
Ashton, near Bristol.
17. Sir Ferd. Gorges to Sec. Windebank. Hopes he has already sufficiently enlarged upon the necessity of some speedy course for settling the affairs of New England. Has had conference with my Lord of Lindsey, Lord Gorges, and some others, about that business, and given his opinion of the advantages of finding persons of worth willing to engage themselves as actors in the management of it. Has said enough to manifest his zeal in the service. Could say more of the fitness of this business, but leaves it for a fairer opportunity.
June 9.
Brooke House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Means of raising money. Loan of 500l. from Lord Brooke accepted. Petition of John Newman, for allowance of his transportation, refused. Request of Edw. Gates, one of the Council of the island, for liberty to return thither even as a private servant, having acknowledged the offence for which he was suspended. West India flax, a solid commodity, worth at least 4s. per 1b.; some of the gum sent from the island worth 2s. 6d. per 1b. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 143–44.]
June 13.
Brooke House.
Minutes as above. Petitions for warrants for the return of Jas. Gardiner, surgeon, and Rich. Field, gunner. The Governor to be again instructed not to restrain any free man from returning home. Intention to send a pinnace suspended. Reasons for a ship of good burden. Probability of a quantity of flax and other commodities ready at the Cape. A ship of about 50l. per month to be hired for the next voyage. Debate upon the number of men to go over; the Company bound to give reasonable security for the safety of men's lives. Although 100 men will not render the island impregnable, they may make it defensive against sudden attempts; profit depends principally upon the strength of the island; the planters should be encouraged. Charge computed at 4,100l.; but the determination left to the next Court. Letter read from Capt. Hemmings, desiring employment as a soldier. Certificate from Rouen, concerning the "unmerchantableness" of some of the [braziletta] wood. 50l. per month demanded for a ship of 200 tons, with 16 pieces of ordnance. Mr. Foster offers his services as a surgeon in the island. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 144–47.]
June 16.
Brooke House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Reasons for inducing the Company to send over a great ship. Agreed unanimously to hire a ship, to be dispatched with all expedition; the charges for bulk, victuals, and mariners' wages not to exceed 130l. per month. Number of men to be transported, referred for consideration. Fine imposed upon Nic. Goodman, in Providence, for a breach of the peace, remitted. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 147–49.]
June 19.
Brooke House.
Minutes as above. Concerning Mr. Chamberlayne's refusal to pay for the [braziletta] wood. Mr. Ditloff, intending shortly "to go home into his country," attends to take leave of the Company, and is desired to state all he knows concerning the charge against Mr. Rous deceased, for inveigling Mr. Halhead's servant; answers. Mr. Ditloff adds that he was informed Mr. Rous was insufficient, not able to pray extemporary, and would, soldier-like, beat his men; that he wrote if those things were true Mr. Rous was fitter for a buff coat than a cassock, but afterwards found it otherwise. Mr. Rous taught him songs called catches, "the meaning of which word he understood not," the matter of which was the motion of creatures as the nightingale and the like, and Messrs. Rous and Sherland sang with him, but never on the Sabbath day. Ditloff denies that he had ever been reproved for singing such songs in Providence on the Lord's day. The Company's wood to be sold; the William and Ann shortly expected with a great quantity. Agreement touching the request of Will and Thomas Danvers to take their tobacco out of the warehouse. [Colonial Entry Bk, Vol. III., pp. 149–52.]
June 21.
Brooke House.
Minutes as above. Capt. Rudyerd examined, concerning his cruel usage of a servant, who, it is affirmed, died in consequence. Other complaints against Capt. Rudyerd to be extracted from the public records for his answer. Concerning the state of the island; Capt. Rudyerd states that in itself it is not worth the keeping; it may easily be fortified, and 600 men would preserve it against any force; the forts erected cannot keep out flat bottom boats, and for security against them small forts, near the water, of timber, board, and sand, should be erected for musketeers; the neck of land should be cut for the planters' retreat; 100 ships may ride safely under command of the ordnance. The ship proposed may be hired for 50l. per month. Proportion for a magazine. Every man to have 3 pair of drawers, 4 shirts, 1 cassock, 4 pair of shoes, 3 caps, 3 neckcloths, 3 pair of boot hose, and a monmouth cap. Means of raising the money; the charge for 100 men estimated at 3,300l. of which the adventurers present promise 832l. 15s. 3d., and desire to know the resolution of the rest of the Company. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 152–53.]
June 22? 18. Petition of Cecily Lady De la Warr to the King. Sets forth that her husband undertook a voyage to Virginia to settle a plantation and died there; that the great profits and advantages accruing from thence are due to the large sums of money expended by him out of her jointure, and that she was left burdened with many debts and only 10l. per annum to maintain herself and seven children. King James granted her a pension of 500l. per annum, for 31 years, to be paid out of the customs of the plantation, but the grant being more than half expired, and the petitioner destitute of any means to make provision for five daughters, prays for a renewal of the pension of 500l. per annum for 31 years from the present time.
June 26. 19. Petition of P.D.L. to the King. Having divers propositions which they conceive very feasible and are desirous should have a trial, pray that their proposal, to disburden the kingdom of all the poor and enrich itself with a powerful trade, by settling a colony in the West Indies, may be referred to the Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London for their opinion. Underwritten is the reference desired, Greenwich 26 June, 1634. [The initials to this petition might be taken for Peter de Licques, who also made proposals for plantations in Virginia and the West Indies. See ante, p. 140, No. 42; but that they represent more than one person.] Annexed,
19. I. Order by the Court of Aldermen for four of their body to consider the proposition and report their opinion. 1634, Oct. 14.
19. II. Proposal for the settlement of a colony in the West Indies.
19. III. Contredit against the proposal.
19. IV. Answers to the contredit. Endorsed by Sec. Coke, "April 1635, Montague's proposition to enrich the Kingdom."
June 26.
Brooke House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Auditors appointed. Several new adventurers admitted. Mr. Rishworth's claim for goods. Proportion of magazine for the planters, "supposing that there are about 300 men in the island."
June 27. A ketch to be purchased for about 80l. Capt. Camock's bill of necessaries agreed to, the amount about 422l. Serj. Whitehead and others examined concerning Capt. Rudyerd's servant, called Fload, who was beaten and died six weeks after. Mr. Hunt, the late secretary, ordered to attend touching his request for a recompence for his three years' service in Providence.
June 28. Mr. Hunt's charge, drawn up from the records, read in his presence; they chiefly relate to his having tampered with the records in the island. Exceptions to his answer. Hunt is allowed to give his answer in writing. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 154–59.]
June 30.
Brooke House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Agreement with the owners of the Robert, for her hire at 50l. per month. One year allowed Capt. Rudyerd for payment of his debt of about 40l. to the Company's store. Power to a committee to sell the Falcon. An entire share is made up to Sir Nath. Rich. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 159–60.]