America and West Indies: May 1645

Pages 326-327

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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May 1645

May 14.
Somers Islands.
7. Richard Norwood to the Governor and Company of Adventures to the Somers Islands. Acknowledges receipt of a year's salary and other encouragements. Has at present nearly 20 scholars, who come for several things; as some for grammar, some for writing and arithmetic, &c. Discourses at great length upon "the diversity of opinions touching ecclesiastical discipline" in the islands; knows not why he should be taxed as the author of them; his writings will testify that he has not omitted to give the Company an account thereof. [See ante, p. 323, No. 94.] The whole country consists of two parties, those who adhere to the independent way under Mr. White; and those, by far the greater number, who hold to the former discipline used there until Parliament shall order otherwise, under "an old gentleman who knows how to use them to his own ends." Cannot conform to either. When of late the valiant and victorious General Capt. Jackson arrived after his voyage through the West Indies, "it was doubtful how things would go." Long account of the secret marriage of his daughter to Joannes Witter, an Irish surgeon, abetted by Capt. Wood, Capt. Cromwell, and other who frequented his house, and of the cruel treatment she experienced. Hopes to send her to England to complain to Parliament, and to pray for redress. Intreats the Governor [Warwick] to consider the almost desperate condition of a forlorn woman. Has divided according to his directions, the ten shares into two equal parts, Governor Capt. William Sayle and others being present; the eastern part fell to Lord Say; the western to Alexander Pym. Surveyed the country almost 30 years since and laid out the shares which have so remained to the present time. If orders are given, will again do so. Hears ther are complaints against him and attempts made to put him out of the school where he has been 30 years. Cannot answer them, as he does not know in what they consist. Hopes he may not be put off with disgrace, which he has not deserved.