America and West Indies: May 1655

Pages 424-425

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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May 1655

May 1. 45. Petition of Martin Noell, of London, merchant, to the Lord Protector and Council. Has bought about 200 horses for the service of the plantations of America, but could obtain licence to transport 50 only; prays for an order to export the remainder to the plantations in America. Endorsed, "Martin Noell, for transporting 150 horses to Barbadoes; rec. 1 May 1655, granted 10 May, as to 50."
May 2.
The Licence for Capt. Robt. Ostler to export to Barbadoes the commodities above-mentioned. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CXXXIII., p. 138.]
May 9. Order of the Council of State. Upon report concerning Major Robt. Sedgwick and his accounts, relating to the public service, in which he was employed in New England or thereabouts, against the French, directing the Commissioners of the Treasury to pay to him the amount due for that service, and for provisions left in the forts and garrisons taken from the French. [Ibid., Vol. CIV., p. 62.]
May 9. Similar Order. For a warrant for 1,793l. 7s. 8d. for Major Sedgwick. [Ibid., p. 77.]
May 10 Similar Order. For a warrant to Martin Noell to transport 50 horses to Barbadoes. [Ibid., p. 69.]
May 10.
The warrant above mentioned. [Ibid., Vol. CXXXIII., p. 147.]
May 17. 46. Petition of Wm. Franklyn, of Boston, in New England, to the Lord Protector. In Oct. 1651, he set forth a small ship from Boston to Palm Island, but the master, ordered by the Governor of Massachusetts to touch at Fial [Fayal?] to redeem a captive there, was surprised by Prince Rupert, and the ship and lading seized, and the men "captivated in slavery." The Rev. Mr. Cotton acquainted his Highness by letter with the petitioner's losses, amounting to more than 600l., and craved assistance on his behalf. In 1653, goods sent to pay his debts in England were taken by the Hollanders, and also his papers, by which he could claim satisfaction of the King of Portugal. Prays that some course may be taken for his speedy relief. Underwritten, "Oliver P." refers this petition to the Council of State, and desires them to give order for the petitioner's relief. Whitehall, 17 May 1655. Endorsed, "By Lo. Presid. 18 May, ref. 29 May; ord. 26 June." Annexed,
46. I. Report upon the above petition. Because Franklyn appears to be a godly man and is recommended by some eminent persons, they think he is a fit object of respect, and that some employment in the Custom House or in some other way suitable to his experience, may be bestowed upon him. Signed by Sir Ch. Wolseley and Col. E. Montagu. Endorsed, "Read and agreed 26 June 1655."
May 29. Order of the Council of State. Referring the above petition to the Earl of Mulgrave, Sir Chas. Wolseley, Col. Fienes, and Col. Montagu, or any two of them. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CIV., p. 103.]
May 31. 47. Petition of William Kiffin, merchant, to the Council of State. Without relief from England, the Island of Barbadoes and the other plantations belonging to England are not able to subsist; prays for licence to export 30 horses and 600 dozen of shoes, upon payment of the usual customs.
May 31. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant to Wm. Kiffin, merchant, to export 30 horses and 600 dozen of shoes to Barbadoes, and the other English plantations, upon paying customs. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CIV., p. 110.]
May 31.
The warrant above mentioned. [Ibid., Vol. CXXXIII., p. 160.]