America and West Indies: November 1653

Pages 410-411

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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November 1653

Nov. 7. Orders of the Council of State. Petition of Benj. Goslyn, for a licence for his ship, the Lioness, to go to Barbadoes, to be referred to Commissioners of the Admiralty. Petition of Jas. Frere, Wm. Barker, and Adam Walker, touching the transporting of vagrants, felons, &c. to the foreign plantations, to be referred to Col. Jones and Mr. Anlaby for their report. [Ibid., Vol. C., pp. 21, 22.]
Nov. 8. Similar Order. Referring letter from Governor of Barbadoes of [4th] Sept. last [see ante, p. 407, No. 11], concerning 400,000 weight of sugar due to the State in that island for prize goods, to Committee of Council for Customs, for their report how it may be received and returned for the service of the Commonwealth. [Ibid., p. 29.]
Nov. 15. Similar Orders. Col. James, Col. Jones, and Mr. Anlaby, or any two of them, to be appointed a Committee to report upon the propositions of Jas. Frere, concerning the trans-portation of vagrants to the foreign plantations. For a warrant to the master of the ship . . . [sic] bound to Virginia, to deliver to Robert Broome, his son Bart. Broome, aged about 11 years, lately on board his ship, "as he will answer the contrary at his peril." Also for a similar warrant for the apprehension of Avis . . . [sic] for stealing the child and putting him on board his ship. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. C., pp. 63, 64.]
Nov. 15.
14. Governor Dan. Searle to the Council of State. The present appearance of things promises a continuance of peace in the island. Letters from the Governor of Antigua speak of a mutiny lately broken out in Nevis against the Government, upon news of the dissolution of Parliament, but that all was again appeased. Endorsed, "Rec. 10 Jan. 1654." Incloses,
14. I. Governor Searle to the Council of State. Barbadoes, 1653, Oct. 19. Duplicate, see Calendar p. 410, No. 13.
Nov. 16. Orders of the Council of State. For warrants to permit Jasper Maynard, master of the Francis and Joyce, and John Rand, master of the Elizabeth, each to export to Barbadoes 300 dozen of boots and shoes. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. C., p. 71.]
Nov. 16. The warrants above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 73.]
Nov. 18. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant to permit Samuel Sayers to export to Barbadoes 300 dozen of shoes and eight horses, upon paying customs. [Ibid., p. 83.]
Nov. 18. The warrant above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 84.]
Nov. 24. Order of the Council of State. For warrants to permit the Report, Edward Dunning, master, the John and Katherine, John Miller, master, the Honor, John Price, master, the Margaret, Robt. Fox, master, the Charles, Thos. Wilson, master, the Anthony, Hugh Wilson, master, the King David, John Boswell, master, the Golden Fortune, Samuel Tilman, master, the Richard and Benjamin, John Witty, master, the John and Thomas, Thos. Port, master, the Amity, John Tully, master, and the Seven Sisters, Abraham Read, master, to transport servants and passengers to Virginia, and 150 dozen of shoes in each ship. [Ibid., p. 111.]
Nov. 26. Similar Orders. For a licence to Capt. John Rand to transport to Barbadoes 20 draught nags, for the use of that plantation. Parliament to be moved to consider what custom shall be paid for every horse transported thence. For a warrant to permit Philip Eure, master of the William, of London, to transport to Virginia 150 dozen of shoes, and his full number of passengers. [Ibid, pp. 118–19.]
Nov. 26. The warrants above mentioned. [Ibid., p. 120.]
Nov. 30. Order of the Council of State. For the Committee for Irish and Scotch Affairs to examine and report upon the account of the Governor of Newfoundland. [Ibid., p. 136.]