America and West Indies: March 1623

Pages 40-41

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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March 1623

March 4.
Order of the Privy Council. The order of 24 Oct. 1621, is renewed against carrying the products of Virginia or the Somers Islands to foreign countries until they have been first landed in England and the King's customs paid. [Colonial Entry Bk, Vol LXXIX., p. 203.]
March 11. Minutes of the Council for New England. Complaints exhibited by the adventurers of New Plymouth, in New England, against Jo. Peirce. Emman. Alchem, capt. of the Little James, applies for discharge of some of his ship's company, lately prest for the King's ships. Sir Henry Spilman's propositions for renewing the patent. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 37, 38.]
March 18. Minutes of the Council for New England. The proposition of Edw. Cox and others to join with Capt. Robt. Gorges in his plantation in New England to be considered; also several matters respecting the new grant of incorporation. One Rounce, agent for the adventurers of New Plymouth, having misinformed the Council about the seizure of certain barrels of meal by the Mayor of Norwich, no information is henceforth to be taken before the Council except upon oath. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 38, 39.]
March 25. Minutes of the Council for New England. Differences between Jo. Peirce and his associates. On 1 June 1621 Peirce obtained a grant from the Council of lands in New England for settling a plantation there. On 20 April 1622 he agreed with certain adventurers for a joint interest with him in the above lands, and procured a patent, which they were not privy to, of the said lands to himself, his heirs and associates, for ever. Both parties are willing to have new grants passed; ordered accordingly. Proposals of Mr. Shirley, Treasurer, on behalf of the adventurers of New Plymouth. Sir Hen. Spilman's proposals that no person going to New England be allowed more than 60 acres of land, and that no tenant of the patentees settled there be permitted to leave his plantation without licence from his landlord. Patentees, who refuse to pay in their adventure, to surrender up their rights, and others to be admitted in their places. [Colonial Corresp., 1622, May 31, pp. 39–41.]
March 30.
21. The Council of Virginia to Lord President Mandeville. The King having taken the commodity of tobacco to his own immediate use, they have regained new hopes. Have shown by their petitions and general declarations the great prejudice to the colony, through divers contracts, made wholly without their consent or privity. Thank him for having been the greatest means to overthrow the former contracts and implore the continuance of his favour. Signed by Fran. West, John Pott, Sam. Mathews, Roger Smyth, Will. Claybourne, and Will. Tucker. [Certified copy.]
March 30.
Re-grant to Sir Geo. Calvert of a territory in Newfoundland, with alteration and addition of some particular points, for better encouraging that plantation. Latin. [Sign Manual Jac. I., Vol. XV., No. 3.See ante, 31 Dec. 1622.]