America and West Indies: March 1624

Pages 58-59

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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March 1624

March 2. 6. Capt. John Harvey, Jo. Pory, Abrah. Peirsey, and Capt. Sam. Mathews to Sir Fran. Wyatt and others of the General Assembly of Virginia. Request, for the information of the Privy Council in England, their opinion in writing to four propositions concerning the present state of the colony. [Certified copy.]
March 2. 7. Reply of the General Assembly of Virginia to the four propositions of the Commissioners. The places in the country most fit to be fortified; how the colony stands with respect to the savages; the hopes that may be conceived of the plantation; and the most direct means to attain them. Signed by Sir Fran. Wyatt, Sir Geo. Yeardley, Fran. West, George Sandys, and twenty eight others.
March 2. 8. Certified copy of the preceding.
March 2.
James City.
The Commissioners of Virginia to the General Assembly. Assured that they have maturely considered the orders the Commissioners published in the Assembly a week past, send for their consideration a form which they apprehend very fit to be subscribed to by the whole Assembly. [Certified copy.] Inclose,
I. Form of subscription presented to the Assembly by Capt. Harvey, Jo. Pory, Abrah. Peirsey, and Capt. Mathews. Testifying thankfulness for the King's care of the colony and consenting to the revocation of old patents, and to accept of a new charter. 1624, March2. [Certified copy, see ante, Colonial Corresp, Vol. III., No. 6.]
March 2. Gov. Sir Fras. Wyatt, the Council and Assembly of Virginia, to the Commissioners. Have already given thanks to the King for his tender care over them, and answered the letters and orders of the Privy Council. When their consept to the surrender of the patent is required, will be the proper time to reply. Conceive the King's intention to change the Government has proceeded from misinformation, which they hope may be altered upon their more faithful declarations. [Certified copy, see ante, Colonial Corresp., Vol. III., No. 6.]
March 2. The Assembly of Virginia to Capt. Harvey and others, the Commissioners. Do not conceive that they were authorized by their instructions to make the last proposition, and desire to see the extent of their authority before the General Assembly is dissolved on the following day. [Certified copy, see ante, Colonial Corresp., Vol. III., No. 6.]
March 3.
James City.
The Commissioners to the Governor, Council, and Assembly of Virginia. Acknowledge that they had neither commission nor instructions to move them to subscribe that form to the King. Propounded it by way of counsel for the good of the plantation. Had the Assembly refused to answer it, think it would have shown discontent, or been at least uncourteous. The Assembly have no reason to search into the extent of the Commissioners' authority. Cannot profess that they have no further commission concerning them, for what is unperformed touches their persons, servants, corn, cattle, arms, houses, &c. [See ante, Colonial Corresp., Vol. III., No. 6.]
March 5.
James City,
9. List of 35 laws and orders concluded at a General Assembly held at James City in Virginia, by the Governor, Council, and two burgesses elected out of every plantation by the major part of voices Feb. 16, 1624. Signed by Sir Fras. Wyatt, seven of the Council, and 27 of the Assembly. [Certified copy.]
March 12.
[Edw. Nicholas to John Nicholas]. Ships arrived this week from Virginia and the Somers Islands certify the welfare of the people, but in Virginia they are still at enmity with the natives. [Extract. DOMESTIC Corresp. Jac. I., Vol. CLX., No. 70, Cal. p. 186.]
March 20. 10. Reasons offered to the Privy Council against Sir Edwin Sandys' contract and joint stock for the Virginia and Somers Islands tobacco, and against the monopoly of tobacco.