America and West Indies: November 1622

Pages 33-34

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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November 1622

Nov. 2. Minutes of the Council for New England. Commission to be sealed for Capt. Francis West. Propositions to prevent abuses in trade. Resolutions touching the new patent. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May, 31, pp. 12–14.]
Nov. 6.
Proclamation. The plantation of New England, from 40 to 48 degrees of north latitude, having been much hindered by interlopers, who have injured the woods, damaged the harbours, trafficked with the savages, and even sold them weapons and taught them their use; all persons are prohibited from trading upon those coasts, or intermeddling with the natives without licence from the Council for New England. [Printed Proclamation, Jac. I., No. 106.]
Nov. 8. Minutes of the Council for New England. Commission to be granted to Capt. Francis West to go to New England, Captain of "the Plantation," and Admiral of that coast during the voyage. Patent for Capt. Thos. Squibb to assist the Admiral. Sir Ferd. Gorges to draw up Capt. West's instructions; to ascertain what course Mr. Delbridge, of Barnstaple, has taken against any for abuses in New England. Commission for Arthur Champernoun, for setting out the Chudley to fish in New England this year. Leonard Peddock to receive 10l. for his last employments there. A positive day to be set down for the rest of the patentees to pay in their adventures.
Nov. 11. Orders of the Privy Council for settling the trade and commerce in New England, to be printed, and fixed by the Admiral upon the mainmast of every ship. Capt. Squibb's commission to be respited.
Nov. 13. Sir Robert Mansell's note for payment of his adventure of 110l. accepted. Proceedings of Mr. Delbridge against the Barnstaple men for abuses in New England. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 15–17.]
Nov. 15. Minutes of the Council for New England. Directions to be sent to the Governor for managing the trade with the natives in New England. Financial business.
Nov. 16. William Boles to be clerk, with a salary of 20l. per ann. The Earl of Salisbury to be dealt with for some rooms in the New Exchange, for ordinary meetings. Letter to be written to the Lord Mayor of London for 100 children. Contracts to be made with the merchants to transport men, victualled for two months, to New England. No barter with the natives in provisions or any furniture of war to be permitted. Mr. [David ?] Thompson's patent signed and sealed.
Nov. 18. Sir Rich. Cholmley to be paid 50l. on account of Mr. Dickson.
Nov. 19. Letter to be written to Mr. [Thos.] Weston to deliver to Leonard Peddock to take over with him a boy, native of New England, called Papa Whinett, belonging to Abbadakest, Sachem of Massachusetts. Commission for Mr. Champernoun for the Chudley to fish at New England to be sealed. Capt. Squibb to have a similar commission for the John and Francis.
Nov. 22. Sir Robert Mansell's note for payment of his adventure is accepted. Capt. Squibb's commission for assisting the Admiral, and discovery and taking possession of Mount Mansell for Sir Robert's use to be sealed.
Nov. 27. Names of those to whom bills of adventure shall be made by Sir Ferd. Gorges for partnership in the new ship now building at Whitby, co. York.
Nov. 30. Abrah. Jennings' receipt for his dividend in the mainland of New England, and Capt. West's commission are sealed. Wil. Pomfret, a distiller, and Geo. Dugdeale, a tailor, offer themselves to go to New England. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 17–22.]