America and West Indies: April 1626

Pages 79-80

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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April 1626

April 3. Preamble for the subscriptions for the formation of a company of adventurers to the River Amazon. Upon the suit of Roger North, the King has directed the Attorney General to prepare a bill for His Majesty's signature, containing a grant of incorporation to him, Robt. Harcourt, and others, to be joined with them, and such extent of lands and other privileges as are contained in two grants of 28 Aug. 1613, and 1 Sept. 1619. Conditions upon which adventurers are required to under-write. Printed. [DOMESTIC Corresp. Car. I., Vol. XXIV., No. 20, Cal. p.302.]
April 6.
James City.
9. Governor Sir Francis Wyatt and Council of Virginia to the Privy Council. The Virgin, of Southampton, with letters of 24 October, and supplies, "though not answerable to our great wants," has arrived. Must ever acknowledge the remission of the imposition upon tobacco as a singular favour from the King. Humbly desire that it may be well performed, and that the affairs of the colony, as well for government as other ways, may be settled. The King's assurance that every man shall have his particular right preserved and enlarged, will be the means of inviting many to settle who hitherto "have only endeavoured a present crop and their hasty return." Beg that the importation and sale of all tobacco, except from Virginia, may continue to to be prohibited, and point out how prejudicial to them are those petty English plantations in the savage islands in the West Indies, by reason of the quantities of Spanish tobacco they export. The important works of suppressing the Indians, discoveries by sea and land, and fortifications, to be effectually performed, will require 500 soldiers sent over annually, with a full year's provision of victuals, arms, munition, tools, and all necessaries. Doubt not but Sir Geo. Yeardley has given full information of everything necessary relating to the colony. The King's commands that judgments, decrees, and important actions be determined by a majority of the Council, and that every act of Government be in His Majesty's name, will they "doubt not receive the due perfection." Have always forborne to choose officers except during His Majesty's pleasure only. [Signed by the Governor and five of the Council.]
April 19. Instructions for Sir George Yeardley, Governor of Virginia. He is directed to send by the first ship a particular account of the colony, the number of plantations, inhabitants, &c. To inquire what property belonged to the late Company in November 1623, how it has been disposed of, and what remains to be reserved to the public use. All new comers to be well entertained, and to enjoy certain privileges. Merchants not to be constrained to take tobacco at 3s. per lb. for their wares. To certify whether the charter parties perform their contracts. To look after the passengers on board his ship the Anne, upon which he is to embark, and also the James, his consort. Not to allow any person to go aboard a ship arriving in the colony without express warrant, "in regard you may daily expect the coming of a foreign enemy." To take steps to avoid that intolerable abuse of engrossing commodities and forestalling the market. To suppress drunkenness. Cause the people to apply themselves to raising more staple commodities than tobacco, and to plant corn. Strictly to forbid any of the planters from receiving Indians into their houses, without special licence, "to avoid the treachery of the savages and prevent such dangers as heretofore have fallen," and to make choice of persons to fill the vacant seats in the Council. [Colonial Entry Bk., Vol. LXXIX, pp. 257–264.]