America and West Indies: June 1640

Pages 312-314

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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June 1640

June 2. Minutes of letters from the Company of Providence Island to Capt. Axe; explaining their reason for the commission, "not in respect of any jealousy of him;" that he is to deliver the plate and jewels [in the Swallow] or an inventory to the Commissioners. To Abrah. Jennens; directions about the disposal of the Swallow's freight. And to Mr. Darrell; thanks for his pains, request he will endeavour "the recovery of the pearls, though at a good rate." [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 376–77.]
June 9. Minute of a letter from the Company of Providence Island to Abrah. Jennens. Directions for speedily paying off the seamen of the Swallow, and concerning the tobacco, and other portions of her freight. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 377.]
June 19.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Opinion of Capt. Nath. Butler, who had returned in the Swallow, touching the state of the island, the Continent of Cape Gratia de Dios, and other places. Payment to be made to Kempo Sabada for his services as pilot in the voyage of Capt. Newman. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 377–78.]
June 20.
Warwick House.
Minutes as above. That two of the late planters of Association communicated the state of that island, and presented a petition from the 300 inhabitants there; also a letter from Capt. James, the President, and a paper containing several propositions, referring to the island. About an allowance to Capt. Bell for his cattle, and a shallop built at the Cape, by Capt. Elfrith, for the Company's service. Capt. Butler promises to answer in writing, certain charges brought against him, in letters from Providence. Concerning the payment of his "stipend" as Governor and Admiral. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 378–79.]
June 23.
70. Henry Ashton, Peter Hay, Wil. Powrey, and Dan. Fletcher, the King's Commissioners at Barbadoes, "in the business between the Earl of Carlisle and Capt. Hawley," to the King. Have proclaimed His Majesty's pleasure, to which the people rendered willing obedience. Capt. Hawley has formally resigned the government, and, with his principal abettors, has acknowledged his offence and submission. Hawley's liberal distribution of power was the cloud between the eyes of the people and the clearness of the King's intentions; he has confessed to a hope of securing an estate upon the island, for which he was not willing to account, but which they have sequestred. Recalled Major Hunks from Antigua, who was very welcome to the people, and is settled in the government. Hawley is sent home in the custody of John Hanmer, one of the Commissioners, who carries over a full account of the business. [See ante, 16 Dec. 1639, p. 305.]
1640? 71. Petition of William Madison, merchant, to the Privy Council. Capt. Hen. Hawley, late Governor of Barbadoes, about 1638, left his brother, Capt. William Hawley, Deputy, who, without just cause, seized to his own use the goods and estates, to the value of about 400l., of the petitioner's brothers, Timothy and George Madison, deceased, which are still detained from him. Both the Hawleys being removed from the island, and the petitioner's estate in sequestration, prays that he may be satisfied out of Capt. Hen. Hawley's estate, now sequestred by order of the King.
June 23.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Capt. Butler's "stipend" to be paid. Concerning goods belonging to Capt. Butler, brought home in the Swallow. Demands of the seamen of the Happy Return and of Mr. Warner for his disbursements at Dunkirk. Capt. Fload to attend on Tuesday next, touching a petition received from the planters of Association. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 379–80.]
June 25.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Capt. Fload attends to clear himself of certain charges brought against him by the planters of Tortugas; agreed that he was duly chosen Governor of Association. Demands of John Baynes, late a carpenter of Providence. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 380.]
June 26.
Warwick House.
Minutes as above. Agreement with Peter Eldred for purchase of indigo brought home in the Swallow, at 10s?. per lb. Mrs. Bell's request for tobacco belonging to her husband to be considered. The Governor of Providence to be required to assist Capt. Nich. Parker in recovering certain goods there. The proposition of the planters of Association having been agreed to, letters to be prepared accordingly. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol III., p. 380–81.]
June 30. 72. Minute of proceedings at a Court of the Somers Islands Company. Copies of the accusation and proceedings against Rich. Caswell, ordered at his request, to be given to him, but not of the paper from the Archbishop of Canterbury.