America and West Indies: August 1652

Pages 387-388

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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August 1652

Aug. 2. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant for the Marie and Frances, Benedick Stafford, master, bound to Virginia, to keep 16 mariners free from imprest. [Ibid., Vol. LIX., p. 9.]
Aug. 4. Similar Order. Draft of a patent for Capt. Holdip to be Governor of a plantation in America, to be read the next day. [Ibid., p. 20.]
Aug. 4. Minute that the draft of a patent for Capt. Holdip to be Governor of a plantation in America, be read to-morrow. On 12 Aug. the commission was ordered to be read on the next day; but a marginal note adds, "not observed." [Ibid., Vol. LXXXIX., pp. 13, 14.]
Aug. 9. Orders of the Council of State. Lord Whitelocke acquaints the Council that Lord Willoughby has come to England upon the articles of Barbadoes. There being divers English ships going to Barbadoes, the House to be acquainted that it will be necessary to take the articles into consideration; Mr. Challoner to report letters and papers relating to that business to Parliament. Petition of Cecil Lord Baltimore to be referred to the Committee for Foreign Affairs. [Ibid., Vol. LIX., pp. 35, 40.]
Aug. 12. Similar Orders. Petition of the inhabitants of Virginia and the articles of surrender, with several letters to the Council of State, from persons employed in that service, and other papers, to be reported to Parliament by Mr. Love, for their resolution. [The articles, copies of letters from Rich. Bennett from Virginia, of 14th and 15th May, and another date not mentioned, petition of inhabitants of Virginia, and paper concerning Maryland, are the documents noted in the margin, as sent by Mr. Symball.] Commission for Capt. Holdip to be Governor of a plantation in America, to be read the next day. [Ibid., pp. 50, 53.]
Aug. 18. Similar Order. Approving Commission for Capt. Rich. Holdip to be Governor of a plantation in America, and directing it to be engrossed, fair signed, and delivered to him. [Ibid., p. 83.]
Aug. 20. Similar Order. Liberty to be given to Henry Hazard and Robert Immans, of the City of Bristol, merchants, to carry 200 Irishmen from any port in Ireland to the Caribbee Islands, and to Robt. Lewellin, of London, merchant, to have 300 men. [Ibid., p. 93.]
Aug. 23. Order of the Council of State. Referring to Commissioners of Customs, petition of Capt. Geo. Pasfield on behalf of himself and others, who are to be informed that it was not the intention of the Council to impose any duties on the exportation of draught horses to Barbadoes other than are allowed by law. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. LX., p. 9.]
Aug. 24. 64. Similar Order. Referring letters from Barbadoes "now read," to the consideration of the Committee for Foreign Affairs.
Aug. 26. Minute of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Capt. Wm. Digby's petition to be taken into consideration on 2 Sept., the persons concerned to have notice. [On 1 Sept. Digby's petition was ordered to be considered on the 3rd, when he was to have his witnesses ready, and John Jennings was also directed to attend. On 8 Sept. the several parties were specially summoned to attend on the following Monday.] See 13 Sept. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CLIX., pp. 21, 24, 28.]
[Aug.] 65. Reasons of State [by Lord Baltimore], concerning Maryland. Importance of not uniting that province with Virginia, to the prejudice of his patent and right to Maryland, where he maintains a Deputy Governor at his own charge. Cavalier tendencies of Virginia. Maryland and New England, the only two provinces that did not declare against the Parliament. Endorsed, "Lord Baltimore's paper about Maryland, in Virginia." [A petition from Lord Baltimore, and adventurers, traders, and planters in Maryland, containing 15 articles, was read and discussed in Parliament, 31 Aug. 1652. See Commons' Journal.]
[Aug.] Abstract of the above. [Colonial Corresp., 1623, April 7.]
Aug.? 66. Considerations to be presented to the Council of State, concerning the present settlement of Barbadoes. The Governor to be named and appointed by the Council of State, and the Council by their approbation; reasons. The Councillors to be six in number, "as is now appointed;" the Governor to be maintained by the island; his revenue to be honourable and corresponding to his place; Lord Willoughby had 4 per cent. on all goods exported, which last year amounted to 300 m. [lb.] of sugar. Two gentlemen to sit and have votes in the Parliament of England, as representatives of the island; the Assembly to be continued according to "the articles." No law passed to be binding without the consent of the Governor and Council. A Court of Chancery to be erected for matters of equity. [On 3 Aug. 1652, Parliament ordered that the Council of State should make a speedy report, touching the articles made upon the surrender of Barbadoes, which articles were approved and confirmed by Parliament on18Aug. following. See Commons Journal.]