America and West Indies: July 1622

Pages 31-32

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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July 1622

July 5. Minutes of the Council for New England. David Thompson to attend the Lords with a petition to the King against Thos. Weston, also to procure a proclamation concerning the fishermen of the western parts. To confer the next day about the form of a patent. To take into consideration the election of six western merchants. Proposals to be made to the city for sending to New England poor children of 14 years and upwards. The patentees who have not paid up their monies to be left out of the new patent. Mr. Gookin to be admitted in the new grant upon payment of his adventure. Henry Fotherly to be elected clerk if he will take 20l. per annum. Secretary Calvert to be admitted one of the Council for New England in the new patent. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 3, 4.]
July 11. Letter to the Treasurer, Deputy and others of the Virginia Company. Recommends them to breed silkworms and set up silk works in the colony, which being a rich and solid commodity is preferable to tobacco. [Docquet. DOMESTIC Jac. I.]
July 11.
Order of the Privy Council concerning a Spanish vessel wrecked on the coast of Bermudas which the Virginia Company had made restitution of. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. LXXIX., p. 202.]
July 12.
Minutes of the Council for New England. Whether Will. Cross and Abrah. Jennings, merchants, be content to enter into the grand patent election of Will. Boles, Clerk of the Council. Sir Henry Spilman desired to conceive a grand patent and refer it to the Attorney-General. The western fishing business and the proclamation. The place of meeting and other office business to be considered. Proposition touching letter to be sent to the judges and justices. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 4, 5.]
July 13.
John Chamberlain to Sir Dudley Carleton. A ship arrived from Virginia with news that the savages have by surprise slain about 350 of the English through their own supine negligence in living in scattered and straggling houses. The savages have possessed themselves of arms and weapons, but have no skill to use them. Captains Barclay and Thorpe among those who are lost. The disgrace and shame as much as the loss; no other nation would have been so grossly overtaken. [Extract from DOMESTIC Corresp. Jac. I., Vol. CXXXII., No. 38, Cal. p. 424. On the following day Sir Thos. Wilson writes that the Indians have killed in Virginia at least 300 or 400 English, and but for an accident that gave warning, man, mother, and child had all been slain.Ibid, No. 41, Cal. p. 425].
July ? 16.
Order of the Privy Council upon the petition of John Bargrave against Sir Thos. Smythe, Alderman Johnson, and others, for unjust practices, and miscarriage of the government of the Virginia plantation, to the petitioner's loss of 6,600l., directing a report to be made to the board that further order may be given therein. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. LXXIX., p. 202. On 17th June the King desires the Privy Council to dismiss the suit of Bargrave against Smythe as a matter already fully determined by the Lord Keeper. The plaintiff seems to have no other end than to blemish the reputation of Sir Thos, Smythe. If still contentious, the Council are directed to punish him. DOMESTIC Corresp. Jac. I., Vol. CXXXI., No. 38, Cal. p. 407.]
July 24. Minutes of the Council for New England. The bounds for the dividends of the Duke of Lennox, the Earl of Arundel, and Sec. Calvert agreed upon, the two former set down by Sir Ferd. Gorges upon view of the maps. The tenure in the grand patent propounded to be held of the Crown by the sword. Private planters to create their own tenures to such as shall hold under them. The country to be called Nova Albion. Power to be given in the grand patent to create titles. Mr. Ratcliffe to be sent for to attend the Council. The two great islands in the river of Sagadahoe to be reserved for the public plantation, and a place between the branches of the two rivers for a public city. Mr. Thompson to attend the Lords for a warrant to the Attorney General for drawing the new patent, Sir Henry Spilman to attend on the same subject. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 5–7]
July ? 9. Note of such arms in the Tower as the Virginia Company are humble suitors for, to be presently delivered to them, their ships being ready to depart. The Company request that 20 barrels of powder may be lent to them until Christmas.
July 29
Order of the Privy Council. Certain old cast arms in the Tower, altogether unfit for modern use, are directed to be delivered to the Virginia Company as serviceable against the savages of that country, 400 of the inhabitants having been lately massacred by the treachery of the Indians. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. LXXIX., p. 202.]