America and West Indies: July 1654

Pages 417-418

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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July 1654

July 6. 22. Petition of divers merchants, traders, and planters in Barbadoes and Virginia, with thousands of mariners and handicraftsmen, to the Lord Protector. Commissioners were appointed to put in force the Act of Parliament of 1652, prohibiting the planting of tobacco in England, and some 1,100 acres of land intended for tobacco was converted into tillage. Are informed that some malicious spirits have opposed the Act, and addressed his Highness to suspend the power of the Commissioners, the evil effects of which are set forth. Some thousands of hogsheads of tobacco have already arrived from the English plantations in America, and more are daily expected, which will not pay custom, excise and freight, if English tobacco be preserved. Pray that a day may be appointed for them to offer some reasons against the sale of tobacco planted in England, as they did before the ordinance for suppressing it was published. Signed by Samuel Mathews, agent for the inhabitants of Virginia, Wm. Allen, and John Harris. Endorsed, "Sent by the Lord Lambert. Rd. 14 July 1654. To be heard next Tuesday."
July 25. Order of the Council of State. For a licence to Capt. Plea to transport 100 horses to Barbadoes, upon payment of the usual duties. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CIII., p. 443.]
[July 27.] 23. Petition of Alderman Wm. Underwood, Alex. Bence, John Greensmith, Wm. and Thos. Allen, John Harris, and Thos. Rodbard, part owners of the William and John, Honor, Hopewell, Golden Lyon, Planter, William, Mayflower, and John and Katherine, to the Lord Protector. There being absolute necessity in Virginia for a supply of shoes and powder and shot for defence of the colony, which goods are under prohibition of transportation without licence, pray for a warrant to ship 120 dozen of shoes, six barrels of powder, and one ton of shot in each ship, upon payment of customs. Endorsed, "Ord. 27 July 1654."
July 27. Order of the Council of State. For the warrant requested in the previous petition. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CIII., p. 455.]
[July 27.] 24. Petition of Lucas Lucey, John Terence, Thos. Potter, John Jeffreys, and others, part owners of the Hopeful and other ships bound to Virginia, to the Lord Protector. For a warrant to transport the same goods in each vessel as requested in the preceding petition. Signed. Endorsed as above.
July 28. The warrants above mentioned. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CXXXIII., pp. 45, 46.]
July 31. 25. Petition of Mathew Quine and John Maddan, in behalf or themselves and others, planters in the island of St. Christopher, to the Lord Protector. Having contracted with Capt. Nicholas Le Breton, a Frenchman, to transport certain commodities to Galway, in Ireland, the petitioners landed within two miles of the town, when he privately departed for France with their goods, and converted them to his own use. They afterwards obtained a sentence in the Admiralty Court of France for their value, amounting to 45,268 livres, but through the interest of Prince Rupert, could reeceive no benefit therefrom. Pray in consequence of their great losses, and because justice is denied to them in France, that they may be permitted to seize on French goods or ships, by way of reprisal. Underwritten is an order for the petitioners to proceed in the Court of Admiralty, to prove their case, when Cromwell will declare his further pleasure. 1654, July 31. Annexed,
25 I. Report of Drs. Wm. Clerk, John Godolphin, and Chas. Geo. Cocke, Judges of the Admiralty, upon the above petition. Examination of witnesses. Had the goods been delivered in Galway they would have produced 10,000l. Loss and damage to the petitioners, besides their expenses, for want of their employment, about 3,000l. Endorsed, "Rd about Jan. 1655."