America and West Indies: May 1652

Pages 378-379

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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May 1652

May 5. Minute of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. [Edward] Winslow is directed to produce on the 7th all the papers in his possession, concerning the debaucheries objected against certain loose people who have factories upon the river of [left blank, Kennebec?], and are under no government. [Ibid., Vol. CLIX., p. 1.]
May 5. Order of the Council of State. For the Committee appointed to hear the business of Sir David Kirke to present their report on the 7th. [Ibid., Vol. XCV., p. 7.]
May 6. Similar Orders. Mr. Challoner to be desired to write to Dr., Master of College, in [sic], that Mr. Isles, who went with Sir Geo. Ayscue, cannot return within the time for which he was dispensed, and that no prejudice may fall upon him in his absence. Petition of Cecil Lord Baltimore to be referred to the Committee for Sir David Kirke's business for their report. Ten pounds to be paid to [sic], who brought the first news of the surrender of Barbadoes. [Ibid., p. 14.]
May 10. Similar Orders. Licences to be granted to Wm. Williams, Edwin Browne, Jonathan Andrewes, and John White, merchants, to export 500 dozen of shoes to Barbadoes; also a similar licence for the same number of shoes to Wm. Hubberly, master of the Elizabeth, of London. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCV., p. 22.]
May 10. The licences above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 30.]
[May.] 51. Petition of Colonel Francis Lovelace to the Council of State. According to articles for the surrender of Virginia, he was appointed by the Commissioners to repair to the late King of Scots, "wheresoever he were," to give an account thereof. Prays for a pass into France, where he supposes the King to be, or elsewhere.
May 10. 52. Pass, "in the name of the Keepers of the liberty of the Commonwealth of England," for Colonel Fran. Lovelace, with his servants and necessaries, to repair to the late King of Scots. Signed by Richard Bennett and William Claybourne.
May 12. Minutes of Committee for Foreign Affairs. Mr. Joscelyn's propositions relating to New England to be considered on Friday fortnight [28th inst.], when Mr. Winslow is directed to be present. Petition of Geo. Pasfeild for liberty to transport 30 or 40 nags to Barbadoes, is read and laid aside. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CLIX., p. 3. On 28 May "Mr. Joscelyn's business" was appointed for that day fortnight; but there is no reference to it in the entries of that date.]
May 12. Order of the Council of State. Draft of a Commission for Capt. [Richard] Holdip to be Governor of a plantation in America, to be taken into consideration on the 19th. [Ibid., Vol. XCV., p. 39.]
May 12. Minute of the above. [Ibid., Vol. LXXXIX., p. 4.]
May 22. Order of the Council of State. Petition of Capt. Pasfield desiring liberty to carry horses to Barbadoes, to be considered on the 26th, and Col. Thompson to have notice of it. [Ibid., Vol. XCV., p. 111.]
May 22. Minute of the above. [Ibid., Vol. LXXXIX., p. 6.]
May 26. Order of the Council of State. For Capt. Geo. Pasfield to have a licence to export to Barbadoes, in the Barbadoes Merchant, 30 nags for the use of the sugar works there, upon payment of customs. [Ibid., Vol. XCV., p. 144.]
May 26. The licence above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 143.]
May 29. Order of the Council of State. Referring the papers of Thos. Middleton, Thos. Rous, and Constant and Nathaniel Silvester to the Committee for Plantations. [Ibid., p. 165.]