America and West Indies: December 1628

Pages 94-95

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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December 1628

Dec. 13. 60. Sir Fras. Cottington to Lord Treasurer Weston. Lord Baltimore's suit to the King to lend him a ship for defence of New-foundland has been granted, and one of the six prize ships, which Nicholas says are good and warlike, is appointed for that purpose.
Dec. 19. Robt. Allsop to Jas. Earl of Carlisle. His islands stand well; 100,000 weight of tobacco already imported, to pay 37l. 10s. a thousand weight, besides that of the Earl's own, which is 2,700 weight. [Extract from DOMESTIC Corresp. Car. I., Vol. CXXII., No. 59, Cal. p. 411.]
Dec.? 61. Petition of Will. Peasley, on behalf of Lord Baltimore to the Lords Commissioners of Admiralty. That the St. Claude may be substituted for the Esperance, for preservation of the King's rights and many thousands of his subjects at Newfoundland.
[Dec.] 62. Memorial of Lord Baltimore [to Sec. Dorchester]. The King having granted him the loan of the St. Claude, he requests a privy seal to that purpose. Also a letter from the Privy Council to the Governor of Virginia in favour of the memorialist's wife, who is now there, to afford her his best assistance upon her return to England. Prays for a grant of a portion of land in Virginia, the King having given him leave to choose a part.
[Dec.] Warrant for a privy seal to deliver one of the prize ships [the St. Claude on the endorsement], to Leonard Calvert, son of Lord Baltimore, to be lent to him for twelve months [for defence of Newfoundland]. [Draft by Nicholas, written on the inner page of Cottington's letter. Colonial Corresp., ante, No. 60.]
1628 Mem. by Sir Jos. Williamson, that Lord Baltimore was then actually seated at a place called Ferryland. [Colonial Corresp., Vol. I., No. 35.]
1628? 63. State of the case between Lord Baltimore and "the merchants," concerning the division of French prizes, goods taken in Newfoundland, by their ships the Benediction and the Victory. It is humbly desired by Lord Baltimore that he may have his part, according to the consortship, with a letter of marque antedated to enable him to receive his proportion. "Endorsed by Sec. Dorchester, "State of Lord Baltimore's cause."
1628? 64. Another coy of the above.
1628? 65. The King to [the Governor and Council of Virginia]. To have especial care that the oils, potashes, soaps, and other commodities they are about to undertake the manufacture of, be really perfect, and that none pass out of the country without examination, "that the goodness thereof may be justifiable to all." Endorsed, "The substance of a letter to be obtained from His Majesty touching Virginia."
1628? 66. [Sir Pierce Crosby's] proposal to the King for a grant of 5,000l. out of the loan for Ireland, and two prize ships, to transport ten companies of the Irish Regiment into a rich and fruitful part of America, not inhabited by any Christians; a good proportion of land to be granted to the undertaker. The major part of the officers and many of the soldiers are Protestants.
1628? Considerations upon the question, whether trade with the East or West Indies would be most beneficial to England; answered in favour of the West Indies. Appeal to the King to give encouragement to a company to be formed for working the mines there of gold and silver. [DOMESTIC Corresp. Car. I., Vol. CXXVI., No. 53., Cal. p. 436.]