America and West Indies: June 1653

Pages 403-405

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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June 1653

June 3. Orders of the Council of State. Instructions read for [John] Treworgie to Newfoundland, to be written out, signed, and sent. The security given by Sir David Kirke being approved, the sequestration or former seizure upon his estate in Newfoundland, to be taken off; and all that remains, except the ordnance and other things properly belonging to the Commonwealth, delivered to such persons as he may appoint. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., pp. 197, 204.]
[June 3.] Instructions to John Treworgie, Commissioner for managing and ordering the affairs and interest of the Commonwealth in Newfoundland for the present year. To take care for the government and well ordering of the peaple and fishery; to collect the impositions upon fish and oil until futher orders; to secure the fishery against any attempts, full powers being granted to him to command vessels upon the coast to assist therein; to deliver up to whoever Sir David Kirke shall appoint, all that remains of his estate, formerly sequestred; to receive and examine all complaints, and certify their particular cases to the Council; and to return to England at the close of this summer's fishery to give an account of his proceedings. [Ibid., pp. 204–207.]
June 3.
Laws, rules, and ordinances for the affairs and fishery of Newfoundland, until Parliament shall take further order. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., pp. 207–210.]
June 11. Orders of the Council of State. For a warrant for Martin Noell, Richard Batson, John Manniford, Wm. Chamberlaine, Wm. Draxe, and Sam. Cox, merchants and planters in Barbadoes, to transport thither 30 horses, upon the usual terms. Petition of Sir David Kirke to be referred to Committee of the Admiralty. For a warrant to permit John Evans and Peter Mackerell to export to Barbadoes 10 nags and 100 dozen of shoes, upon paying the usual duties. [Ibid., pp. 273–75.]
June 11. The two warrants above mentioned. [Ibid., pp 273 76.]
June 13.
Commission appointing Daniel Searle, Governor of Barbaboes, until further order; with power to choose a Council, "consisting of persons rightly qualified for godliness, judgment and good affection to the interest of this Commonwealth," not exceeding the number of six. [Ibid., pp. 290–91.]
June 15. Order of the Council of State. Directing a letter to be written to the Governor of Barbadoes, to take notice of the receipt of his letter of 3 April last [not found], to let him know that his laying an excise upon strong waters is approved of, and to desire that he will collect and send to England the sugars due to the State. [Ibid., pp. 303–4.]
June 20.
Licence for the Three Brothers, John Skinner, master, to sail to Newfoundland, with 18 Englishmen. [Ibid., p. 368.]
June 21. Order of the Council of State. For a licence for John Skinner as above. [Ibid., p. 370. Both these dates are correctly copied.]
June 22. Similar Order. Letter from the Governor of Virginia to be referred to Committee for Foreign Affairs, to consider the particular business therein offered, and report upon the answer fit to be returned. [Ibid., p. 391.]
June 22.
Licence for the Three Brothers, John Skinner, master, bound to Newfoundland, to take on board 12 men to be added to the 18 already granted. [Ibid., p. 395.]
June 25. Order of the Council of State. Commission to be granted to Cornelius Holland. Col. Owen Rowe, Sir Thos. Wroth, Fras. Alleyn, Dr. Aaron Gourdon, Maurice Thompson, Wm. Jessop, John Oxenbridge, Edward Pead, Leonard Ward, Joseph Todd, Geo. Turberville, Geo. Prynn, Edward Carter, Elias Roberts, Mathew Batson, and Nath. Hawes, or any three of them, whereof the Governor or Deputy to be one, for governing the affairs of the Somers Islands, with the same powers and privileges as the former Company. [Ibid., p. 411.]
June 27. Order of the Council of State. For John Oxenbridge and Leonard Ward to be added to the number of persons appointed for government of the Somers Islands. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCVII., p. 416.]
June 28. Similar Order. Letter to be written to the Governor of Barbadoes, inclosing petition of Capt. Thos. Chapman, and desiring him to determine the business according to justice [Ibid., pp. 431–2.]
June 28.
Commission to Cornelius Holland, Col. Owen Rowe, and other [see ante, 25 June]. Several well-affected persons in the Somers Islands, having been much oppressed and vigorously and unjustly dealt with, in relation to matters of conscience and the worship of God, contrary to the privileges granted to them, and receiving no reparation for their great sufferings, the above are appointed a Company for governing the affairs of those islands, with powers similar to those formerly granted by patent by King James. [Ibid., pp. 434–35.]