America and West Indies: March 1641

Pages 317-320

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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Maech 1641

March 1. Commission from the Company of Providence Island to Capt. John Humphreys, "now or lately resident in New England," appointing him Governor of that island during pleasure. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. IV., pp. 164–65.]
March 2.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Meeting for Providence Island. Capt. Carter, now Deputy Governor there, to be sent home, as also Wyatt, Leicester, Morgan, and Powell. Capt. Humphreys to be Governor, until men enough be drawn thither to settle upon the main. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 388.]
March 9.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Commission, dated March 1, for Capt. Humphreys to be Governor of the island, is signed. Capts. Carter and Butler to be recalled. Lieut. Thos. Fitch to go over as Governor until Capt. Humphreys' arrival, and then to remain there as Deputy Governor. Maurice Thompson agrees for 200l. to transport 100 men for the use of the colony. The master of the magazine ship to carry the provisions to Trinidad, if Providence is not in safe hands, also twenty barrels of powder and other ammunition. Weight of indigo received from Capt. Jackson, cwt. 247.1.13, sold at 44l. per chest. Proposals by Mr. Goose for divers of the inhabitants of New England settling under the Company's government upon the main. Wyatt, Leicester, Morgan, and Powell to be sent for home. Thos. Jenks and Lieut. Wettenhall not to be suffered to go in Thompson's ship to Providence. Jenks' house there to be set apart for the use of the Governor. Allowance to ministers in the island, to be undertaken by the Company. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 388–89.]
March 10.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Meeting for Providence Island. Capt. Humphreys' commission for government of Providence, to be sent by the first opportunity to New England. The appointment of fit persons to the Council to be considered. Three drums, a quantity of drum heads and flags, to be sent over with Lieut. Fitch. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 389.]
March 15.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. Sale of indigo. Concerning the commission for government from the Admiralty; to consider who were delinquents. Remuneration to the Commissioners. Mr. Barton desires leave to remove his servants from Providence. Payment to Lieut. Fitch. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III ., pp. 389–90.]
March 22. Commission from the Company of Providence Island to Capt. Thos. Fitch, appointing him Deputy Governor of that island. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. IV ., pp. 165–66.]
March 24.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Meeting for Providence Island. Propositions concerning the Government; killing Spaniards after quarter given. Capt. Carter to be recalled and such matters as belonged to the Council of War, committed to the body of the Council. Liberty to persons to remove from the island, if consistent with safety. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 390.]
March 25.
Warwick House.
Minutes of a Court for Providence Island. No person to go in Thompson's ship [the Hopewell], but those approved by Capt. Fitch, whose commission as Deputy Governor is signed and sealed, with authority to inquire into certain claims for negroes, and Capt. Carter's carriage about killing the Spaniards after quarter given. Mr. Leverton agrees to go over as minister with an allowance of 40l. per annum. Mr. Lane to go over and to be one of the Council; as are also Serj.-Maj. Hunt, Capt. Francis, "who is to have admonition," Capts. Axe and Woodcock. The transportation of Messrs. Sherhard, Leverton, Lane, and Halhead, sent over as prisoners, but since discharged, to be borne by the Company. Maurice Thompson to receive 200l. in consideration of his sending 100 men to Providence. The Sec. to treat with Mr. Heydon to go over as minister, and rather than fail, to contract with him and Leverton at 50l. per annum a-piece. Capt. Fitch's allowance referred to the Secretary. Aaron Butcher to be appointed Sheriff or Marshal of the island. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., pp. 390–91.]
March 29.
The Company of Providence Island to the Governor and Council. Take it very well that the inhabitants made so good a defence against the Spaniards' attempt of the island. Complain of the spirit of difference which continues to exist, and which led to the ministers and others being sent prisoners to England. Disapprove of Capt. Butler having deputed Capt. Carter Governor, which was the cause. Previous instructions in that particular should have been followed. Have thought fit to release the prisoners, and send them back to the island, where it is hoped peace and amity may be settled. Have appointed Capt. Humphreys, now or lately resident in New England, Governor; Capt. Fitch, a man of a quiet spirit and approved integrity, Deputy Governor; Serj.-Maj. Hunt, Capt. Sam. Axe Rich. Lane, Capt. John Francis, Capt. Wil. Woodcock, Capt. John Colborne, and Lieut. Andrew Axe, a standing Council for the affairs of the plantation, Admiralty, and Council of War. Do not think it fit to divide these businesses. Aaron Butcher to be made Marshal or Sheriff. Mr. Leverton, a minister, goes over; hope to send another soon. Grant leave to divers planters, at their own request, to remove their goods and servants, and dispose of their plantations under certain restrictions. Have given no authority to draw bills of exchange upon them. Have resolved upon a large supply of ammunition for their defence. Maur. Thompson will furnish yearly magazines, according to contract. Have provided for the transportation of 100 servants. Little encouragement to undertake more charges. Only last year, Capt. Jackson's voyage brought home a retribution of some of their expenses. Require the tobacco to be sent home, for which the negroes were sold by Capt. Rudyerd. Would have the friars in Providence, who have requested to be discharged from their restraint, sent to New England by the next ship. Are unable at present to attend to many letters and petitions from the island, because Parliament is sitting, and important affairs depending. Election of Governor, in case the government shall happen to be void. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. IV., pp. 167–68.]
March 29. Commission from the Company of Providence Island to Capt. Thos. Fitch. To examine certain inhabitants of the island concerning debts due to the Company. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. IV., p. 166.]
March 29. Instructions from the Company of Providence Island to Capt. Thos. Fitch, Deputy Governor. To deliver their letter to the Council. In case Capt. Humphreys is not in the island, to cause his own commission to be read. Not to desert the government but for very important reasons. Debts due to the Company's stores. No negroes to be taken out of the colony without proof of ownership. Disposal of the Company's negroes. Tobacco due to Robt. Woodfall, now a prisoner with the Turks. Difference between Capt. Wil. Woodcock and Charles Cooke about the sale of a plantation. Capt. Carter's proceedings towards the Spaniards, who were put to the sword after quarter was given; if found true, he is to be sent home a prisoner. Ralph Leicester, Wil. Wyatt, Maur. Morgan, and Lewis Powell, to be carefully watched, and sent home for "their discontentful and mutinous spirits." [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. IV., pp. 168–69.]
March 31.
The Company of Providence Island to Capt. Humphreys. Are encouraged by his integrity and worth, to recommend to his acceptance the government of the island. Confess the employment is below his merit, but do not doubt of his readiness to engage in the undertaking. Inclose his commission, being the duplicate of one sent to Providence. Have entrusted the government to Capt. Thos Fitch until Capt. Humphreys' arrival. Leave it to his own discretion to pursue any designs upon Cape Gratia de Dios. Hope he may be accompanied with many good families and persons, that the foundation of a considerable colony may be laid. Further undertakings touching the West Indies may shortly be expected. Have not limited his commission, because his wishes are not known there. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol.IV., p. 169.]
March 31. Minutes of letters for Providence Island, signed and sealed on this day; also one for New England to Capt. [Humphreys], with his commission for government of Providence. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. III., p. 391.]