America and West Indies: August 1657

Pages 457-458

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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August 1657

Aug. 4. Order of the Council of State. Upon report of petition of Capt. English Smith, late a planter and one of the Council in the island of Nevis, with state of the case annexed, both as to himself and divers others of the inhabitants; setting forth that a petition was presented to Col. Luke Stokes, the late Governor, in the name of the freeholders of the South-west division, praying that the commission by which the authority of the island acted might be considered, and laws made for regulating the soldiery there; that the petition was dismissed, and the petitioners excluded from acting in the Assembly, whereupon many inhabitants, whose names are given, prepared a petition to his Highness, complaining of the sufferings of the godly and well affected, and the danger of presenting their grievances, and praying for such immunities and privileges as were thought fit; which being brought to the hands of the Governor and Council, Capt. Smith and many others were imprisoned, and their estates confiscated or fined in great sums. Recommend a new Governor for the island in the place of Col. Stokes deceased, that the several persons remaining in the island be set at liberty and restored to all their former employments, and that they may be secured from any question or trouble, for representing their just grievances to his Highness. The America and the Look Out to have free trade in part of the West Indies upon giving security for 5,000l. to return the product of the voyage to England. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CVI., pp. 48–50, 57.]
Aug. 6. Similar Order. Information having been received that Wm. Harwyn, a soldier, and divers young persons were without their consent taken on board the Conquer, bound to the West Indies; Sir John Barkstead, Lieut. of the Tower, Col. Francis White, and Major Miller are directed to inform themselves what passengers are there embarked, and upon what terms, and in case they find any not engaged by indenture, to be forced or enticed aboard, to order their discharge, and to report their proceedings. [Ibid., p. 60.]
Aug. 29. Col. Fr. White and Major Miller [of the Committee for America] to [the Council of State?]. Have taken an account of the passengers embarked on board the Conquer, and how they were enticed there. Those persons unwilling to go were demanded of the master of the vessel, but he refused them, and only two soldiers were delivered. On the same sheet is, annexed,
29. I. Names of persons on board the Conquer, bound to Virginia. They include 11 persons "taken by the Spirits," most of whom are unwilling to go; Mary Cooper and Elizabeth Smaldridge willing to go if they had their clothes; and 15 persons who voluntarily went on board. 1657, Aug. 6.
[Aug. 7.] Petition of Alice Lane to [the Lord Protector]. Sets forth her great sufferings in the West Indies, her husband and son having been drowned in Eleuthera, and that arrears for service in England of 702l. 13s. 6d. are certified. Prays relief. Minute. "Report offered to the Council that she may have a pension of 10s. per week. The opinion and directions of the Council desired in similar cases." [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CLI., No. 19.]
Aug. 13.
30. Committee for America to the Council of State. Are preparing an account of the business before them [concerning money for Jamaica]. Wishing to relieve the many pressing necessities and deserving hard cases that have come before them, some being in a starving condition, desire that 1,000l. may be paid to the Committee for contingencies to carry on the work. Endorsed, "Ord. 14 Aug. 1657."
Aug. 14. Order of the Council of State. Upon report of Col. White and Maj. Miller, certifying that they found Wm. Adrian and ten others unduly enticed on board the Conquer, directing that the ship be suffered to depart after setting on shore those unwilling to go the voyage. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CVI., p. 84.]
Aug.? Proposals for transporting Irish to Maryland "respited." Minute only. [Ibid., Vol. CLI., No. 33.]
Aug.? Petition of Jane Balden to [the Lord Protector]. Her husband lost his life in the service at Jamaica, leaving her three children miserably poor. Prays some relief. [Minute. Ibid., No. 61.]