America and West Indies: April 1654

Pages 415-416

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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April 1654

April 6. 18. Report of "the Assistants to the Committee of the Council for the Treasuries." Upon petition of divers merchants and others of London, trading to Virginia and other foreign plantations; also upon petition of Samuel Mathews, on behalf of the inhabitants of Virginia. Reasons why it will be of very ill consequence if an Act of Parliament now in force, prohibiting the planting of tobacco in England is not revived before the tobacco is transplanted out of the hot beds. Endorsed, "Read 1 and 2 time 7 April 1654."
April 6. Order of the Council of State. Petition of Hugh Murrell, merchant, on behalf of several merchants and others of Paris, concerning a plantation of French in America, to be laid aside. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CIII., p. 222.]
[April 14.] Petition of John Glover to [the Lord Protector]. Prays satisfaction for ginger and tobacco belonging to French at St. Christopher's, and seized on their way to Middleburgh by the ships of the fleet. Minute. "If looked after fit to be referred to the Admiralty for their opinion, 19 Apl. 1655. Agreed 16 Aug. 1655. [Ibid., Vol. CL., No. 41.]
[April 21.] Petition of Edward Rigby to [the Lord Protector]. Prays settlement of his plantation in New England, called the Province of Laconia, granted by patent from the King to his father. Minute. "Proper for the Committee for Plantations. Referred to that Committee 11 Jan. 1656." [Ibid., No. 73.]
[1654.] 19. Petition of Lewis, John, and James Kirke, interested in the business of Canada, to Oliver Lord Protector. That some course may be taken with the French Ambassador, Mons. de Neufville, before any new treaty is concluded, for payment of 48,383l. 2s. 9d., for which France, and especially the associates of New France, are in all equity answerable to the petitioners. Annexed,
19. I. Memorial of the petitioners' demands for losses sustained by the French at Canada.
April 24. Petition of Kirke to [the Lord Protector]. Prays provision in the French treaty for 3,462l. 6s., and 14,320l. due on the treaty 29 March 1632 [concerning the restitution of Canada. Minute]. Referred to the general case of the treaty 19 April 1655, "not in the bundle." Agreed 16 Aug. 1655. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CL., No. 39.]
April 24. 20. Petition of Walter Sikes, Capt. Wm. Pyle, and John Treworgie, to the Lord Protector. In 1652 they were commissioned by the Council of State to manage and order affairs in Newfoundland, and secure the estate of Sir David Kirke there. But Sir David being deceased, James, his brother, has arrested them in actions for 1,100l., pretending the estate in Newfoundland to be his. Pray that the business may be determined, all proceedings at law stayed, and themselves in no way damnified for doing the Commonwealth service. Annexed,
20. I. Commission of the Council of State to John Littlebury, John Treworgie, Walter Sikes, Capt. Thos. Thoroughgood, Capt. Thos. Jones, and Capt. Wm. Haddock, or any two of them. To take into their possession for the use of the Commonwealth, all arms, ammunition, houses, boats, and other fishing appurtenances in Newfoundland, Sir David Kirke having been ordered to repair to the Council. With power to collect the imposition of fish due from strangers. Whitehall, 1651, April 8.
20. II. State of the case between Jas. Kirke and John Treworgie, Walter Sikes, and Wm. Pyle. The defendants request that they may have a new trial without paying any costs, and indemnity granted them upon report of their business.
20. III. Copy of the preceding.
20. IV. Further reasons and desires of the Commissioners for Newfoundland.
20. V. Report upon the petitions of Treworgie, Sikes, and Pyle. Account of the actions brought against them and the verdicts for damages by default, they being all at sea.
20.V. Copy of the preceding.
April? 21. Petition of John Treworgie, one of the Commissioners for seizing the ammunition and other appurtenances belonging to the Adventurers and fishing in Newfoundland, to the Lord Protector. In pursuance of his commission, he seized what was in the actual possession of Sir David Kirke for the use of the Commonwealth, which, by an order of Council of June last, was re-delivered to Sir David's lady; but Jas. Kirke, plotting with Charles Hill, knowing the petitioner has a second commission, has had him arrested upon an action for 600l., and kept him close prisoner as a malefactor, thinking by a trick to gain money for his liberty. Prays that Kirke, Hill, and the bailiffs may be ordered to show cause why the petitioner should not proceed in his commission without interruption or arrest, and that he may be secured against them.