America and West Indies: August 1629

Pages 99-101

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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August 1629

August. 9/19.
20. Articles granted to the Sieurs Champlain and Le Pont by "Thos. Kearke" and ratified by "David Kearke." Thomas has not the King's commission, but his brother David will show it to them at Tadousac. He has full power to treat. Cannot give them a vessel, but guarantees a passage for them to England and from thence to France. Cannot grant a passage for the savages. They will be allowed to go out with their arms, clothes, baggage, and skins; the soldiers with their clothes and a beaver coat each only. Skins will be exchanged for victuals. These articles will be ratified by David Kirke, the General of the Fleet. [Orig. French.
August. 10. 21. Questions to be put to Mons. Belavene concerning his proposals of 24th July last, for settling a colony in Florida. Whether he has ever been there? and intends conducting the expedition in person? How the colony can be settled, without expense to the King, seeing the transportation of 2,000 men will cost more than 100,000 crowns? How he can prove that the design is not a castle in the air? What reward he will expect. Whether the project has been communicated to others? French. [Draft, in the handwriting of William Boswell, Secretary to the Earl of Carlisle.]
August? 22. "Capt. Harvey's propositions touching Virginia." That six grave and conformable ministers be sent thither. That the planters be confirmed in their lands and goods by charter, and that the Privy Council resolve upon what is fit to be done for ratifying the privileges formerly granted, and holding a general assembly. That a fort be erected at Point Comfort, with other fortifications for defence of the colony. That 50 men, completely furnished and victualled, be sent over annually for three years to effect this work, together with 40 barrels of powder and 20 barrels yearly, and a proportionable quantity of other munition. That a competent sum of money be assigned the Governor for transportation of him- self and retinue, and that for his future maintenance he may be allowed the custom and impost of 40,000 lbs. of tobacco. That the City of London be invited to send over 100 poor boys and girls at their own expense, seeing "they have done as much at the request of the late Company."
August? 23. Answers to Capt. Harvey's propositions. Ministers who will go over at their own charge and be maintained by the plantation may do so. Lands, goods, and privileges to be settled in England. The Governor may be authorized to call a grand assembly to ordain laws, which must be temporary and changeable at the King's pleasure. A fit place for a fort to be surveyed, and the model sent to England, with estimates of the number of soliders and other necessaries requisite; ten barrels of powder to be sent for the present. The sum to be allowed for the Governor's transportation and yearly entertainment is left blank. [Draft, with corrections.]
1629? 24. Relation of the present state of Virginia by Capt. Will. Perse [Peirce?], an ancient planter of twenty years' standing there. Between 4,000 and 5,000 English in the colony, generally well housed; the plantations well stored and the soil very fertile. It has been raised to that height through tobacco, by which the inhabitants must subsist for a while; more staple commodities may be undertaken by degrees. No better ship timber to be found in the world. About 2,000 musqueteers for defence against the natives, but no fortification against a foreign enemy. General peace with the Indians.
[August.] 25. Warrant for Sir John Harvey, Governor of Virginia, to receive all fines arising by any sentence of the courts of justice in that colony, for his better support in his great charge at the quarter courts, and otherwise, as has been heretofore accustomed. [Copy.]
[Aug. 15.] 26. Petition of Sir John Harvey, Governor of Virginia. A last of powder was allowed to the late Sir Geo. Yeardley, when he went to that colony; prays for the same allowance, as he is about to undergo the like employment. Referred by Sec. Dorchester to the Lord Treasurer, who is directed by the King to give the necessary orders. The quantities of powder delivered to Sir Geo. Yeardley in 1626, are certified, and underwritten Lord Treasurer Weston requires the officers of the ordnance to carry these directions into effect. [Capt. Preen's commission to take out Sir John Harvey in the Friendship is dated 13 August 1629. Sec Council Register.]
Aug. 19.
27. Geo. Lord Baltimore to the King. Protestations of service. Gives thanks upon his knees for the loan of a fair ship. Complains of the calumny and malice of those who seek to make him appear foul in His Majesty's eyes, and of the slanderous reports raised at Plymouth last winter by an audacious man [see ante, p. 94, No. 59], who was banished the colony for his misdeeds. Has met with difficulties "in this place" no longer to be resisted, and is forced to shift to some warmer climate of the new world, where the winters are shorter and less rigorous. Severity of the weather from October to May; both land and sea frozen the greatest part of the time. His house has been a hospital all the winter; of 100 persons, 50 sick at one time, he being one, nine or ten have died. His strength is much decayed, but his inclination carries him naturally to "proceedings in plantations." Desires a grant of a precinct of land in Virginia, where he wishes to remove with some 40 persons, with such privileges as King James granted to him in Newfoundland.