America and West Indies: December 1652

Pages 394-396

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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December 1652

Dec. 2. Similar Order. Appointing a standing Committee of 21 of the Council for the business of Trade and Plantations, and also for Foreign Affairs, viz., Lords Whitelocke and Lisle, Sir Henry Vane, Mr. Bond, Mr. Scott, Lord General [Cromwell], Mr. Love, Col. Walton, Col. Purefoy, Sir Arthur Hesilrig, Lord Bradshaw, Mr. Challoner, Col. Morley, Mr. Strickland, Sir Wm. Masham, Col. Thomson, Col. Sidney, Maj. Lister, Mr. Gurdon, Sir Gilbert Pickering, and Mr. Alleyn, or any five of them. [Ibid., Vol. XCVI., p. 8.]
Dec. 7. Similar Order. Referring petition of Nicholas Smith and Thos. Mason, planters in Virginia, to Committee of the Admiralty. [Ibid., p. 42.]
Dec. 15. Minutes of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. The Council of State to declare to the Merchants of Plymouth, Dartmouth, Weymouth, and Poole trading to Newfoundland, upon their petition, that they cannot undertake to give them a convoy for their next year's fishing voyage, and that if they can dispose of themselves so as to forbear that trade this year, it will most consist with their affairs at present. Mrs. Searle's petition to be considered on the 17th, and Sir Geo. Ayscue's instructions upon his going to Barbadoes, to be produced at the same time. Col. Sydney, Col. Ingoldsby, Mr. Scott, Major Lister, Sir Wm. Masham, and Mr. Love, or any two of them, to be a sub-committee, to consider the business of furnishing masts for New England, for the use of the Commonwealth, to meet on the 18th, and [Edward] Winslow to attend at the same time. [Ibid., Vol. CLX, pp. 2, 5.]
Dec. 16. Order of the Council of State. Letter to be written to the Western ports, to acquaint them with the taking of two Barbadoes ships in the Downs, by the Dutch, and to desire them to be careful to send out scouts to give notice to merchant ships homeward bound of the posture of the enemy. [INTEREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVI., p. 97.]
Dec. 17. Similar Orders. Bills of lading sent from Barbadoes to the Council of State, to be referred to Committee of the Navy. The narrative from that island, concerning its present state, to be referred to Committee for Foreign Affairs for their report, as also upon former references concerning that place. [Ibid., p. 112.]
Dec. 17.
73. Copy of the preceding Order concerning the narrative from Barbadoes.
Dec. 17. Minutes of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Upon petition of Mary, wife of Daniel Searle, Governor of Barbadoes, as to the continuance of her husband in that charge. Recommend to the Council of State that a commission be prepared to continue him Governor three years. Mr. Thurloe to give an account where the letters and papers are from Barbadoes to the Council of State. Mr. Bond, Col. Thompson, and Mr. Love, or any two of them, to be a subcommittee to look over and report upon the accounts from Newfoundland. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CLX., pp. 6, 7.]
Dec. 20. Warrant for Armiger Warner to transport to Barbadoes 50 draught nags, for the use of that plantation upon the usual terms. [Ibid., Vol. XCVI., p. 124.]
Dec. 22. Orders of the Council of State. Petition of the Guinea Company to be referred to Committee for Foreign Affairs; also petition of Sir David Kirke. [Ibid., pp. 134, 136.]
Dec. 27. Warrant to the Commissioners for sale of Dutch prizes. Petition having been presented to the Council of State by Thos. Alexander, John Horne, Nicholas Trott, Geo. Holcroft, William Claybourne, John White, Gabriel Benyon, Richard Glover, and Daniel Benyon, praying for restitution of several hogsheads of their tobacco seized in a Dutch vessel coming from Virginia; and most of the petitioners having actually been at the reduction of Barbadoes and Virginia, and faithfully performed their services, and the tobacco having been shipped by leave of the Governor of Virginia, the Commissioners are required to deliver it to the petitioners. [Ibid., pp. 155–56.]
Dec. 27. Minutes of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Upon petition of Nicholas Hayward, John Nutt, and others, desiring commissions for private men-of-war for defence of their ships, Golden Fortune and Peter, in their voyage to Virginia; that they be granted, or the ships obliged to delay their intended voyage until the channel be clear, or a sufficient convoy appointed for them. Sir David Kirke's petition to be considered this day fortnight, and Walter Sikes appointed to attend at the same time; Mr. Holland to be desired to transmit any papers he has concerning Kirke and Newfoundland. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., CLX., pp. 20, 23.]
Note that there were more than 10,000 foot and 2,000 horse in Barbadoes this year. [Colonial Corresp., 1609, p. 7.]