America and West Indies: December 1655

Pages 433-434

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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December 1655

Dec. 5. 55. Petition of Anne Maxfeild to the Lord Protector and Council. Her son, Robert Street, merchant, was employed in 1652 as a Commissioner for Newfoundland; his sudden departure prevented the settlement of his salary, which he expected would be 250l. a year, besides 61l. disbursed for charges, but he has not received any satisfaction. Prays that a bond of Capt. Henry Langham for 50l., taken up by her son for the service of the State, may be speedily paid, as well as the money due to Street. Endorsed, "Dd by the Lord President 5 Dec. 1655. Read and referred 26 Dec. Ord. 13 Feb. 1656." Annexed,
55. I. Report of Committee for Scotch and Irish Affairs. Upon petition of Walter Sikes and Robert Street of 11 May 1653, concerning their employment as Commissioners in Newfoundland. Find no exception against Street, and think fit that his case be presented to the Council to make him an allowance for his disbursements and salary. 1653, June 8. [Certified copy, 23 Nov. 1655.]
Dec. 11. Order of the Council of State. For a warrant to Jonathan Keate and partners to export 40 horses to Barbadoes upon paying the usual customs. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CIV., p. 415.]
Dec. 12.
The warrant above mentioned. [Ibid., Vol. CXXXIII., p. 257.]
Dec. 18. Order of the Council of State. For payment of 5,611l. 7s. 9d. to Martin Noell, for tools and other provisions for Jamaica [Ibid., Vol. CIV., p. 423.]
Dec. 19. 56. Petition of Robert Ostler, merchant, to the Council of State. For licence to transport 30 horses to Barbadoes, upon payment of the usual customs. Endorsed, "Ord. 22 Jan. 1656."
Dec. 19. Order of the Council of State. The Committee for Jamaica to report upon the most convenient way of transporting those wives desirous to go to their husbands in Jamaica. Francis Hodges to satisfy one month's pay to widows of officers and soldiers who lost their lives in Jamaica. Compensation to Peter Cole, owner of the Fraternity, for receiving Daniel Gookin on board, for New England. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CIV., p. 426.]
Dec. 19. Reference to the Committee for Jamaica, to consider of a way for transporting wives to their husbands there. [Ibid., Vol. CXLV., p. 5.]
Dec. 25. 57. Statement of the sums received for customs at the port of London for commodities from Barbadoes, from 25 Dec. 1654. For goods and merchandise, 1,118l. 3s. 8d.; white sugar, 1,419l. 12s.; brown sugar, 10,002l. 10s.; and dry ginger, 390l. Total, 12,930l. 5s. 8d.
Dec. 31? Petition of Robt. Osborne to [the Lord Protector.] Is guardian to Anthony Briskett, his mother, the relict of Ant. Briskett, Governor of Montserrat, having married Samuel Waad, who possessed himself of the estate, and was condemned for mutiny. Prays that the cause of Waad's death may be inquired into, and the orphan continued in his father's estate. Minute, "Letters written to the Barbadoes." [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CL., No. 312.]
1655. 58. Petition of Mathew Quine and John Maddan, on behalf of them-selves and others, planters in the island of St. Christopher, to the Lord Protector. Recite their petition of 31 July 1654 [see ante, p. 418, No. 25], and report of the Judges of the Admiralty thereon. Pray, as they have attended since January last, that they may be relieved concerning their losses by way of reprisal, or some other way.
1655? 59. "Hammond versus Heamans. Or an ANSWER to an audacious pamphlet, published by an impudent and ridiculous fellow named ROGER HEAMANS, calling himself commander of the ship Golden Lion, wherein he endeavours, by lies and holy expressions, to colour over his murthers and treacheries committed in the Province of Maryland, to the utter ruin of that florishing plantation; having for a great sum sold himself to proceed in those cruelties; it being altogether answered out of the abstract of credible oaths taken here in England. In which is published his Highnesses absolute (though neglected) command to Richard Bennet, late Governour of Virginia, and all others, not to disturbe the Lord Baltamores plantation in Maryland. By John Hammond, a sufferer in these calamities. (Three Scriptural quotations.) Printed at London for the use of the Author, and are to be sold at the Royall Exchange, in Cornhill." [Printed Pamphlet.]