America and West Indies: January 1651

Pages 348-349

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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January 1651

Jan. 1. Similar Orders. For a licence to export to New England, on board the New England Merchant, 150 barrels of powder, 20 barrels of shot and lead, and 200 muskets and fowling pieces, upon giving security. Complaint concerning the unfitness of some ships taken for the voyage to Barbadoes, to be referred to Committee of the Admiralty for their report; Mr. Robinson to take care of this business. [Ibid., pp. 84, 85.]
Jan. 7. Similar Order. Referring to the Committee for Barbadoes the paper entitled "An Act for the restoring all the late petitioners (not confined to banishment), &c. &c." [Ibid., Vol. XLIV., p. 13.]
Jan. 8. Similar Orders. The papers given in by Commissioner Schaep, and concerning trade to the Caribbee Islands, to be taken into consideration the next day. Report of Committee of the Admiralty concerning the unfitness of ships ordered to be sent to Barbadoes to be referred back to that Committee, who have not returned any opinion. Upon petition of divers merchants, planters, and traders to Barbadoes; amending a previous order of 26th Oct. last. [Not found under that date.] [Ibid, p. 15.]
Jan. 9. Similar Order. Upon petition of James Jenkins, Robt. Lewellin, and Company, freighters of the Recovery from Barbadoes; directing the Commissioners of Customs to take care that her goods be laid up in public warehouses until they are satisfied of the good affection of the claimants. [Ibid., p. 18.]
Jan. 14. Similar Order. For the instructions prepared for the fleet to be sent to Barbadoes, to be taken into consideration on the following day. [Ibid., p. 36.]
Jan. 15. Similar Orders. The recital of Lord Carlisle's patent to be left out of the commission now prepared for the Commissioners going with the fleet for the reduction of Barbadoes. A committee appointed to consider the powers to be given to those employed as Governor and Commissioners for exercise of the civil power in Barbadoes, after the reduction of the island. Warrant to be issued to the Judges of the Admiralty for letters of marque for Capt. Mathew Winall, commander of the Hart, of London, bound for the islands of Montserrat and Nevis. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XLIV., pp. 38, 39.]
Jan. 20. Order of the Council of State. Referring the state of the Adventurers business in Newfoundland to the Committee for Plantations, who are directed to send for Mr. Holsworth [? Oldsworth], or any others who can speak to that business, and report thereon. [Ibid., p. 50.]
Jan. 21. Similar Order. Referring instructions for the Commissioners to go to Barbadoes to the reconsideration of the Committee for Barbadoes for their report; also petition of Anthony Tierens. [Ibid., pp. 53, 54.]
Jan. 22. Order of Parliament. Report of Colonel Thompson from the Committee of the Navy, of the number of ships to go to Barbadoes, the names of which are given, with the number of guns and men and list of extraordinaries on board "The Barbadoes Fleet," agreed to, and the Council of State ordered to give them instructions and send them away forthwith. [Ibid., Vol. CXL., p. 65.]
Jan. 23. Order of the Council of State. The instructions for the business of Barbadoes to be considered on the morrow, again deferred to the following day, when the names of the Commissioners are to be brought in. [Ibid., Vol. XLIV?., pp. 64, 67.]
Jan. 28. Similar Order. For a warrant for Will. Greene, master of the Swallow, of London, to export to New England 110 barrels of powder, 5 tons of lead and shot, and 60 fowling pieces, upon giving security that they are for the use of that plantation, and will not be used to the prejudice of the Commonwealth. [Ibid., Vol. XLV., p. 3.]