America and West Indies: May 1638

Pages 273-275

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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May 1638

May 2.
Insula vectis
[Isle of Wight].
101. Sir John Oglander to Archbishop Laud. In obedience to his letter of 17 April, sends certificate of provisions which were found, after a diligent search, prepared to be transported to New England, and of which he has made stay. Requests further directions. Incloses,
101. I.Return by James Alexander, constable, of provisions found in the houses of John Dummer of Swathling for his son Thomas Dummer, going to New England; of Thomas Dummer of Chickenwell, for his brother Richard Dummer going thence, and of Stephen Dummer of Townehill for himself, wife and children, all going to New England. Southampton, 1638, April 25.
May 3.
Brooke House.
Minute of a Court for Providence Island. Election of officers deferred, because of the paucity of adventurers present; in the mean time the patent to be read, and the time of election considered. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 337.]
May 4.
Brooke House.
Minutes as above. Letters read from Capt. Butler from the Downs. A surgeon's chest and other supplies ordered in consequence, to be sent by the next ship. Agreement with Lieut. Wil. Woodcock. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 337.]
May 4. 102. Order of the Privy Council, of reference to the agents for tobacco, upon petition of the planters of Virginia complaining of a prohibition of a prohibition of trade, except to some particular men there, and praying to be left to a free trade upon payment of customs as formerly.
May 4.
Inner Star
Notes by Nicholas of proceedings in the Star Chamber. Order to the Guinea Company to stay the English men and ships until they give bond not to go to Guinea without leave of the Board; Mr. Secretary to represent this to the King. [Extract from Note Book, 1638, May. DOMESTIC Corresp. Car. I.]
May 5.
103. Warrant to the Marshal of the Admiralty to stay the Star of London and other ships set forth by Maurice Thompson, Oliver Clobery, Oliver Read, George Lewine, and others, for trade to Guinea and Binney, contrary to the patent granted to the Company. [Draft, with corrections.]
May 6. Order of the Privy Council. Maurice Thompson, Oliver Clobery, and Oliver Read, of London, merchants, and George Lewine, of Redriffe [Rotherhithe], mariner, upon complaint of the Guinea merchants, to remain in the custody of a messenger till they be discharged. [Draft. DOMESTIC Corresp. Car. I.]
May 8.
James Town,
104. Jerome Hawley to Sec. Windebank. Arrival of a Dutch ship with commission from the young Queen of Sweden, which with another vessel, was bound for Delaware Bay, where they pretend to make a plantation and plant tobacco as the Dutch have already done in Hudson's River. Thinks they should be removed and prevented from seating upon the King's territories, and suggests that it might be done by means of some English trading vessels. The King's revenue from the colony will serve to defray the Governor's pension of 1,000l. per annum. Complains that he has not yet made the value of 5l. towards his charges. Endorsed, "Rec. 26 July." Incloses,
104. I. Draft of warrant for settlement of the fees of Jerome Hawley as Treasurer of Virginia, for which he desires Sec. Windebank will move the King. [In Hawley's hand.]
May 8. 105. Lord Goring, Abrah. Dawes, Jo. Jacob, and Edmond Peisley, Commissioners for tobacco, to the Privy Council. Report upon petition of the planters of Virginia. The price offered for their tobacco far exceeds other times; believe that few of the planters will justify the petitioners' complaint. Desire that those planters who are grieved may make themselves known.
May? 106. Petition of Ed. Agard, Jo. Trussell, Jo. Roberts, and Wm. Gibson, for themselves and many thousand distressed planters in Virginia, to the Privy Council. Have attended Lord Goring, according to directions, who answers he will not meddle, and "commands them to proceed, &c". Pray that the King's loss in customs, and the miseries occasioned by the patent, excluding the utterance of tobacco imported, may be taken into consideration and relief afforded them.
May 8.
Brooke House.
Minute of a Court for Providence Island. John Pym chosen Deputy Governor of the Company, and the oath written at length, administered. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 338.]
May 10. 107. Pass for Thomas Hawkins of Whitechapel, carpenter, to go to New England. Signed by six of the Privy Council.
May 14. 108. Warrant to the Marshal of the Admiralty for discharge of the Star of London with all the men and goods belonging to her, that she may proceed in her intended voyage [to Guinea and Binney]. [See ante, No. 103.]
May 16.
James Town,
109. Jerome Hawley to Robert Reade. Concerning some difference in accounts between them; has referred it to Mr. Kemp the Secretary.
May 17.
James Town,
110. Jerome Hawley to Robt. Reade. Account of the whole business touching his brother's affairs in the colony, and the money received for disbursements on his account. Since his brother's arrival in the colony he has lived in the Governor's house, and wants for nothing. Will not fail to do him all the service he is able. Disputes between Mr. Kemp and himself concerning precedency, &c. Proceedings touching Lord Goring and the tobacco business.
May 25. 111. Examination of Nicholas Trevyse of Wapping, mariner, before Attorney Gen. Bankes. Was to go master of the Planter to New England with about 180 passengers; Maurice Thompson, Mr. Foot, and others, being partners with him. Received about 493l in gold from one Hybbins or Libbins, to supply the wants of the passengers, but gave neither bond nor bill, nor paid duty for shipping it; knows not where to find Hybbins or Libbins.
May 30.
Brooke House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. The King having granted Capt. Bell's petition for referring his difference with the Company to the Lord Keeper, answer to his demands ordered to be delivered. Letters read from Capt. Newman. Finance. Heads of letters and instructions agreed on for the voyage of the two pinnaces. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 338.]
[May.] 112. List of the names of 61 passengers intended to ship themselves for New England in the Bevis of Hampton, of 150 tons, Robt. Batten, master, by virtue of the Lord Treasurer's warrant of 2 May, which was after the restraint, and they had been some days gone to sea before the King's proclamation arrived at Southampton.
1638? 113. Proposals for establishing a post office in New England, "so useful and absolutely necessary," and allowing 2d. per letter the least coin there; the King to grant a patent for 60 years. Also for keeping a register of all persons going to, or coming from New England, every passenger to be provided with a ticket at the charge of 1s., as at Barbadoes, where 3s. is paid. The profits of both offices would not exceed 12? or 14? per annum. Endorsed, "Mr. Battem."
1638? 114. Discovery by Archibald Henderson, merchant, of the profits and advantages that may arise to England from the trade of the plantations in America. Reasons why customs should be imposed upon the produce of New England, where 100 vessels are engaged in trading with foreign countries in commodities required in England.