America and West Indies: October 1652

Pages 390-392

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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October 1652

Oct. 1. Minute of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Report to be made to the Council of State, that a letter be written to the plantation of Rhode Island in New England, to give them power to stay Dutch ships, and to appoint some fit person to take care of and preserve them for the State. [Ibid., Vol. CLIX., p. 40.]
Oct 3. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant for Richard Batson to transport 20 draught nags to Barbadoes for the use of his sugar mills there. [Ibid., Vol. LXI., p. 71.]
Oct. 7. Similar Order. Referring petition of the widows of the ship's company John, whereof Capt. Dennis was commander, who went to Virginia in the service of the State and were lost, to Committee of the Admiralty, to report upon the condition of the petitioners, and the further allowance that should be made to them. [Ibid., Vol. LXII., p. 1.]
Oct. 8.
68. Governor Dan. Searle to the Council of State. Sends by the Endeavour, one of the prize ships, Capt. Robt. Story, commander, an account of the prize goods. Their trade was most of all carried on by the Dutch, but since the late Act of Navigation there has been some scarcity and want of commodities. Desires with the Council, that all merchant ships of England bound thither, may be free from stop or embargo. The Assembly request that those gentlemen, sent off because highly instrumental in promoting the late rebellion against the Commonwealth, may not return to the island without leave from Parliament. No further intelligence of Prince Rupert, but that he is with his ships at the Virgin Islands, to careen and fit them forth again; "his piratical designs" in all likelihood had been ere this put a period to, had not the Dutch supplied him with provisions. Annexed,
68. I. Act of Assembly of Barbadoes. Col. Humph. Walrond, Edw. Walrond, Col. Hen. Shelley, Maj. Will. Byham, Lieut.-Col. Hen. Guy, Col. Thos. Ellis, Capt. Will. Jarmin, Hen. Boucher, and Geo. Usher, banished the island for one year by an Act dated 4 March last, are prohibited from returning without a licence from Parliament or the Council of State, under penalty of being deemed enemies to the peace of the island and proceeded against accordingly.
Oct. 11. Orders of the Council of State. For a letter to be written to the Governor of Barbadoes "to take notice to him of [altered from "to encourage him in"] his care of that place," and to desire him to continue the same for preservation of the island from surprise or defection. Mr. Scobel to be sent to, for what has been done in Parliament concerning Barbadoes. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. LXII., p. 13.]
Oct. 14. Similar Orders. Letter to the Governor and Assembly of Barbadoes is approved, with an additional clause to be inserted for the Governor to grant commissions, sent blank, for private men-of-war. The Judges of the Admiralty to be directed to prepare, with all speed, ten blank commissions as above, to be filled up at Barbadoes. [Ibid., p. 29.]
Oct. 15. Similar Order. Referring petition of John Evans, of Newhaven, in New England, to Committee for Foreign Affairs. [Ibid., p. 33.]
Oct. 15. Minutes of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. The Council of State to be moved for a warrant to take [John] Jennings into custody for contempt of their orders. Capt. Digby's petition to be considered on the 20th. [On 27th a messenger was ordered to bring Jennings before the Committee on 29th.] [Ibid., Vol. CLIX., pp. 42, 48.]
Oct. 18. Order of the Council of State. For a letter to be written to the Commissioners of Customs to permit Capt. Pasfield and other merchants to transport draught nags to Barbadoes, upon giving security for payment of such custom as shall be adjudged by Parliament. [Ibid., Vol. LXII., p. 41.]
Oct. 22. Similar Orders. Edw. Winslow, Edw. Hopkins, and Mr. Joscelyn to attend the Committee for Plantations on the 29th, concerning the furnishing of some commodities from New England, usually furnished from the East lands. Passes to be granted to the William and John, John and Katherine, Honor, Planter, Hopewell Adventure, Golden Lyon, Charles, Anthony, Margaret, and the John and Thomas, bound to Virginia, with their ships' companies and passengers. [Ibid., pp. 55, 59.]
Oct. 25. Order of the Council of State. Petition of Anne, wife of William Mott, to be transmitted to the Governor at Barbadoes, to do therein according as he finds the case to appear, notwithstanding anything written to him by the Council in the case of Roger Wootton. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. LXII., p. 65.]
Oct. 28. 69. Commission of John Endecott, Governor of New England, to Simon Bradstreet, Samuel Symonds, Capt. Thomas Wiggin, Maj. Dan. Denyson, Capt. Wil. Hathorne, and Bryan Pendleton to settle the civil Government of Kittery, the Isle of Sholes, Agamenticus, and so northerly beyond the river Piscataqua within the limits of the patent. [Copy.]
Oct. 29. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant to permit Robert Rich, merchant, 24 draught nags to Barbadoes. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. LXIII., p. 6.]