Pages 384-387

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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Page 12, line 5, for Diskaick, read Kiskaick (Chiskiack).
Page 31, July 12, for the grand patent election of, read the grand patent. Election of
Page 41, Art. 21, for [dated] Whitehall, read Virginia.
Page 46, " 29, for Lord Treasurer of Virginia, read Lord Treasurer of the Company of Virginia.
Page 85, July 2, for Dominico read Dominica.
Page 121, Art. 109, for Capt. Borquier, read Capt. Bourquier.
Page 130, " 14, for Nath. Rott [Wrote?], read Samuel.
Page 138, " 34, for Thos. Purvisse, read Thos. Purify.
Page 145, April 14, for Rich. Goodman, read Nich. Goodman.
Page 146, May 7, for the charity, read the Charity.
Page 151, June 12, for association, read Association.
Page 153, June 28, for Mr. Saltingstall, read Saltonstall.
Page 154, Art. 60, for Stafford, read Strafford.
Page 167, July 1, for mocoachan, read mecoachan.
Page 172, Nov. 11, for The Dainty of Portsmouth, read The Dainty of Dartmouth.
Page 181, June 19, for Sherland, read Sherhard.
Page 204, April 20, for Cornelius Billinger, read Cornelius Billinge.
Page 211, July 8, for Hineson, read Hinc[k]son.
Page 221, Art. 4, for "animate, read "amate.
Page 224, 6th line, for Nich. Marston, read Nath. Marston.
Page 230, March, for John Hudson, read Johnson.
Page 235, 3d line, for Owen Duren, read Owen Durning.
Page 236, 4th line, for Mr. Loungerford, read Mr. Hungerford.
Page 256, July 17, for Oaklands, read Oatlands.
Page 262, Jan. 31, for Abrah. Blufield, read Albertus Bluefield.
Page 267, March 26, for Briggam, read Brigham.
Page 324, Art. 97, for Lord Roberts, read Lord Robartes.
Page 331, 336, Dec. 18 and March 21, for Col. Wanton, read Col. Wauton (Walton).
Page 365, last Art., for John Birch, read John Burch.
Page 376, April 2, for Mr. Thurlow, read Mr. Thurloe.
Page 398, Feb. 2, for Nicholas Haward, read Nicholas Hayward.
Page 401, March 11, for Mr. Searle, read Mrs. Searle.
Page 411, Nov. 24, for Samuel Tilman, read Samuel Tilghman.
Page 421, Feb. 5, for Thos. Parrys, read Thos. Parris.
Page 488, Aug. 6, for John Moore, read John Moone.
Page 488, for Mr. Pairos, read Mr. Parris.
Page 488, for John Daniell, read John Darrell.